Client Therapy Intake Forms & Agreements

Review of Services Offered at Loving Life With Light

  • Astrology Interpretations & Reports
  • Cartomancy (Tarot) & Divination Methods – the art of interpreting the universal matrix and Akashic field in the present moment to provide guidance to individuals through the use of esoteric wisdom, inner light, divine compassion, and truthful use of inherent skills of the diviner. (I am not a psychic or medium.) Most often this occurs by the study of symbols, omens, and signs such as astrology, qabalah/cabala, and number/letters.
  • Reiki Therapy – A compassionate, complimentary therapy of laying of the hands and providing life force energy. Directed through intention and higher self connection with the divine powers of the universal source of creation that flows in the field all around us, waiting to be utilized for healing and transformation. This treatment can easily be taught to others for self treatment and the greater benefit of all with the use of love and light, and the traditional attunement process taught to Reiki Masters. The system used today is complimentary of the Japanese Doctor Usui and Madam Takata. However the laying of hands use of medicine has always been practiced, and was utilized from the ancients to modern times. Master Healers such as Jesus, Saint Germain, and Khatami and others created ripples of healing changes across the world with such methods as Reiki (light-energy) via laying of the hands and intention alone.
  • Energy Methods – Including the practice of the Forensics Healing System, Energy Medicine, Energy Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping), and others are offered to clear energetic and spiritual blocks in the body, mind, soul, or spirit. Complex methods of esoteric spiritual scientific study and the use of data tables, pendulum, and kinesiology we can identify the cause of issues, the beginning, and the solution of them. Often requiring the release of negative energy, removing blocks so that flow can return, or filling weakened energy systems with energy. There are many different chakras, bodies, aura layers, and soul substances that can be evaluated with guidance and acceptance, to create moments of healing and understanding so that the body is allowed to heal itself.
  • Spiritual Coaching/Consultations, Divine Intervention (Spiritual Clearing), and Celestial/Angelic Healing – Often faith healing get’s a reputation as being dangerous as to infer the additional negative feelings, spirits, and disease that results from unclean habits and dark sorcery. One must be very careful in dealing with the nature of spirit and it’s associates. This work requires complete trust, openness to the divine truth, and acceptance of ones own creations in life to benefit from working with me to clear away dark forces, egoic elemental creations, demons and earth bound attachments from the soul consciousness and ketheric spiritual body before physical or mental aliments can be healed. Complete medical history and the involvement of processionals are required as these services are not a substitute for medial and psychological systems of profession. I can and do assist others in releasing and reprograming their lives to connect with their higher self, and limit the impulses of the lower self. Often times people are not ready for the Truth and this, become stuck in the physical reality that they perceive reflecting their Beliefs which may or may not be accurate to the actual reality. It is these issues in which I aim to help realize and release. I do not contact or invoke spirits, I aim to banish and release them back to the light only. The guides and angles are those in which have always only been there to sustain humanity and the life of the Creator and the many names and faces of the All. Felt through the shining of stars, frequencies of light, and the sounds of the word.

Please read these service pages in more detail before making any final decisions.