Empaths are Sensitive to Energy & Emotional Cycles

As mentioned in my previous posts on Empathy, I have discussed my background in realizing that I was “empathic”. I want to fast forward to now and what I have learned through my experience of being an empath. This is one of those good and bad, blessing and a curse kind of posts. If your ready to begin to understand what being an empath means from an inner personal, psychological, scientific and spiritual perspectives are then this post is for you. Whether you identify “as an empath” or want to have more of an understanding of “empathic people”.

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“What makes the difference is our conscious effort to use our will to show empathy to our race. Which means that we can create more, use less, and collaborate to achieve our survival needs, and beyond.”
– Lee Bowden, from 3 Traits That Much Us Uniquely Human 

Pondering My Past and Personality as an Empath

I’ve explained the basics and even have my Vlog about this here.

So what I must admit is that most of this time from then to know, I have spent trying to learn from my mental state of, “I can figure this out myself”. Probably because all there is about empaths has been “here are a list of traits”. Without any evidence, instruction, or information readily available. It wasn’t until more recently, that I got pregnant.

When I got pregnant, my “empathic abilities” turned off. I believe now that I have instinctively told myself to stop and protect myself, more than I ever would have. I have now spent nearly two years with very little practice of my empathic skills or assets. In effect, I have not spent as much time working with people because quite honestly I have been overwhelmingly loving and attentive to my glorious little child. She and my husband, my close family coming back together, and the growth and development of BBP.

You can see, how I’ve had my hands full. So what I have I been doing? Studying of course!

Energy Awareness & Transmutation of Emotions

There are two very important studies in science I want to discuss with this today, and surprisingly they are not psychology or astrology!

  • Energy Medicine – Working with the human energetic field
    Recommended Reading: Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality, by Donna Eden & David Feinstein PhD
  • Emotional Release or Transmutation – Working with human emotional guidance systems
    Recommended Reading: Molecules of Emotion: The Scient Behind Mind-Body Medicine, by Candace Pert PhD, and Releasing Emotional Patterns With Essential Oils, by Dr. Carolyn L. Mein D.C.

I’m a huge student of sacred geometry, so I hope this board on Pinterest might be some help for you to intuitively understand that our energy fields are undeniably powerful. This comes down to your understanding of negative and positive energy and it’s concepts of transference. Energy can be slow or fast and exists everywhere and between all “things”. Which is another one like time, because of “objects” and “things”. It’s all matter.

Sticking to the topic of energy though, what is important to understand is your chakras, life force, and a desire to flow and become a more balanced individual.

Whether you are aware of this until now or not, doesn’t matter. Just like you digest food instinctively, your energy bodies regulate you and exist without your conscious effort. The trick of all of this is that once you become aware of the energy of your body, mind, and soul. You begin to feel the intention shift into something more powerful from within. You start to understand that people affect you. You start to think about how you affect other people.

Most of us want to be better people on all levels! We want to have happier thoughts and live a in a more loving way to others. But we don’t because of how everything feels to do so. We are afraid of rejection, neglect, being misunderstood or unloved. This projection of fear is the problem. So what do we do with these feelings that are produced by energy transfer between people or produced because of people?

Emotional Patterns & Forming Physical Habits

Some of our more emotional habits come from very young conditioning. Some maybe even from past lives or deeply rooted experiences, fantasies, or devastating dreams. Over time with our environment and culture, we develop a protective ego and attitude.

With this ego, we tend to become acutely aware of how to protect ourselves and why. We train our own emotional bodies to subconsciously warn us to avoid circumstances. In other words, we intentionally or consciously tell ourselves to react emotionally to certain targets/enemies, and memories. This is, unfortunately, is unhelpful in such a chaotic world. Simply because the triggers are profoundly available anywhere and in every person. So you are constantly in distrust of the world and the people around you. You see these self-trained emotional triggers everywhere because of our idea of separation and duality currently.

We can learn from the lessons of Yin and Yang because we must realize that there is a balance, a beautiful union between “opposites”. They like to be together and they intend to default to each other in such a way that we can communicate with our selves and our bodies. When we program our emotional bodies to fight against itself, we destroy our emotional guidance program.

Emotions (as described by the amazing Candance Pert, Ph.D.) are mostly peptides, that travel throughout the body and our physical bodies and minds become accustomed to creating the number of peptides we need. The more we tell our body to create, the more it does. This is very true for Dopamine and Serotonin, which is better explored in Balance Your Brain Balance Your Life by XX. When we are using our right brain more than our left, then peptides, reactions, and feelings to induce this brain function will increase. The same is true for our left brain in reference to Serotonin production, that of focus and attention and logic.

We must understand that we are meant to feel both negative and positive emotions fully at the moment that they occur. New lessons, memories, and experiences become available to us. When we start to identify or hold emotions in to form negative habits, we will continue to have these negative experiences. That memory bank of negative emotional baggage will continue to store new negative energy. The more this memory is given attention, the more thought about this trouble then the more your mind-body produces that emotional cocktail. Which makes you feel more negativity.

This negativity gets so built up and sensitive, it begins to stiffen, block, and clog the body organ that harmonizes with that energy. You start to have an organ, muscle or join that pains and aches. The more you focus on that pain and that ache to more you identify with that feeling. Because emotionally you are trying to get through all of it, and it courses through you. But the more you block it in, the more painful it becomes.

We ask our doctors, why this pain in my head/back and we ask our therapists why am I lying to myself? Why can’t I stop obsessing over them?

We realize now the science of emotions and energy that you are habitually creating and manifesting your own destruction of mind and body. What the fuck do we do now?

Oh yea, this is about Empaths being overly sensitive? … You can imagine how highly emotional and empathetic people are to others. We tend to identify with, express, and experience these energies within our emotional bodies. So the more we work with our energy systems, the healthier our emotional guidance becomes. We should not be holding onto our emotions and internalizing them. We should become aware of them, transmute them, and use them to create different energies. Energies that will help instead of hurt.

Don’t worry, we’ll get there… For starters, take a look at those books friend. They’ll change your wonderful world! – New posts with self-practice coming soon!

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