Emotional Healing From Feelings Buried Alive

I remember so much about my life. From the beginning, to now and into the future even. I can’t say how much control I have of my thoughts, although I have become more mindful about observing them. I have begun to train and rewire my brain and body with conscious effort. The trouble is, now I know that the bodymind can store memories and emotions. Did you know the heart thinks?

During my self-healing journey, I have been on a mission to purge my life of everything that no longer serves a purpose in my future. I have been restoring my house and routines into order. As well as my mental space and heart wounds. This, my friends, was the hard part.

A new kind of emotional awareness of my mental patterns started to take place. As I worked with my body’s energies, I started to really notice in my meditations where exactly i was hurting. When I drop into my own little world of calm and connected meditation, I scan my body. I notice the little uncomfortable places, my posture, the pull of gravity, and any soreness. Some of these areas, I note to address later on. Others, I know are pains and weaknesses I have had for a very long time. Why is that?

I was having an inner battle with my ego, my dark side, traumatic memories in my conscious awareness. The more I focused on one area of pain or weakness, the more I began to think about these negative thoughts and memories. Like I said earlier, you only have so much control of your thoughts. My heart hurt, real bad.

Even in recent posts, I have talked about how I have been visiting my past timeline. Going “back in time” to forgive myself and others for things that happened. I have realized that indeed, everything happens for a reason and that reason is, I am who I am now. And I love who I am now!

Additionally, I want to know more about myself and who I really am, so that I can love more of myself. Although this has worked fantastically for most of my most difficult memories. – Memories that I am easily able to recall, identify, resonate with, and learn from. – It’s easier to be grateful for things that have happened to you if you have learned a valuable lesson from them. Even if they were difficult at the time.

It’s the memories you’ve held on to for so long, that they hurt to even start to think about… So you do everything you can to avoid thinking about them, and there you go… Burying them deep within your heart, mind, and thus your body. Creating these weak spots in your organs, muscles, tissues, joints, whichever one carries the closest or most harmonious frequency of the emotional energy being expressed.

The problem with burying your feelings alive…

The science here is that our bodies are mostly water. Water stores information and conducts electricity, traveling through our nervous system. This makes emotional entrapment within the bodies fluids possible in such a way that your physical body remembers your traumatic experience throughout the body. Whenever you consciously begin to think about or remember your trauma, your body triggers reactions to release the trapped emotional memory and information, especially if it’s just settled beneath your skin from previous attempts at recent emotional release.

Every time you override this emotional release, all the old and all the new emotional energy that you create overcomes your body, mind, and spirit. You begin to process all this information, but your ego and mental self doesn’t want to process or remember this trauma. So you consciously tell your body to ditch this experience and suppress the emotional memory. Without a way to release this negative emotional experience, your body starts to trap the information. The energy comes together as your mind thinks of other things as a distraction. The emotional energy relocates in the place of the body most synchronized to the vibration of the emotion.

Energy Medicine can now locate and identify different emotions by organ or area of the body. We can also identify emotional trauma by which area of the body is in pain or unwell. By Energy Testing, or Muscle Testing, our bodies are capable of telling us what emotional trauma is weakening us.

Early in my self-diagnosis phase, I had a few places in my body I knew that were causing me pain for so long I’ve almost forgotten about it (talk about living with the pain). And I knew also, that I had plenty of recurring emotional habits, that seemed to erupt in me on a daily basis.

The hard part wasn’t noting my aches and pains in my body, or even admitting which negative emotions and habits I needed to change.

It was dealing with the memories and conflicting emotions about the people involved in these events… Once I started to focus on one part of the body or one emotion. I am always how shocked at how quickly my mind reacts. So quickly, does my mind go to the dark side and begin to drift deep within these difficult remembrances. How vividly I can remember some things, and how hard it is to recall what happened in others. The voices of loved once, my own ego, and my logical mind were at war for days, as I processed so many emotional memories.

I know that the more I let these emotional memories come to the surface…

The more I was going to remember, which meant the more I was going to be able to process and learn from them.

The more I was going to be able to discover the Truth and begin to Accept the Value of my Life’s Experiences & Lessons.

I worked through a good number of things quickly. Coming full circle, and forgiving myself and others along the way. Particularly if they are still a part of my life, or I could make a quick phone call to say, “Hey I’m sorry for this, I’ve really spent a lot of time thinking about it over the years. So know that I learned a lot from everything, and I have no regrets. I appreciate you and our friendship and always will. Thanks for being part of me.” My people have been so loving and respectful. A few times, they too had something they always wanted to tell me. And we have this great little chat, and feel tons better afterward! (Okay, so maybe others too more than a quick chat, what can I say?)

Some other valuable lessons I’ve recently learned: 

  • It’s better to have loved and lost than to never to have loved at all
  • Time and distance don’t matter when it comes to love, or shall I say it my own crude way, “Time and distance don’t give a fuck”. Let’s just be real
  • Ask the right questions and you’ll get the right answers
  • If no one asks the questions then no one ever knows – I choose to know
  • If the warning signs are still the same as they were then the rules of the game haven’t changed
  • Ask and you shall receive, if you never ask you never receive – so I will always ask
  • Everyone has free will and life is not linear – you choose your own fate
  • Unconditional love will always leave a way for the dark to see the light, even if it’s so dim you can’t see it until your close – knowing the light exists is enough
  • You can’t save everyone but you always have the opportunity to save yourself – this is instinctual and primal by nature

Corny dad joke anyone? 

How many healers does it take to change the dim lightbulb? One, but they have to WANT to be in the light. 

The heart likes to talk!

The magic is when you start to notice how much better you feel physically. And how much clearer you think about yourself, other people, and your memories. Even the bad memories, once you forgive, accept and learn from them. It’s a whole new world to explore because there are not anymore (or as many, I should say) negatively Trapped Emotions. So when you think about it again, you don’t get this overwhelming surge of emotions. You can just think about them with much more ease and control. Easily pulling the lessons and moments that you want to identify with at any time. Or, pushing those thoughts away without worry of old emotions. How is that?

We now know scientifically, that it’s not actually just your brain that thinks and makes decisions for you based off of your emotions. Your brain actually can act independently from your brain and creates its own electrical impulses. Have you ever noticed how quickly your heart responds to your feelings? It’s not just a coincidence that you immediately react with your heart. It would make sense then that before you can even think (with your brain) that your heart is already thumping in response to shock or excitement. It’s no surprise to me then that caring and compassion would greatly triumph over anger or frustration, lasting longer and sending stronger signals through your body. A little love can go a long way. This also indicates a serious impact to heartache or heartbreak. Are you capable of love if you are flooded with emotional pain from your heart? Maybe this is why can say, “Love is blind,” because when you think with your heart over your brain during heartbreak, you actually are mentally blinded from thinking clearly.


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Emotional healing from feelings that were buried alive

With a lot of love and a little help I truly believe that emotional healing is extremely impactful to your mental health and physical well being.

Comment below? How do you feel about this?

How are you feeling emotionally? Mentally?