Connecting All Life of Humans, Creatures and Earth As One Field

I have known a number of people who are extremely afraid of the stories of doom, negative news, and scientific findings about us humans, our planet, and spiritual prophecy and legends. I want to expand on a few of these with a Light of Optimism for those who are ready to see life as it is. Eyes open, with no fear.

Let’s remember this is a blog about loving your life, regardless of what is going on in the world wide web of a galactic, multi-dimensional reality.

Watching the following 10 minute videos will give you a full understanding of the truth and reality that science has to offer about our human planet and reality. Neutral, unbiased science of the now.

Greg Braden talks about the Magnetic Field in relation to humans, using 9/11 as the prime example as our effect and connection to it
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To summarize these videos for those who don’t have the time right now (add to your Watch Later list!), they reveal how we are empathetically and emotionally integrated with the Earth’s Magnetic Field directly. Then we see how our Poles and Earth are shifting and changing quickly, that our lives and technology will require us to make changes starting now to help this planet instead of hurt it. And with Mr Andrews help here, we can review much about our Environment and the dynamics of human population as a Collective in action.

To me, there is no point in worrying about what devastation might occur in the next moments in history. What I choose to do instead is to keep learning, informing and improvising for the upcoming generations of children and look ahead.

What I think is possible is similar to the minds such as Elon Musk, who sees the alternative times and shifts of humans leaving to survive in another world beyond time here and now. I think when any number of things occur, we scientifically will be evolved enough in our technology and resources to do so. I know that each of us is important, unique, and every life matters. Yet, as long as we know our species survive yet another age of dark and dreary is more than possible, but plausible. Whether it be the poles shifting, Earth Freezing, loosing our field, or solar implosion, or whatever comes next.

With every day that we learn about how bad one outcome could be, another article comes to public eye that offers an alternative or new information beyond what we thought was possible.

We are always learning new things through science, technology and our own shared life expereinces in living. As long as we continue to learn, communicate, and love each other we will survive whatever might come our way, even if only a few in the far distant future. The reality is we are here now, and there is no escaping what changes you and I can make, for those in that next age. Truth be told, we have it really well right now and if we intend to keep it, we need to get real without the fear.

Paying particular attention to the Population and Energy videos, we can really begin to learn about how the world we live in works, and how we affect in and it affects us.

We need to take this even a step further and look just outside of ourselves to further understand how we are connected with the Earth, it’s Planets and Creatures. To do so we can refer to these next videos, explaining the Foundation of Life Beneath us, and All Around us.

The internet was and is not the largest and most interactive web that connects all life, it’s the ground we walk on and the air we breath. Our energetic and microscopic informational intelligence is processed through our physcial bodies from the ground we walk on, just as much as the Solar and Cosmic Rays from above. This is why people say it’s important to “stay grounded”, “find your roots” and to “look at the stars”. If these are the things that affect your every moment and give you life, then I would agree with this philosophy of gratitude and attentive mindfulness.

It is this compassion for our life that allows us to transend into a place of peace, in harmony, and commotion.

The truth is, we no longer need to rely on the classic media news to provide us information and science. We can just go straight to the sources, the teachers, and the information ourselves. Each of us has interests in various fields and I don’t think that is by accident. It is by learning about what you want to know, and teaching others around you what you have found. That we can start a life of fluid organization and order. There is not as much need for war as our time and tolerance for peace has overcome the mass of the collective caring about each other across gender, race, boundaries, and distance. Technology and science gaurantee our ability to get connected and transform our lives, one at a time.

Overall we are becoming more conscious, expanded in our ability to know, understand, and interact with the world. To make choices to support businesses and companies who are setting the correct examples. And finding the jobs that better the world with devotion and interest. We no longer have to scrape by, we just need to spread the love and do what we are designed to do.

Support the science and changes in the evolution of life that you want to see and when you can, encourage others to do the same by setting that example. But don’t worry, join a war, or start trouble because we know now that this does nothing but weaken your own magnetic field of experience, as well as anchor our planet in lower, weaker signals. We know from science already that our field is weakening, so it is our job as living Children of Earth to do what we can to strengthen the natural field, rhythm, and species that are alive and well here.

It’s never too late to make a change. Sometimes you have to be the one to make that change before anyone else does, and that’s okay. The Ripple Effect of one to the other is strong. By doing what you can to lessen your own consumption, oil use, garbage. By supporting the abundance of your local farms, stores, and workers you can boost the world in a way that you can’t do as one person – but we can do together as One.

I think the trees will whisper thank yous, and the mushrooms and crystals will tell the Earth of our efforts. I think the Earth with smile in response and find confidence in her creations. Allowing us to extend the life of our own families, this planet, and the galaxy at large.

Speaking of the Galaxy at Large, even when our own Solar Sun has expanded and would be due to explode and die off Billions of years from now. But just a few. We’re on the Earth which is 4.6 Billion years old, us humans have been here for approximately 5 minutes in the life of the planet. If Earth survives it’s own devistations, the Sun will eventually grow and die off. Within that time, in around another 4 Billion years or so, the Milky Way Galaxy will merge with the Andromedean Galaxy which is heading straight for us, check it out!

At the end of this lesson, the simulation of the merge of the galaxies are quite spectacular. Our solar system is expected to survive this unless it is sucked into the massive Black Hole that will form which – would spit us out in a whole nother Universe most likely as raw material. Talk about rebirth!

In other words, regardless of what we humans do with this planet and our species, the Universe is only going to continue expanding into an even larger, more inclusive Universe in the far future from now. If us humans have only been alive for about 5 minutes, then I think it’s safe to assume we are Young and still have Plenty of time to Life yet, here or there and everywhere we are a part of everything.

You can rest assured that there is no use in fearing the inevitable cycle of life. It is much more fun to live every moment fully embraced in the fact that you are part of everything and everything is a part of you. That you are always connected, always in motion, part of the movement and thus the cycle of life. Which will always be to expand, grow, and transcend into higher and higher forms of Light and Love.