My Business & Blogging Background Story

I’m going to explain a little bit of my blogging background and how it relates to my small business, marketing, and social media background story. I want to begin to share how my life has led me to create my online blogging business your reading from today.Β 

I'm going to explain a little bit of my background in small business, marketing, and social media. Then I want to begin to share how this leads me to create my online blogging business your reading from.
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My Business Background Story

The Early Years of My Business & Marketing Experience

In my early high school years, my only experience working was in my grandparents home office for their carpet cleaning business. They had just one truck and one technician. They still had a paper trail of my grandmother’s work notes, scheduling notebooks, and invoice printouts.

My father took more of a role when my Papa passed away, to try to help her. Together Dad and I tried to take on some new changes in the business, to grow and improve the company. Together my dad and I went to marketing classes together and began to research modern marketing.

I got the business on track with a website and accurate online brand, and reputable presence. Offering better support and a move away from the paper trail and onto invoicing with Quickbooks. Finally, I got a business plan together and started tracking our growth progress.

I Could Have Been A Business Owner Before Turning 21

All this took years though and it came time for Grandma to move on and sell out. Finally retire at 80+!  I practically ran the business at this point. Everything from answering phones, scheduling jobs, marketing, and managing. I was offered the business! But, I ended up declining their offer.

I didn’t want to be a carpet cleaning business owner.

I wanted to be a Business Owner. I wanted to work from home!

But not for carpet cleaning, and I’m not sorry.

I Started My Photography Business in 2016

It took me a few years but I opened a really small local photography business, L. Y. Photos, with my best friend. We began to build our photo portfolio (view our Instagram @LYphotospub). This is more of a hobby business than an income for me though. (We need an equipment upgrade before we can take the next steps in our businesses future.) This year (2018) I’ve started to work with another best friend, Ryver and I’m really excited about what she can offer LYP!

My Blogging Journey Now

I Started This Blog In April 2018

So here I am promoting and building my reputation as a helpful blogger that loves other people. Just like that. In September I was nominated twice for the Blogger Recognition Award. So that sparked this Blogtober Series (1 week) you’re reading today.

To be fair, I admit that I do fully intend to collect a substantial income from my entrepreneurial efforts as an online blogger and become an optimistic influencer. But we’ll cover that more soon as I prepare to unveil what bloggers really do, or CAN do.

As I begin to build my blog business plans and strategies, I realize how many other new bloggers are out there. And completely lost, they struggle to fit all the pieces together. I sit on a Pinterest and can swim past most of the “beginners posts” because I know something about running a business from home already.

I  also have an edge as I grew up in this technology age, with the passion for learning on the internet at a young age. I know something about HTML, web design, branding, photo editing and photography, file management, accounting… I know about marketing and running social media too. I’ve spent countless days as a teenager stuck online, let’s be honest, it all started with Livejournal and Myspace (among other things like YIM… did you know BBP has a Discord Chatroom you can join right now? Here’s the info on our live chatroom of bloggers). ANYWAYS… That grew into the family based business, which started in early high school years when I moved back to live with my Dad in Washington. Until, I walked, and I decided to go solo when I was 21 with my boyfriend (now husband) and traveled the country for a while. Taking a break from the world wide web for about two whole years. (10 Unusual Things About Me tag)

NOWADAYS || Occasionally, I check an Incredible Income Report to find them discussing the ease of earning money online. And that’s the thing it is and it isn’t, easy to make money blogging.  And I still haven’t managed to dedicate to a business plan. Not like this blog. This, this is something new and exciting guys. I’m employing MYSELF to work for YOU. And I believe it’s going to make a dent your life, and so many other new blogging buddies (Join our Blogging Buddies Group on Facebook here.)

blogging and business background story

What Am I Doing Online?

Personally, I’m trying to build relationships, make connections, and share love and support to other parents, partners, and bloggers.

There simply is not enough transparency offered by most bloggers though. So as much as this is a blog about loving life and other people. It is also my life with blogging and business! Which I have yet to share with you on the blog.

My success and my failures will be openly displayed here for all to see! So thanks for reading, sharing, and connecting with me. I’ve met some amazing people so far.

Ways I’m Helping Others Through Social Media

|| I’m supporting other parents by being an active member in a number of Facebook Groups

|| I’m offering bloggers the change to connect with another blogger for free here: Blog Buddy Program

|| I’m offering connections on Twitter constantly and providing a solid feed of information, related retweets, and to feature tweets by joining the chat this month below. Catch me #luvdaily

|| I’m committed to following and commenting on blogs through Bloglovin’ and blogs that use Disqus. As well as my Twitter #luvdaily comment threads

The theme here is engagement. I’m really trying hard to reach out and get to know other people and their blogs.

Here are a few ideas I have to further engagement with you:

|| I finally have a newsletter fellow humans! AHA! Super stoked to start the journey with you, fellow parents and bloggers!

|| I’ll write a review of your blog privately if you buy me a coffee! Go here: 

|| Every Friday between 8-10AM I am Reviewing Blogs Live, like the page (new window).

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Post Summary

I hope that I can be of help to you now. And other new bloggers out there, to find their way to their own success stories. In their parenthood, blog life and romantic partnerships.

It starts by taking your blog seriously and treating it like a business. So that’s what I’m doing. Right here, right now. Check. Click. Publish. Promote. Connect, with you. And it worked, you’re here.

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