“Cain; Comes from the word Cahen (or Caan), known even in the Mexicos, as meaning Serpent or Priest. Today we have Cohen. This is the Hebrew line of temple Priests. It also gives Canaan, called by the Patriarchs a land of Serpent worship.

The worshippers of the Serpents were the Stellar or Sidereal Cult, which preceded the Solar, Lunar and Saturnian Cults. The Stellar Cult were renowned as the keepers of the great wisdom, as masters of the zodiac. This is the reason why we even hear Christ reminding his disciples to be as “…wise as serpents.” However, it became imperative that the later Church Fathers utterly remove from history or theology any mention of their existence.

The Indian or Persian term Khan, comes from this Can also. The place in France called Cannes, is named so because of it being a place of the Stellar Cult.

It is not by chance that the film festivals are held there. Almost all the film production companies use sabean symbolism and the personages behind them, regard themselves as the new priests of the Gnosis.
(See; Industrial Light and Magic, Dreamworks, Touchstone, Paramount, Columbia, Universal, Orion, Lion’s Gate, Viacom, Hollywood Pictures, Tristar, MGM, RKO, CBS, Arista, Gramercy, Castle Rock, Trilogy, CTS, Cannon, Starz, FOX, Meridian, etc, etc, etc.,)

“Hollywood,” has that name for a reason.

In ancient times the Druids of the Stellar Cult used to cut their magic wands from only one kind of tree. The wands were made from only one kind of wood, the wood from the Holly Tree. So we still find that those magi in the movie business are putting their “spells” on us. The makers of cinema know all about the libido, sexuality, desires and drives of the human beings that they are trying to pacify and control.

The fact that ” TV programing” are called “programs” is fascinating in itself. Programs are what one puts in a computer. They see the human mind as a computer and have been putting in their programs very day for decades. This is what is called “White Magic,” or Industrial Light and Magic, as some prefer to say.”

Source: Astro-Theology Etymology and Sidereal Mythology Tarot Astronomy

Image: A Holly Tree and Spanish Moss