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Celebrating my first blogging award, I’ve been recognized by a fellow blogger. I was recently nominated by Vicky of Crunchy Leaves & Sunsets for the Blogger Recognition Award. Here’s my post to support that nomination, and do my part. I’m honored to receive my first “award” as a blogger as I proudly write this post describing my journey of this blog, Loving Life With Lee. As I enter into the challenge of Blogtober tomorrow, I thought I’d start it off with a bang. Oh, and a few tips.

Following the Rules of Blogger Recognition

  1. Give thanks
  2. Write a post for the award
  3. How did your blog start?
  4. Give some advice
  5. Nominate other bloggers
  6. Comment and share the reward


When I was first nominated earlier this month, I had to do some digging for the original Blogger Recognition Award. Turns out that it’s from Edge of Night, published in 2014.

Check out Edge of Night’s Original Blogger Recognition Award!Β 

I have to admit, it’s been such a successful letter for bloggers. The feeling you get when you are recognized into the blogging community, able to connect with others. Share your blogging experience, and showing appreciation for it.

Aw, it just warms me up inside guys.


Honestly, WHY DO I BLOG?

That’s kind of the theme to my entire Blogtober Series, titled “Why Blog?!” So you can check out all of those posts for sure.

To put it simply I’ve always been a blogger in a sort. I started on LiveJournal and MySpace like so many other millennials. But the thing is, I loved every part of it. I loved the website stuff, the coding, the graphics, the photography, the writing, sharing, communicating, commenting, helping.

Every part the blogging has become now. I just happen to have it figured out because of my experience with small business.

So it just makes sense finally, as I enter motherhood. That I sit down and do what I really want to do. Be a work from home wife, and now a stay at home mom.



I really don’t know, as I have so many ideas for such much. I finally just narrowed it to being able to write about my daily life and share the love. Which is also what I’m passionate about outside of working online. Family, friends, and helping others.


Which leads me to my first tip.



To be able to sit and write about what I LOVE is why I blog. It’s why I spend an extreme amount of dedicated time to working at home, when I could doing other things, obviously.

So to make it easy on yourself, choose something you can easily spend too many a lot of hours dedicated to. While enjoying it, the whole time.



There’s so much to learn about blogging, I know. It’s not something you should just go for one day, it’s something you learn about and spend time educating yourself on. Everything from website construction, to social media, to email marketing, to promotion, to writing and grammar. All of it.

And if you can get through reading all about blogging. Then, you’re going to be a great blogger.

It all starts by following other bloggers and learning about why you like to follow them. If you don’t know what it feels like to like and follow a blog, then you won’t have a good idea about how you should/could/would if you blog. So, do that. Be an audience, a supporter of other blogs.

And then when you begin to blog for yourself, you know how it feels to write for an audience. One that you can relate to because in a way, YOU are your audience. That’s how it all starts. That’s why writers write. It starts because you want to write for you. And you share your work and become an author when you share your voice with the world.

Blogging is just another form of creating and sharing creative works of art and expression. Fill it with passion. Show appreciation for art, to start.


To support this award, I nominate…

Ruth In Revolt @ruthinrevolt

Messy Mama @messymama18

Trendy Simple Life @tdysimplelife

Beardedlgor Blogs @StealTheMGaming

MissAmyRach @MissAmyRach

Article Alley @AlleyArticle

One Inspired Momma @oneinspiredmom1


I’ve decided to add to the list during this next month of Blogtober. Just to challenge Myself to connect with a few other bloggers out there. Bloggers that really do inspire me. Thanks for reading, following, and commenting. I’ll be updating the page soon with new nominees!

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