Circles of Harmony

Create Your Own Circles of Harmony

This is a new project and within the “development” stages as of early 2022. Please join us on discord to help contribute to the growth. If you’re really interested please also register on this site to join this free community.

More Details to Consider
  1. Gather together with ten or more people in a local park or natural environment
  2. Children join hands and begin to walk/skip in a small central circle
  3. Adults then begin to form circles around them by holding hands, organizing into new circles around them until everyone has a place, and people are always allowed to join into a circle at any time in the outer ring
  4. When everyone is within a circle, everyone should slowly come to a stop and begin to harmonize together with “OM” (this comes very naturally) and may shift harmony to other tones to further transmute energies (children should not be bothered within the ring and can be encouraged to “sing along” in their own way within the circle (mothers should be surrounding them in the inner circle to encourage this as necessary and explain to children what to do before starting to walk about to form circles)
  5. All peoples should continue to harmonize together until a natural ending occurs, after several minutes together

Tips: Try to start walkabouts and form circles within 5-10 minutes to leave the most “time” to come to a slow stop to OM together (that’s the fun part!) When everyone has come together, everyone begins to slowly come to a stop (adults setting the example for the kids). Then any one may start the OM. This may last for as long as everyone feels comfortable, and usually comes to a natural ending, in a kind of unified breath of expression without any trouble. After the experience, everyone involved may feel connected and in harmony with each other and their surroundings. This shared experience will raise your vibration and resonate happy feelings for many more days to come in passing of this nearby location.

How to Become A Caretaker of Harmony

Get Involved

Click to see a list of Caretakers & Partners of LLWL

If you would like to help me by becoming another organizer in this, and you feel you are strongly called to do this in your own area. Please read over the packet (that I have started so far, with an open mind as to how it could be improved on). Then, fill out this form to become a Caretaker. I’ll contact you personally with an invitation to a private areas within our communities for better collaboration and development.



This will not, nor will it ever, include a paycheck or monetary gain for those who participate, nor organize, these occurrences of the circles of harmony.
In fact, the use of monetary trade is prohibited at these events. Also:

  • Please read the handout for complete information about the goals and benefits of the community effort.
  • Every individual will be held responsible for their own actions. Please choose responsible locations to do Circles of Harmony, and be inclusive to all others using compassion.
  • To perform Circles, you should have with you at least 5 other people with you who you trust. This can be family members and your closest friends.
  • Forming larger local circles and gatherings should come with community trust, experience, and with communication to collaborate on events and locations with other members here.


Since 2022 I have continued to have visions and inner nudges of cities and peoples across the world beginning to form circles by holding hands together in “OM” circles. I have had this impulse so many times, it won’t simply go away and therefore, – I must try to bring it into manifestation.

I have experienced myself this before at National Rainbow Gatherings many years ago. Since then, I have been involved in other forms of energetic spiritual work and feel that many others could be working to form their own Circles of Harmony with a little guidance and inspiration. Other methods of group meditations have been successful all over the world. This is a simple thing that anyone and everyone can do and become involved with. It requires no experience, only organized intentions to create harmony with others members in your local parks and communities.

I hope that we can collaborate to write letters to invite local churches of all denominations to invite their followers to create circles in their local parks. While other letters of invitation could be made at social venues and event parks.

It makes sense to me to choose a regular and obvious time to create events on a global scale, such as during the day of every Full Moon. However, these details have yet to be decided. I intend fully to ignite others to take a leading role within their own communities. And therefore, do not consider myself a leader, rather an organizer willing to coordinate with others to make this a reality.

I imagine communities affected by such harmonious acts to make a tremendous difference area the area where the circles are performed. But also, in the lives of those who participate. As the synchronicity of working to create harmonious experiences is long lasting.

Join the Community Effort

I will post thoughts and updates there as this gets pieced together. From there I will be inviting others who are in alignment to help organized this on Discord. When the first circles can be formed and enough people are aware, and the Guidelines for doing Circles of Harmony are ready to be released – we will launch a global invitation to others together. Inviting everyone everywhere to join in the first Global Circles of Harmony, to be accomplished in local parks across the world.