Connecting to the Cosmic Web of Light

Chiron has a seriously interesting orbit that has sprung a new concept of its effect on us in Astrology. Pulling from both an Astronomy, Cosmology and Alchemic point of view.  The goal today? To integrate you into a full understanding of how we are connected to the Cosmic Web of Life at Large. Introducing a new blog category for Life of the Universe, as a Universal Language of Love and Light approaches you now.

Astronomy Astrologers named this newly discovered planet of 1977 as Chiron. The centaur, wounded healer as the story goes – could heal others but not himself.

While reading about the astrology of Orion constellation, I noticed that this alignment to the Great Pyramids of Egypt make sense in this regard. As it’s technology is thought to distribute harmonious effects of healing, yet the age of silver, iron, the Dark Ages still took place and had its effect on the land and our lives.


A lot has changed in 36,000 years (yes that’s about x20 older than most think the pyramids are). I believe this because it doesn’t make sense that the Sphinx who is obviously aligned to Sirius in the Age of Leo, that we can believe that the Sphinx and Pyramids were constructed in the devastation of weather in that age. That means we have to travel back to the last time of the Age of Leo, which was 36000 AD, in the Golden Age.

What’s great about this large scale of time reverence using astrology and geology, we can see farther than our illusion of human evolution. Yet we can still see the return of the human cycle as we are entering into the Golden Age again, on the Rise…

What this implies is that even though Earth and all of the planets in our solar system are all between 4.2-4.7 billion years old, Chiron (for example) entered into our system only 1-2 million years ago. About the time that Multicellular Organisms formed, which would make sense to me as the ability to Regenerate would need to be birthed into the creation of life in time for animals around 750 million years ago. As far as we know the human race was birthed here around 200,000 in our earliest formations.

Chiron is a Comet, thought to have come into orbit with us between 1-2 million years ago from the Oorc Cloud (beyond our solar system) or at least the Kuiper Belt and is considered a trans-Neptunian object (TNOs). The reason it’s a comet and not an asteroid is because of its inconsistent orbit and that it has a Coma, as we found out officially in 1995. This suggests that Chiron is a Dirty Snowball, made up for a nucleus of volatile ices and meteoritic material. To sum it up its orbit is highly susceptible to Saturn and Uranus. It was closest to the Sun in 1945 and 1996 in perihelion and will reach aphelion mid-2021. The orbit around the Earth is about 50 years. The far more unlikely possibility is a Jupiter gas/moon creation that somehow left its origin and now attunes to Saturn and Uranus orbits, although maybe this is of Jupiter Conscious-Soul as it entered our Solar System (Sun/Helio) and or breached our Heliosphere (The boundary or bubble our Sun that is always expanding due to plasma and solar wind.

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To me, this indicates strong elements of Water and Metal/Space and that would translate to Fluid and Emotions, and Spirit, Source, aEther. Which is exactly where comets come from, ‘outer space’ and ‘far out’ places.

If my study of the planets serve me correctly in respect to the outer planetary elements then Saturn is of Earth-Metal related Venus (earth-air), Uranus is of Air/Wood-Fire to make Lightning related to Mercury (air-earth), Neptune is of Water/Deep Sea/Nile related to the Moon, Pluto of Water-Explosion/Burst related to Mars (fire-water).

I feel strongly that Chiron is a “Key” to healing, as this is what the Astrology says about Chiron as the story defines the nature of its effects. This fits within it’s elements of Water-Metal in relation to Uranus’s relation and relation to Mercury of Mind and Healing.

Uranus has a striking and transformational effect and is of Air, and attunes to Chirons nature to transform with the uses of water/emotions and metal/spirit using the mind (mercury of air) and body (Saturn of earth). Saturn is of Earth-Metal and thus, the connection to Metal/Spirit being able to integrate to our physical matter, our Body (Earth) in this way.

Water is the supporting element of Wood because Wood can release the power of Water. Water can extinguish Fire, but Fire might evaporate Water.
Earth overwhelms the movement of Water.
Metal is the supporting element of Water because Water can release the power of Metal. Metal can cut Wood, but Metal might become dull.
Fire overwhelms the movement of Metal.
Wood/Air is the supporting element of Fire because Fire can release the power of Wood. Wood can break the ground (Earth), but Earth can bury Wood.
Metal overwhelms the movement of Wood.
Earth is the supporting element of Metal because Metal can release the power of Earth. Earth can absorb Water, but Water can cover the land.
Wood overwhelms the movement of Earth
Fire is the supporting element of Earth because the Earth can release the power of Fire. Fire can melt Metal, but Metal might not melt before the Fire is extinguished.
Water overwhelms the movement of Fire.

I find this really interesting because Saturn rules the Root Chakra, and Uranus is of the Crown Chakra. Chiron is orbiting through Saturn and Uranus in a extremely unique way that implies in inconsistent rhythm within the force of its influence. Even more interesting is that the Palace of the Kingdom as described by Chinese Astrology is that the Sun is the King of the Heavenly Plane and Saturn is the Queen. And Earth is the King of the Earthly Plane, and Moon is thus the Queen. In terms of Yang/Yin this makes sense to me although I don’t like to gender-identify the planets as male/female as much as I can personally, as I like to think in terms of consciousness, even if it is binary by nature.

In both Micro and Macro worlds, we see a large scale of sister/brother or king/queen duality in stars, planets, deities and our own kind. To illustrate this more scientifically we can look at what some of the planets are made up of to understand how they relate to each other by DNA coding.

Venus is 96% Carbon, 4% Nitrogen. Mars is 95% Carbon and 2.7 Nitrogen with 0.7% Other.
Jupiter is 89.9% Hydrogen, 10.2% Helium. Saturn is 96.3% Hydrogen, 3.2% Helium, and 0.5% other.
Interestingly the Earth and Moon are unlike any other inner planets. Earth is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% Argon. The Moon is 70% Argon, 29% Helium, and 1% Sodium.
Mercury is the most balanced at 40% Oxygen (closest in common to earth), 22% Sodium, 22% Hydrogen, 8% Others.

Most exciting is how closely Humans are Related to our Sun!!! The Sun is 71% Hydrogen, 26% Helium, and 3% Other. Humans are 70% Hydrogen, 27.5 Helium and 1% Others. That is a closer resemblance than even Venus and Mars have!

Kuiper Belt (growth) – Image from Wiki

So we must think of this in terms of Cosmology now, as we embark on a more personal truth about how we are influenced, connected, related, and made of the same materials. If not by us, then the sun, if not the sun then mercury, if not mercury than venus, and then we also have our moon to thank for unique relations as well. On a scientific scale, we are very much made of the same source materials and matters and energy.
In this effect, scientifically we are Children of the Sun, meaning that we are made up of what our Solar Sun is and what the big band of our systems birth is comprised of. Bringing new light to the Womb of the Cosmic Mother.

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There are three bands to consider as boundaries in space. We have the Asteroid Belt, between Mars and Jupiter. We also have the Kuiper Belt around Pluto. And then thought to be beyond the Heliosphere is the Oorc Cloud Theory which as evolved since we know more about our Galaxy.

We then officially breach outside of our solar system and into the Milky Way Galaxy of 150-250,000 billion stars. We know also that we are part of a much larger Laniakea Galaxy Supercluster, composed of over 100,000 other Galaxies. That is a lot of Star Suns my friends and we are just one individual on a single planet within a larger galactic group that is again a formed collection, yet individual supercluster. This is the extent that we have in our understanding of Space, Spirit, Source.

So maybe now when I imply that we are part of a much larger consciousness you can relate to that idea.

Humans have an element in common with each of the planets that we know of.

Humans are 70% Hydrogen (1, lightest most abundant chemical substance in the Universe) and share this element with the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn
27% Helium (2, monatomic gas with the lowest boiling point of all elements) shared in common with Sun, Mercury, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn
Carbon (6, from Diamond to Charcoal) with Venus and Mars.
Nitrogen (7, nonmetallic gas essential for plants & animals) with Venus, Earth, Mars
Oxygen (8, nonmetallic mutable gas, can combine with other elements and transform cells easily) with Mercury and Earth

The most important function of hydrogen in the human body is to keep you hydrated. Water is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and is absorbed by the cells of the body. Like Hydrogen, it is found in every single organic molecule in the body. It acts as a proton or positive ion in chemical reactions.

“Oxygen is the most abundant element in the human body. It’s mainly found bound to hydrogen in the form of water. Water, in turn, makes up about 60% of the human body and participates in countless metabolic reactions. The element oxygen acts as an electron acceptor and oxidizing agent. It is found in all four of the major classes of organic molecules: protein, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids. Because it is a key element in aerobic cellular respiration, large amounts of oxygen are found in the lungs and in the bloodstream.”

“Humans get nitrogen from food. The element is an important component of amino acids, which are used to build peptides and proteins. Nitrogen is also an essential component of the nucleic acids DNA and RNA and all of the other molecules derived from the nitrogenous bases.”

“Every single organic molecule in your body contains carbon. The element bonds to itself to form chains and ring structures that serve as the basis for all metabolic reactions in the body. Carbon in carbon dioxide is expelled as a waste product when you breathe.”

I will be doing more research about what elements we have in common with our planets and nearest stars and galaxies more.

Until 6/7/2019 we were unable to comprehend how communication or effects were possible to transmit such a large distance that outer space is. Yet we have not witnessed the Cosmic Web of radio wave activity connect galaxies with their local supercluster. This is intense information to digest but it’s important to you recognize how vastly connected we are to the Cosmos at Large.

Coming back to home on Earth, we have very old buildings, structures, temples, pyramids and history that is physically aligned to these constellations and the question always has been… WHY?

The most common associates are with Orion (Osiris), Sirius (Isis). As well as Andromeda (nearest sister galaxy), and the Pleiades Cluster. We have felt the effects of Virgo and Draco here in various ways as well. Are we starting to understand that there is actually a connection and communication? Due to cosmic, plasma filaments and waves of energy such as radio waves. Can’t we see how our use of Technology and Information travel, can extend far beyond what we have thought possible before our recent science of THIS YEAR.

It is time for us to wake up to who we really are. We are about to learn more and unite in 2020 like we have never been able to dream of in this life.

This hits home for me because I am an astrologer who has spent so many hours in self-discovery that I begin to lose track of my own timeline. I can see how it has been hard to hold our own history timeline accurately over hundreds of generations. Yet the stories, the myths, the legend holds in various lineages throughout our current and modern world.

The status of our world has been corrupt, secretive, underground for so long now. And it’s had great effects on our evolution. I know that Religion and its Followers have a strict sense of Faith and Believe. We need to know that Science has not been the enemy but a savior to our faith as this current age unfolds what has been hidden for so long.

Without the Light of Science and Technology, the world would still be controlled by these underground and ‘elites’ or the priviledged. Their time is up, and they remain here on Earth only to fail to control the cosmos. The Cosmic Connection is Divine by Design and we need to see how our Faith has not declined yet inclined with scientific discovery. Without the leading philosophers, scientists, and watchers or observers, we would be unable to see clearly who we are, what we are, where we are and so on.

It is time that those that have studies Science look to the Divine – not as an enemy but a long lost friend and family. And those who have stuck strictly to their Faith need to consider the Light that Science has provided to prove that faith and challenge it to its full potential for that divine connection.

Doing so has energetic and elemental effects on your physical body, and thus the Earth’s magnetic consciousness. The Sun gives and also receives that transmission and like the most EPIC game of Light Ping Pong in the sky. We can now use Astrology of the Geometric and Mathematical cognition to relate to the Cosmic Waves of Consciousness that has created the ultimate Cosmic Web of One Life through Source of Light, and of Dark.

Thank you for your considerations and thoughts, feel free to read this over and comment below with questions and thoughts. Love and Light to you this day

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Written with Love and Light