Client Therapy Intake Forms & Agreements

This page contains the information that clients .

Client Care Progression

  1. Free Entry Consultation – We get to know each other and identify the issue that I could potentially assist with and we discuss ways in which your health and life may benefit from the services I offer. This also allows me to qualify you as a suitable client for the services that I offer, which may change depending on your Medical History.
  2. Client Orders Service Online and Schedules A Preferred Appointment Time
  3. Client Intake Forms (requested, then submitted before the session), resulting in:
  4. Confirmation of Client Therapy – After thorough review of our entry consultation, intake forms, history, gained appropriate verbal permissions to progress, safety, and service order request
  5. Client Therapy, Open Session – We progress through the desired services with clearly defined goals, expectations and therapy guidelines to achieve healing and spiritual growth
  6. Follow Up Contact – After the therapy ends, 1-3 days later, I will contact you to make sure you are not having any side effects or symptoms that are unfinished and to make sure you don’t have any remaining questions or needs that I can help attend to (this is included in the completion of every service that involves personal/ongoing contact/therapy). In other words, I won’t leave you hangin’ or blowin’ in the wind!

Client Intake Forms

Pages Required to Read and Acknowledge to Become A Client of Loving Life With Light:

The following intake forms (in italics open in new windows for you) are REQUIRED FOR SERVICES, which may include the use of Energy Methods or Divine Intervention as described on those pages and in the Practice Policy.

Recording Notice: You will always be asked permission before recording a session. If a live session is being recorded you may be asked to verbally state your agreements to these terms and the action of submitting the forms required as stated on the website here at the time of service provided to you. Sessions are only recorded for your benefit, by providing you a copy to review and for your own records. Or for the purpose of client acknowledgement of the following in the case of spiritual or energetic therapies, methods or sessions. You may be asked if it is okay for me to use this as a required documentation for application of achieving my diploma in courses I am taking at the time. In which case I would submit a case study and the recorded session to my teacher, to prove the accuracy of the practice for academic achievement. In this case, obviously further consent would be provided in written and verbal details to you at that time.

  • Client Medical History Form – Required for the following Shop Categories of service: Energy Services, Spiritual Services, Reiki Therapy

Reiki Clients: If you are receiving the service, please fill out the form before each session as things may have changed or developed between sessions such as Reiki and Forensic Healing. You do not have to re-submit a medical history form if you feel there have been no medical changes to note.

Reiki Therapy Session, Intake Form – Required before any Reiki Therapy session

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