My legal name is shown upon these certificates. Please call me Lee, as it is my preferred nickname. As an online author, I commonly use Lee Bowden online and in person, as Bowden is my husband’s last name which I have yet to adopt legally.

Universal Life Minister & Law of Attraction Life Coach

Reiki Therapy

Additional Healing & Practice Certifications


I am NOT a doctor, nurse, or psychologist. I am not a nutrition or dietary specialist, nor do I carry any products of my own or affiliate for products I do not use. Nor do I run ads on my site. I am only an affiliate for products that I personally use and would recommend to anyone in any circumstance. Simply because it is available for anyone to use to benefit their well being at any time, in any environment, for any reason.

I choose natural, gentle touch, methods, and practices that induce absolutely no harm, are completely painless, and very simple. Simple enough you can learn them yourself and apply in your own life.

Everything is energy, and this is our medium for working with, and within, our own reality. My primary niche of practice is through positive intention for the highest good, energetic balance, spiritual awareness, and unconditional love.

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