Dear Blog Buddy, Mindful Update from the Woods


I can’t even begin to thank you for how much you have inspired me as a human, blogger, and friend. I have been going through so much emotionally, and it really started with this mindfulness talk on your blog:

See, I do this thing with topics that I find interesting.

I will read a history book and a book of lore and read them as equals. I will read science journals and spiritual texts as equals. Not deciding what I believe or is true to me, if I do not experience something myself that proves itself in life. And thus, I really take in a lot of information, much of which is inconsistent and are simply theories, thoughts, ideas. it’s so rare that I come across enough compounding evidence and facts that align just so that I can believe it! When this happens, it’s magic.

When I stumbled upon you so many things happened in the Blog Buddy Program. But behind all this, your blog niche in itself has changed my life.

Reading your posts and learning about mindfulness, practicing this and meditation regularly has… Wow. I expect my own blog can speak for itself right now on how deep I’ve been getting.

That said, I’ve dug hard into mindfulness and I think one of the best books so far has been Living In Balance. Which the title in itself, pretty much explains my current life goal in its entirety. Sums it all up in 3 words.

Anyways, definitely a worthwhile book read.

I am sitting here in Beverly Beach, Oregon on a camping trip with my family. A bit of a “family reunion” actually. What’s really kind of funny is that in one of my previous letters, the Fabulous App told me to take a day or a week off of data and mobile and was like NOPE. But this week, I’ve barely had to use a phone (music for the kid) and I loaded up the laptop with only the Buddy Program Email Course to finish and nothing else (it’s new to me). At camp, we’ve had no service or wifi so it’s been extremely peaceful. Super thankful for this week without all the jazz of the internet and the overwhelm that blogging can be. A near total unplugs, but wait. I’m writing a Dear Blog Buddy Post and finishing the Buddy Program, but hey. It’s only keys and a screen, no more no less. And it feels good, to be able to have someone like you to write to at this moment and be able to share with you my work. And that my work will be seen by the same people that might take an interest in the Blogging Buddies or the Program. How cool is that?

In short, I know I’ve been kind of off in the distance, or the stars more like. But, it’s all for mindful progress in self-healing, and it’s been successful. My mind and heart and soul is making a turning point for the better.

My intuition for this blog and BBP is on track for success and I’m SO stoked for what comes next with this launch!

And within my own life and relationships, taking the most mindful and heartfelt approach. It blows my mind how much unconditional love I have for blogging, you, bloggers, and me, and everything and everyone that has something to say. Anything at all to say that is positive, uplifting, inspiring, thoughtful, insightful, intelligent, intuitive, etc.

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