Diving Deep Within the Emotional Water of Your Body’s Energy

For You and for Gaia.

As a follow up to the previous Root Chakra post I want to “cover some ground” about how our own Root Chakra Energy may or may not have an effect on other creatures, and Gaia.

To start with, I’ll touch on two different psychological archetypes I have and how these developed and helped me become more aware of who I was. I spent a few years on the streets of the West Coast of the USA, and why Traveling was the most impactful year for me to look back on recently.

Then we’ll talk about how our energy physically grounds us to the Earth, as it transfers to us, through us, and out constantly in motion. And finally how our instincts, natural rhythm, and spiritual drive is what helps us turn the tables in America – back to a residence of vitality and abundance!

In the previous post, depending on if you were in a healing or a hurting kind of mindset, it may have been hard to take in emotionally. I think that’s a fair warning sign that you would like some answers as to Why, and how to transmute them so that you can feel better too. Additionally, how does this make sense logically?

First of all, storytime! So that some of my own background and experience can be understood throughout this post. I had an attraction to “street kids” in high school, the Runaways, the ones without a home, wanderers. And I loved them dearly, they meant the world to me. I did this in and outside of school. I had so, so many groups of friends and they often didn’t mingle but that’s okay. I didn’t really cling to anyone and when I did, it was usually for the long haul. In this way, I just seemed to be a go-to for those in need of a hug, friendship, and chill conversation. One of the guys, since I was young. *shrugs* FML

Power of Positivity writes this Archetype post related to Personality, a blog post exploring these basic Archetypes. Many will get lost in attempting to relate and identify too definitively to only one or two of these when in actuality they’re all are much like our interpretations of other stories. These stories are different between us greatly based on what we’ve read, seen, and created. So understand that we all have different personalities and identities. Use these ideas only as tools to help you intuitively learn about your own interests, passion, design, and purpose.

The Duality of Inner Psychological Archetypes

The personal story above defines a part of my personality psychologically as the Caregiver being of service to the Outlaw. This is a simple and positive 2D outlook.

Which alternatively could mean the shadow battle being that of a Rebel to the Rulers/Bully, another 2D inner perspective.

The 4D outlook is understanding that both of these are playing out within the ego in a 3D. This is why our emotions are psychically confused mentally in 4D.

When I jumped in a “van full of hippies” that were quite honestly My Tribe, some of the kids I had previously taken in, and some of my oldest “friends and enemies”. It was a wild ride but some of what I learned grounded me as I had never imagined possible! The sense of freedom to knowing your basic needs of survival are very simple.

Water, shelter, warmth, companions, and food.
Oy and air!

This is ultimately where I learned a lot of the universal companionship and human equality regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. Of race, of the homeless, the rich, of color, of spirit, and the equality of the human expression without judgment.

When you are one of the creatures walking around with your hand out, a smile on, and grimy fingers.
Well now, we must think about that…

I was once one of those kids, those clowns, those dancers, those entertainers, storytellers. And what am I doing? I wasn’t working for anyone in particular or even for myself, but for the world. I was working the land, the people, and remembering what it was like to be Free!

America (and the World) is confined in a strange way but it’s not because we can point a finger or use the T-word guys. It’s because it’s people are lazy, sleeping, and songless. The Eagle is no longer hunting the Snakes! Its time to wake up, and turn our own emotional lies into something that can defend and protect us!

All across the Globe, there are people gathering in festivals, grounds, celebrations, shows, and more to share positive space and ideas for living. It’s not made of fear, it’s made of love and service to each other.

I have been to several Rainbow Gatherings and to say this time in my life Traveling was a heartwarming experience is not enough. HERE is where I learn that underneath our many clothes and layers, we are all of flesh and bone and soul and brain and stars.

“Welcome Home” is a celebration of being Alive just the way you are, Anywhere you are. When you see people sharing, caring, giving, and receiving without a price tag, and barter without money, and cooking without shopping. It’s enlightening to know that we are designed to be that Giving to each other! and! That when we Are Aware we have Trust and Companionship in all of the World’s Creatures. That when you can identify your Tribe, you can come and join in food, shelter, whatever you need. Then we come to realize that we are all the same Tribe!

The trouble is when I left this journey, and came back “home”, to Washington, as we all did. We lost this spirit of living and forgot what we learned at “home”. I have news for you! HERE and NOW you are STILL at HOME!

It’s time to wake up and rage!
It’s time to wake up and get weird!

Let’s fast forward to real-time and explain how these 2D archetypes followed me in my 4D mental box and how I got out of it!


Let us Transmute the Snake to the Dragon!

Maybe the Eagle has other things to hunt than Snakes nowadays. Maybe the snakes have learned to protect their young? Or maybe they weren’t ever meant to harm us in the first place

To start with let’s think about reptiles and amphibians and how they are created from that of a 1D kind of tadpole existence, then they sprout legs and a tail, but eventually, they become what we perceive as a 3D animal such as a frog. Snakes are born in eggs much like chickens, and so we can assume the Dragon as the same.

When we perceive a Snake in a story, we can attune that to any emotional story of that of sneaking, lying, and deception. Although snakes may be delicate pets to some, to others they are fearful and cold. Like Slytherins for example.

Dragons have similar energy in the West because of their power in the East. This can be transmuted emotionally if we understand what the “sneaky dragon” we are afraid of is actually hiding. From my own intuition, study, both spiritual and fantastical, I can say that the dragons are Protective, Loyal, and Magically Intelligent. They are honoring knowledge, abundance, and purity of heart. Sometimes the most important things are a treasure worth protecting for the pure of heart are rare and valuable.

Did YOU accurately judge the heart of the Slytherins such as Snape, or Draco Malfoy, or even Darth Vader?

No! The jokes on you. Feel with your heart and your head, blood and bones.

In this same way let’s take my troublesome archetypes to another, deeper layer.

Caregiver being of service to the Outlaw

As a Water Bearer of Aquarius, which is a sign of AIR (not water actually) that this is natural for me. I want to bring to people, whatever it is that they need at the time that they need it. Being airborne helps this quite a bit when you have energetic bonds with your friends and family. I am in constant motion to please those around me, and often forget to drink water myself! So when I’m not bringing others what they need, or thinking about what time it is, then I return to the well to fill it and drink some for myself.

I have always been interested in the mind, and that’s probably a mix of several things. My own inner traumas, my special needs younger sister, psychic grandma, or all those Criminal Mind Shows, bios, and articles I’ve obsessed over. There’s something about the psychologically insane that has always fascinated me because I don’t understand what drives a man mad. And why is it so many are lost to their thoughts and delusions?

Without any gore or detail, I can tell you that sometimes the mind is a scary place.

I think I’ve always been attracted to the Outlaw or the Outcasts because I feel that I am one. I have to admit that. But I also feel a strong empathy to other “Black Sheep” of families and have always wished for a place of comfort too. I did my best to provide that, and to some, I think I made an impact on some in these ways. Enough that none of them are actually living on the streets right now, and even those who may have spent some time behind bars, they are all released. I take no credit here, it just goes to prove that there are always Caregivers for the Outcasts.

If only you are the Caregiver to Your Own Inner Outcast!

So let’s say that you are feeling outcasted.
Emotions are coming through of: shame, regret, misinformed, confused, disconnected, or betrayal

You feel heavy and your energy drops, other memories of times you were also outcasted for similar things and soon your mental space is confining you in a way that your energies start to freeze up. Your Triple Warmer Reflexes of Fight, Flight, or Freeze kick in defensively and your thoughts Race towards its weapons that worked last time it was Outcasted. – BREAK –

Rebel being of service to the inner Ruler, instead of the Caregiver, Opps!

You start to remember what you have to say or do and what energy you used to defeat the Ruler that is “harming” the Caregiver. So you feel energy and emotions that resemble pessimistic response, anger, guilt or reflect the shame. Whatever it is that made you feel this lower frequency, is what you are tempted to return to. In this way, if you hear a lie, you are tempted to return it. And even worse, share it with your companions! You are so worked up over the Ruler (AGAIN!) that you can’t help but respond.

You can’t freeze forever before you Fight, or you Flight. Right?…

But there is hope!

Introducing Your Body’s Primal Triple Warmer Merdian

In the Freeze state, you can choose to transmute the Rebel into the helpful Caregiver. By letting the Caregiver also help the Ruler, in the way she did the Outlaw! Teaching the bullies, or training the inner dragons, we can resist our ego and stop fighting. Our Primal Energy of the Root Chakra related heavily to our Triple Warmer Meridian, which is most active in the late evening of 9-11PM! This is Universal in reference to time because your timed clocks are identified by your location, which is in relation to the sun and moon where you are on the planet. It’s all calculated for you, in the Big Picture.

In the Triple Warmer and Radiant Circuits section of Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, she explains this energetically in the body to both mental and biological impulses to survival.

The Militia Within. The cellular level of the immune system – with its lymphocytes, thymocytes, memory B cells, helper and killer T cells, antigens, and antibodies – is a military display that is dazzling in its design, complexity, and intelligence. It is the energy of triple warmer and the radiant circuits, however, that actives this extraordinary assembly. It is in the interplay of triple warmer and the other radiant circuits that your immun3e system’s strategy unfolds.
The triple warmer is like the king who conscripts an army from the various locales, organs, and systems. It has full authority, although it neer conscripts energy from its queen, the heart… Passed down from one generation to the next, they evolved over many millions of years. Prototypes of the army’s most basic maneuvers trace back at least to protozoa, which had, more than two billion years ago, learned to recognize and destroy foreign intruders…”

Triple Warmer Overkill. … The triple warmer has no interest in your happiness or your spiritual development – only in keeping you alive. Unfortunately, its information bank about what is required for your survival has not received a major deposit in several million years. The immune system of our early primate ancestors is not so different from our own. Yet triple warmer is still invested with the authority to override virtually any other need in your body to mount an immune reaction. For your health, triple warmer ignites fevers and infections to fight disease. For your safety, triple warmer prompts the release of adrenaline to meet an emergency.”

What this means to you in regards to your health is that your mental choices of mental reference of are the singular design of survival only. To transcend any emotional moment you must understand it’s beauty and its pain. To reach a decision you then include your environment and friends, what is best for all. And then you can feel your thoughts and act with empathy and compassion from your mind and heart. In this way, you will attract a healthier environment for yourself, and for others.

What this means for your body is a more Balanced response to your emotional energy systems so that you become more aware of your desire, passion, and motivation in life. A clearer path to what is loving, and light, and awesome!

Meet Donna Eden, the author of Energy Medicine. If you don’t want to take my word for it, or hers then try it for yourself when your feeling overwhelmed and having trouble finding your thoughts in confusion or resisting the fight/flight response more successfully. There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Give me a few minutes to respond please” and removing yourself, clearing out, and then making a choice of action without the stress, confusion, and illusions.

When it comes to letting yourself feel emotional about being outcasted, there is something you can teach others by remaining caring to yourself. (What example can you set by running?) Understand that there is a reason for this. You don’t need people who outcast you. Especially if They are the same people who did it last time. If you did something to cause them to need to turn away from you right now, then it’s time you cared enough about yourself to not be a Ruler on the outside anymore. A group does not need a Ruler if they are A Team! *enter theme song* The catch is realizing you must learn from the Tribe, you need your companions to help assist you in times of need, especially emotionally. When you find your friends, don’t let them go. Some things are worth fighting for.

Accepting that the battle is energetically woven throughout your body in complex design.

These Archetypes are considered mental or psychological. The emotions are peptides that trigger combinations and messages to cells. This causes multiple functions to fire physically that impact our ability to think.

IF we choose a fighting response we choose to send less brainpower and more physical endurance. This means blood to your legs to run and to your arms to engage. Feelings of anger do not help you resolve intellectual problems.

IF you want to rewire your response to react intelligently then you must not fight, but use your time within the moment of the first emotional freezing to resist the urge to fight.

You have two options now, flight or reflect all together. They are both neutral.

The flight response sends the emotional message to the other person that you are careless, it will be up to them to assume in what way you are careless. To words, actions, opinions, who knows? Who cares? This is an emotional runoff into the psyche that you cannot be harmed. Which is one way is true, physically escaping physical danger is wise. But what of the heart? It is not designed to be careless! The Heart is part of the Caregiver Archetype in all of us! (Re-read the quotes above again if you need to.)

In the last option, you can choose to remain in stance and unaffected, a reflection of motion. You simply do not accept the negativity of being the outcast, the ruler, the rebel, or any other mental construct and accept that every one of us is of a uniquely different design.

Using Empathy,  Emotions are embedded and meant to be Embraced.

If you feel your own emotions, and think your own thoughts, then you are caring for yourself. If you see your own Caregiver helping your own inner Rebel, then maybe you can more easily help Them see You better?

What if the homeless said I want to work?
What if the criminal says I want to love?
What if the greedy says they want to give?
What if the guards say I want a hug?
Let them work, love, give, hug!

Musical Influence: Nahko Bear (Medicine for the People) ღ Aloha Ke Akua – I hope you have a few minutes to listen and absorb the messages from this post and enjoy a dive within. This song is truly inspiring and the message is extremely important. If you have lost yourself in understanding this post, then your artistic mind will enjoy this more Primal Understanding of the Deep With Song. It’s beautiful, and I highly suggest full screen, volume, and peace.

Mental Space Junk and Deep Sea Trash

This might sound far fetched but I think it might resonate with you more than you might think at first. I want to introduce a few pictures of energy fields so that you can see how we are giving and receiving energy in our body. We are taking in positive energy through our skin, throughout our internal body, and within our psyche with our senses. We are also sending out energy through this same network.

Because we don’t “see” ourselves as “connected” doesn’t mean that we aren’t. Quantum Entanglement and other new Energy Science finally suggest some truth to our energies being connected to Gaia and Astral Entities. Did you know that we have an energetic blueprint as an embryo?

We can now see the energetic body that a cell will have before it even develops to size! This explains how some skilled energy healers such as Donna Eden are able to help war veterans and others who have lost limbs, dealing with Phantom Limbs. Even without the limb, the body retains its energetic blueprint or energy body!

Our Earth is changing in frequency, and this comes from a core perspective. Gaia has an energetic field and biome that far exceeds what we might think.

If we personalize the Water of Gaia we can better understand how we all play a part in the planet’s energy systems.

I’d like you to meet the long-lasting Ancient Turtle, the Octopus, and the Sea Dragon. The slow but steady turtle is long-living, graceful, and extremely diverse. The females go through great lengths and traumas to give birth. The Octopus is most intelligent and must live on as they network in disguise. Born on the sea’s ground, they go about life fluidly and this is something we can learn from. The hidden Sea Dragons, or eals, or sharks, or even more interesting The Giant Squid! There is so much to the inner world of the water that we cannot understand because we do not see its Beauty!

Or do we? Our mythical ideas of them serve as warnings to care for them! And to admire, respect, and Remember Them. Where the Octopus reminds us to be careful with our instinctual weapons as they can harm others, as well as themselves.

Let us explore how our emotions are effectively used to heal our mental states if we are Aware of them. Regardless of what we “see” in our 3D perspectives.

As I explained quickly in my recent Astrology Vlog, the Moon is connected to our emotional systems, including our mental, and hormonal conditions emotionally.

Since we’re still on water lets watch a life-changing video that shows you the truth about how you are affecting the state of your own water body. Or shall I say, emotional body? This video shows how our emotional thoughts imprint into water on a molecular level. Those that are negative, fall out of a healthy ph balance to our bodies. The most positive emotional energy to water found is that of Gratitude and Unconditional Love.

The Truth is we all need to be filtering our well waters. As well as filtering our inner Emotions. The answer is not plastic bottles of “filtered” water that is not pH balanced for our wellbeing. No more plastic parts!

When you have an 18-month-old and you notice the effects of tap water versus filtered and ph balanced water, with happy thoughts and music. That is a receipt for a happier life in the long run for my energetic child. It’s part of positive parenting, loving and caring for the elements. In return, they will take care of us too. Part of the creation process of growth and expansion in, especially past 5D, is the emotional process of caring about the outcome of what you are nurturing in your life.

The Plastic Epidemic has to stop or we will lose our water.

Let me tell you about the kind of place a Lion, Zebra, Elephant, Lives Without Water. How far do those creatures have to search for water in the land? How far does a giraffe have to stretch to reach but only some water! Where it can reach so high for green twigs in the sky. Flexibility is a funny thing!

To settle these ideas back down to logic, it means that even when we get up to Higher Ground. At some point, it’s within our Instinct to Desire Water When We Are Thirsty.

Like many other things in life, when it is Alive it is Serving A Purpose. Be grateful for all the things of the Water as you sip, because without it… What are you without water? Without Emotions?

We must feel if we are to realize Gaia’s potential to provide water for us!

In the past, we were stuck in the mud.
In the past, we were frozen.
In the past, we were flooded.
This we know and remember!

Do not. Let Gaia. Dry up.

If I might hold to the Lion Kingdom for a moment, let’s consider Leo! In astrology, we personalize Leos with comrades, kingdoms, lazy prowess, and a bit of an ego. But the lifestyle of the Lion is a joyful one!

They play, and hunt, and dance, and romance. Its all happy in a life of freedom!

The key to this is realizing our emotions about our World! Why do you feel bad about it?

Because you dont want it?
Because you dont need it?

Think again my friends!

There is hope for all if there is hope within!

Diving Deep Within Your Emotions for Personal Understanding & Peace

If you feel your emotions as they occur you can understand more intuitively why you do want and need the Elements!

You are surrounded by energy that directly influences your surroundings in many ways. So lets flip and realize that this is also true that other energies are influencing you too!

Let it soak in. Dive deep.

Emotional awareness is imperative to the ability to focus and adapt. If you can focus, you will adapt, then you can acquire whatever elements you need at any given time because your instincts will tell you what you want and need. Will you listen?

If you called to animals then help them
Stop watching the stories unfold in horror
Stop the plastic problem by not using it or buying it

What you can do to heal Gaia emotionally? Emotionally Heal Yourself

The Water Bottle factories aren’t making water, they are making plastic

The War on Recycling is in your own home, not in your country or some waste business.

Forgive yourself for ignoring your emotional worry about the purpose of Gaia, and start living a life that is aware of her and the way she feels. If we don’t provide for our emotional rhythm, then she may lose hers.

Let us go deep within for her and recover emotionally.

How did this happen? Over time we have gotten very confused about what is dangerous and have continued to be fearful. Overcome your emotional fears. And the whole world could change. Stop fighting your emotions and be Genuine. Create something new, not something old. Karma is understanding the balance of interweaving energy. Unconditional Love <– Truth

Next Up: We can explore the Sacral and Solar Chakras and Creation with Duality and defining the Ego within a Balanced Trinity. Continuing to understand how we are made within the balance of our natural body systems. To the artists, authors, scientists, teachers, and creators out there – thank you for your Guidance!

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DIVING DEEP WITHIN THE EMOTIONAL WATER OF YOUR BODY’S ENERGY | Emotional Self Care I want to “cover some ground” about how our own Root Chakra Energy may or may not have an effect on other creatures, and Gaia. To start with, I’ll touch on two different psychological archetypes I have and how these developed and helped me become more aware of who I was to explore more deeply how we are energetically affecting Gaia and our Water with our Emotions. – by Lee Bowden of Loving Life With Lee #selfcare #emotionalhealing #energymedicine

Dear Reader, Which emotions have you the most “stuck” in your ways? For the better or worse?
I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!


 style= Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden – Click here to get on Amazon in New Window! *
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Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as parts of an interconnected system?

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