My Spiritual Disclaimer and Holy Blueprint by Design

Here’s my own Revelation in Relative Terms to Spirit as the Holy Ghost in the vision of 3rd eye experiences. As well as devoted time to sacred and ancient, and misunderstood knowledge. I’ll be honest, it’s a dark place. And you know where that led me in my mind? Back to the light! Would have thunk!

That being said, having a dip into the Book of Life and revealing to myself my intuition of Animals and my inner voices as Energetic Guides, instead of deceiving ideas given to me from the outside world.


My Realization about Reality is that it is as you perceive it to be only in your mind. Outside of your mind, everything is happening in motion.

In the oldest of days before even the Egyptians and myths and philosophy and the ideas of humans (not of monkeys!). There were peace and connectedness here, there, everywhere. Above this is the construct of beliefs and social behaviors of time and evolution. The story of this unfolds from within. We are all different, but we are all from the same soup. This Understanding, Which results from Gratitude, Adoration, and Curiosity. This is a paradox, parallel, multi-dimensional spiritual experience for many. You do not have to live within this reality, but if you can understand the layers of your emotions then you can change your habits, which means you can live a Happier Life!


Unconditional Universal Love

Emotional Awareness

Vital, Free Flowing Energy


I have found in my own unfolding or reveal that this is trauma from a lifespan of information sent through generations. We are the result of these divinely crafted “matrix” that we are “experimenting” in right now. This causes serious self-evaluation of construct and programming – and it is of real and ancient design. When you feel emotions fully, you can understand your thoughts more clearly aligned with your passion. Your passion will guide you to your most joyful service, tribe, and creations.


What do you believe? This is the most important question!
As it reflects outwardly in the way you behave, the world you help create


And why do you believe it? Did you read it? Did you experience it? Did you hear it, from who? And from your inner connection or your exterior delusional “connections”? Who are you? Of who’s design? Who is your closest friend and companion? Let us rejoice in joy and favor.

Here it is. In pursuit of a Life’s Purpose – let all of its info seed your connection within, as we pursue a life worth unconditional love and devotion of heart and mind of the Creator!


To me, it matters not what I call it in a post, for example, God, Allah, Source, Devine, Most High, Universe, Love, etc. There is both light and dark in the world, let us have a love for both so that we can better understand which way to turn in order to see the Light.

Love and Light, it’s always there – through everything and everyone. It takes 2 to get to 1, just as much as it takes 1 to get to 2. This applies to anything or anyone that you perceive in your life, your world, and your thoughts.




All across the globe in every bit of our past, there is written history, stories, science, and discovery. This has impacted us from “that” moment Forward, and much of our DNA, Energy, Molecules, Cells, Everything about us – it’s all still in our thoughts and memory because of what we continue to create! That’s the beauty of it, really! You are NOT separate from love, light, and creation.


“Everything is alright, Already All Right, Always All right” 


I’m all about coming OUT of the darkness and into the LIGHT. 


Sometimes you have to realize your in the dark before you can see the small bit of fire or spark, and then you can start to work towards that Light, Love, and Holy Place Within that is Peaceful and Proud of all amounts of Matter.

My passion is being an Emotional Shadow Worker. Understanding Emotions and your Body’s Energies is an intense topic. The spirals of spirt and science are intense, so that’s why there are people like myself who love these topics and are here to help you understand and accept them.

I’d prefer to be considered an Energy Empath who aims to Guide others through Accepting their Feelings, Thoughts, and Emotions to better align with their Life’s Purpose.

We do this instinctually by design but there are flaws within our mental and emotional systems. By helping each other understand our lives, feelings, and ideas we can accomplish better creative efforts to help our children, our families, our world, and our universe.  You are already serving your purpose in life subconsciously, and everything is Perfect just the way it is. Have No Fear. You are divine, and are already Free!


A Nod to Fellow Christians, and all other Faithful Followers

I understand the importance of the Story, Lesson, Teaching, and Meanings behind all Sacred, Historic, and Intelligence we have gained from Existence. The primary lesson to me in all of these is that there is a Universal Love, Above all of our man-made ideas, illusions, fears, and beliefs. The moment you realize that your design is purposeful, perfect, and exactly as it should be. You can forgive yourself and move on into the life that you were mean to live, deserve, and can admire.

I started my quest for Joy and will continue to Love every Moment of it. Breathing in and out, I know there is much to do. I am openly sharing my journey to health, wellness, and love because I Want To!

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