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If you are involved with any aspects that relate to “loving your life” then perhaps you would like to get connected here and network with other lightworkers and healers.

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This is a very small site where security is tight and the aim is not to “make money”. It is to simply “do good” within your own life and communities. Supporting others, and their projects that are making a positive difference.

This is also, currently, the hub of interaction for caretakers/everyone to join and create their own Circles of Harmony. In fact, the primary purpose of opening my site to others was to support the creation of local circles by offering an official place to do so by forming “Groups”.

You should still follow the instructions on the Circles of Harmony page to become a listed caretaker (free) and get your information correct. Then, you can use your profile to interact with other registered members without the worry of the more public online communities.

This may also be used as a place for us to get to know each other, and work together. Reiki Groups could also be formed. And perhaps a Divine Intervention Group of esoteric light workers would be willing to transmute as a group as a reaction to things ongoing in the world. As, just a few ideas to excite those with like-minds.

Please only register if you serious about connecting, as I will likely reach out to you directly especially if you want to help create content and ideas towards Circles of Harmony. In which case you may be granted individual permissions to create content, write posts, and take a leadership role in your community by encouraging more Circles of Harmony to form through out your state.

Requirements Before Participation in our Unconditionally Loving Community

  1. Read the Terms & Conditions of Use , Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer of this site and ensure that you agree to them.
  2. Review the Mission Statement and information about LLWL and make sure you are in alignment with these Universal Laws to the best of your ability.
  3. Spiritual tolerance and acceptance, open minded and the ability of expressing unconditional love for all others. I ask that you agree to “do good” here.
How to Register - Must Read
  1. Read the rules and terms of LLWL listed above
  2. Visit the Register page here ( /register)
  3. Enter the password ” IAMLove ” to view the page (as all one word, no spaces)
  4. Enter your information on the form and submit to register
  5. Check your email to verify your new account
    (or you will not be allowed to continue through the steps and you may be deleted by admin if I don’t recognize you with 3 days of account setup)
  6. Login and update your information, set up two-factor authentication (2FA) (I recommend the app Google Authenticate but Microsoft also has one)

It’s totally free to register here. But I am extremely security conscious and therefore, I require all humans to enter passwords and phrases to ensure all members have read the rules and terms before participating. Thanks for your patience in going through the steps to keep the site safe for everyone.

Note: This also ensures that “careless” trolls are less likely to join. And should dramatically limit automated bots and hacks to protect the site and it’s members information. If you get locked out of the site by security protocols, please reach out to me on social media to fix the issue on the backend.

Membership Features

Free Features

  • Register on our website to connect with others in groups and make friends
  • Find or create local Circles of Harmony with other members
  • Join our free Universal Light Network Discord Server to chat with others in real time
  • The Discord Server provides members with the ability of streamlined news feeds; from global news to sharing the worlds and messages to each other
  • Registered members get special discount codes and bundled offers for services offered by LLWL, they can also make special requests for services and products via polls

Available Feature Upgrades

Note: I do not use patreon or any other third parties to handle things, exclusively made possible through this site and Paypal. View the website security info page here. This site has NO goo-ads or flashy useless distractions that are irrelevant here. Only resources that I feel everyone should be more aware of and feel confident in such as Gaia and MindValley. And quality crystals and oils that are harmless and effective for anyone during their personal journey when used with care and knowledgeable intent.

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