I am a writer, a spiritual being filled with love and empathy for others. Through out my life I have done much in the way of my own spiritual quest. I want to reveal to you only what I know to be true, tried, and tested by my own experience. I may mention the influence that books I’ve read have taught me. I need you to know that I take action to prove to myself that which is true, or not to me in my life.

So I ask that you do the same. If you read something within the post category here of “Loving Life With Purpose”, then I ask that you take it and experience it for yourself. My truths may not be your truths, until you experience it for yourself in some way. And I believe that if you think about it, much of what I will say will be “realized” as truth from your own experiences already. By bringing them into consciousness, remembering your own experiences, and related them to what you read here.

Then I think we’re about to break you out of the bounds you have found yourself finding against.


Because of the nature of blogging, some times things get shared a little out of order. I will take the time to organized past, present and upcoming posts in a way that would make the most sense for new readers of this blog, to get the right ideas from the start, and then be able to progress with me, into new posts and stories.

These are only suggestions shared from my own experiences.

Life With Purpose is a series of posts about my spiritual way of living
Loving Life With Purpose is a series of posts about my spiritual way of living, reacting, and influencing.



  1. The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still *
  2. 3 Traits That Make Us Uniquely Human *
  3. Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good” *
  4. –Coming Soon–


In many posts, there will be links to these posts through out. And at the bottom, you may be prompted to read the next post.

This is because, as a long-form writer I often write extremely long and detailed posts that I must cut into multiple posts for you. In these cases, I hope you read on to the next post as it will reveal the original, full post to you one after the other, by following these “next post” links.

You can see which posts were written together depending on what symbol is used above. For example, all posts with * were written as one post originally.

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