“In Catholicism, we have the Pope and his Cardinals. The word is Latin for hinge. As the sun passed the great solstice and equinox points, it was said to have passed and even to have “opened” the doors of the Houses (astrological). The physical Pope even has rituals called the opening of the door to the year or the millennium.

Pope seems to come from Pontifex meaning “Bridge Builder” or from Papa, meaning the “doorway.” The cardinal points are a direct reference to the astrological colures. The Cardinals surround the Pope as the cardinal points surround the sun. The sun casts its rays on the Houses as it passes, turning them crimson. The color worn by the physical Cardinals is red, to symbolize that they are illuminated by their proximity to the Pope, the representative of God on earth. The word Pope, may also be a derivative of the word in Egyptian for the
evil serpent Apep, Apophis or Apopsa. (See Poop Deck and Pupa, and Pepsi, Pepsid, Dr. Pepper, Sgt. Pepper, etc,).”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy