You can view my professional resume on LinkedIn here for my work and educational background. Interestingly, I have also been a user of GoodReads since 2013, where you can view any books I have read, or am reading. More recently I began auditing college courses at places like Coursera online.  

In summary, I graduated high school and continued to invest my time with online learning in a variety of forms. I am very open about my sources and references. I have very much enjoyed independent learning. 

Beginning in 2018 I started taking courses to get certified to practice business in energy healing, spiritual consulting, and various other interests I have always had including but not limited to astrology and celestial energies/influences. These included Acupressure, Palmistry and Reiki Therapy.

I am NOT a doctor, nurse or dietary specialist. I only recommend and practice harmless, gentle touch methods. Please read these pages. 

I have recently (2020) begun auditing college courses for topics of interests. I hope to attend Kepler College for my Astrology Diploma beginning 2021-2024! Thanks to the continued support of family, friends, and followers I have been able to overcome my fears of financial success and the many business failures in my past. By following my passion in the page you see here, I have felt a kind of confidence and higher self certainty you can only attain by doing what you are meant to do in life. 

Master Goal: I will follow up with further Master Certificates in either Energy Medicine or the Forensic Healing System. Either during or after I attain my Astrology Diploma. 

Note: My legal name is shown upon these certificates (Caylene Hornibrook). Many call me Lee, as it is my preferred nickname to anyone who knows me, as well as some social media accounts. As an online author, I commonly use Lee Bowden online and in person, as Bowden is my husband’s last name which I have yet to adopt legally.

I run no ads on this site. I only recommend products that are harmless and natural, as well as from sources that I trust and that deliver quality products. If you would like to support me you can donate via this site in the sidebar, via Paypal @lovelifewlight . 


Spiritual Healing, Guidance, and Divination Certificates

Energy Healing & Alternatives

Manuals, Sources, & Recommended Self Treatment Methods You Can Use!

Click here to visit my GoodReads profile, active since 2013 and lists all Books I have read for those who are interested.


* Classes from a University such as Harford, likely are from Edx.org (or ClassCentral) where you can audit college courses for free and/or pay for a digital complete certificate in which you gain college credits for completing with passing grades, live instruction, and homework completion grades. This is how anyone can get college level information/courses for free on nearly anything. 

~ From Udemy, Coursera, Alison, or another online learning source for independent learners, and educators! Many of which are certified in their profession and offer great, unique experience from passionate instructors for low costs. I have taken courses I loved, and a few that were simple or silly. I recommend taking note of the reviews and instructors before taking a courses online. However they can be greatly rewarding and are typically self paced. 

You can view the following profiles to further evaluate my work history, independent education, and credentials. 

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