This Is What’s Most Important To Me

Dear Blog Buddy, 

I spent so much time this week trying to come up with this ideal format and think about what to write and how to structure this. But honestly, I didn’t get to any of that!  It almost feels a little odd to write to you here on my blog, so openly. Ah yes, I do rather enjoy the uncomfortable feeling of new things. Do you? And, in any other way I’ve ever had a “pen pal”, well, it’s been with a pen! I do prefer the tapping of keys though, so thank you for this experience!

What I did do for you this week though, is get to something I’ve always wanted to do. But never had the YouTube Channel for, which is to record a “day in my life” video!

So, I’d like to start by dedicating that to you my beautiful blogging friend. And thanking you for everything you’ve inspired and motivated for me to do so far, in our blogging journey together!

I want to start with telling you what I’m most thankful for.

So that you know going forward where my true loyalty lies. And that is the simple truth:

I love myself. I always have. I am over confident, too optimistic, and a little unorthodox in a multitude of ways. I’m sure you can tell now, I’m such an odd ball. And I love it. 

Secondly, I absolutely adore my husband. He truly has changed my life in the best ways, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Far from it in fact, we STRUGGLE a lot, the thing that holds us together. Is communication, our attraction TO each other, and the decision every day to love one another.

And thirdly, that we wanted our child. We very much decided together that we wanted to be parents to a beautiful little person. And not a day goes by that we are not surprised at how awesome she truly is. Not one little bit. I know going forward the the most IMPORTANT purpose that I serve every day, is to be a great mother to her. And so does he…

Because lastly, I believe in intention, the law of attraction, and the power of manifestation. 

I know I’ve been struggling lately with my own self care lately, and getting organized… but,

I must admit that most of my time with Bowden, we have both been very spiritually healthy and emotionally strong and stable people. It has been just recently, that I’ve kind of lost myself in the new roles I have taken on in my life so recently!

And to be totally honest, I can’t even tell you how proud of myself I am! Of who I am! 

I do hope you tell me how you are in life right now. And who and what is most important to you, outside of the daily grind…? Outside of the, one-word-weeks! 🙂

Because I think there’s a lot more to life than the days, or the weeks. Although I did rather enjoy doing the day in the life video. It is quite a strange perspective, but I wouldn’t want to Vlog Everyday. It’s funny that this next week in the Blog Improvement Series (here) is Finding Your Voice. Because I really do feel like I’m just STARTING to develop my “vlog” voice. More so, my approach and relationship with the camera.

It’s still so new and foreign to me right now.

Looking forward to your bits and bites of life V!

Written with love from your odd ball blog buddy,
Lee Bowden

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