“Christ; Comes from Egyptian Karast, meaning Anointed. This gives Caress, Cast, Krishna. The Chaldean name of the sun was CHRIS. Karast means to Caress with Oil (hence Crisco oil). Christ was called the “Anointed One,” accordingly. The name Krishna also gives rise to Tristna or Tristan (Arthurian legend). Both had evil uncles, both were physically beautiful, both masters of music (flute and harp) and both played to shepherds, etc, etc,.

Jesus comes from Jarrus or Jasus who was also called Iesus by the Romans. The Romans knew this being as the son of a high priest and dedicated to Neptune. This is of interest since Neptune is the planet ruler of Pisces the sign of the zodiac that is associated, esoterically, with Christianity. This
Jasus was known to all Rome
, but had no connection to Israel. Alexander the Great made his acquaintance.

Moreover, the Druids had a patron god called Hesus, that had died and who would return as a Messiah. Volumes exist that have detailed the connection of the Christian Messiah with the more ancient Druidic schools. The Druids also worshipped the “Bloody Cross,” long prior to the people of the Middle East or Romans. Mustafa Gadalla has exposed the fact that the entire “Holy Family” of the Christians derive from the dramatis personae of the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. (See his classic Historical Deception).”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy

Image: Kamay Ni Hesus – Lucban, Quezon