Journey: It’s Still One

I mean for this to be a bit of an update as the author and astrologer of the blog. Again, I feel the yearly haitus has been good for me, but filled with much contemplation and inner change.

I started this blog when I was pregnant (you can see more of those videos here) and then it changed from lifestyle to any astrology based blog. While I took classes and got certified in things like Reiki, honing in on alternative approaches to self healing. I have often pondered my own mental and emotional health, it seems common to do so in this day and age now. And finally, it’s healthy to say that you have done your soul searching, and reconnected with someone spiritual within yourself. But more when you can say you have faced your demons, and reached a point of return to God.

My biggest struggle has always been, that the way I see the world, earth, people – it’s bigger. I always looked farther, up to the stars and deep into the mind through philosophy, science, and then astronomy. Within my own lessons, clearly aligned for me as I move through it so passively. I find much change, development, and yet a crumbling all around of what should also change. And it’s hard to see, to feel, and to live through but I feel how necessary it is for the world.

I have found myself deeply engrossed in spiritual and scientific topics, most those around me are like 0_0 why? But it’s really necessary for me to learn about these things to be able to understand and write clearly about them. And for a long time now, I have had a writing block because of this. A kind of “input” mode has been set for a long time now. Yet, I still feel strongly that I should be recording and sharing the astrology and what I have learned, and am learning. To help others like myself to begin to put together all the pieces and makes sense of the science and spiritual matters at hand in our lives.

I have also struggled with controversial issues, and at times the last year especially, it has been hard not to feel like I “have to do something about it” and usually for me, that translates to “say something about it to someone”. And I can’t really find a way to do that without looking at the bigger picture, and it is then that I realize there is so much more to the politics and what is occurring in the world. Now that things like climate are the excuse for population overload in my country at a time when people like gates owns the most land in the country. I feel like we’re in for a world of change, and quickly.

Instead then, of me giving my opinions I think I can help to provide some insight to other simply by including World News titles/links in the astrology posts. There is some that I can prewrite but others such as solar and SR data, is very much reliant on real time consideration. So I hope to continue this here real soon.

I have also debated much over the state of social media, and the issues revolving around them such as AI and big tech companies. So as part of my personal shift in my business, I am moving to google as my primary link to social networking. Steering away from Microsoft when possible. And I will no longer be found on Instagram or Twitter at all. I will for now remain on Facebook, Pinterest and MeWe. Additionally, for a long time I have been trying different Patreon methods to no avail so I am pausing all efforts there until further notice. There is only one option available for now to support this blog. When I get to the goal, I will turn off ads on my site and media. Until then, I do plan on growing the blog’s viewership to qualify to run ads on the blog as an income as we could very much use the income stream. Additionally, I have several ideas for ebooks and downloadables that I will begin working on this summer/fall.

What takes up my most time these days is honestly Homeschooling my Kindergartener CJ. So I have decided to include that journey back into my blog and lifestyle channel and posts. It’s only fair, as she has shown an interest in video/media and kids shows in which children are a focus. So it should be fun to include our at-home loving lifestyle with all of you.

In general, I have a good idea of what it’ll take to homeschool her from start to finish, and I know I have a lot more to learn and I’m more than excited to do so with her. I soon will have to write about all the free education options that are available, as I am more than ready to take on the system with my own will power and dedication to learning. I’ll share what I can with you all.

Thanks, Caylene

Nakshatras are the Stars of Vedic Astrology

Nakshatras are the Stars of Vedic Astrology

I have found the most helpful book on Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology, to be “27 Stars 27 Gods: The Astrological Mythology of Ancient India” by Vic Dicara (Vraja Kishor).

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Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

Protecting Spiritual Facebook Groups & Businesses from Censorship

I am writing this page for two reasons. The first reason is because I know several Spiritual Groups on Facebook that are concerned about being deleted. Mostly because of members posting flagged content or content that has been removed by “fact checkers”. And secondly, because many users of social media are being targeted, shadow banned, or removed from Facebook all together. This is mostly due to the Disinformation Campaigns that have dramatically affected us all, whether we realize it or not.

I do not intend fo this to be a triggering post, but an educational and thoughtful one. For both users, moderators, and members of Facebook.

In this post, I will defend the Spiritual Groups from such targeted removal by giving you ideas and tools to use to protect your group. I am encouraging moderators and group creators to update their page and description with accurate and relevant information. Finally, by making sure that you know exactly what the policy of the platform you are using is. So that you – as a creator and moderator or user – can actually moderate correctly for your members, and continue to add value to their lives for years to come.

I hope to give further understanding of censorship. Why it happens, and what you can do to keep yourself safe from disinformation. But above all, to further the understanding of Technology, Political Science, your rights of Free Speech, and Spiritual Freedoms.

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Planetary Introductions for Universal Astrology Today

Today I am introducing some of the Universal Astrology basics such as where to find information, get updates, find programs and apps I use. As well as an introduction to the Planets before spending time with today’s charts and interpretation.

During the recording, there was new quakes and solar news streams. I will be gathering the timing of these events and presenting them in a new video so that we can see clearly what the storms, planets, and the collective is going through right now.


There has been a number of other important videos that cover more of the science and weather of this solar storm. I would highly suggest becoming more informed and aware of such information as we enter the new Solar Cycle.

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What Do I Do With Emotions?

What Do I Do With Emotions?

I myself have asked this question about emotions since I was a really young kid. It’s what I kept asking, and trying to figure out in my life by observation. I have this huge, big picture perspective about life and always have. Yet, I couldn’t understand why we struggled and abused ourselves, and each other, to no end.

The truth is, I slowly adapted to the world in which I lived, and understood how comically similar we are at the core of being human. So I was able to understand that, we all have emotions, and that they were linked to both the mind and the body. And that our thoughts created our reality.

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Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

On 4/15/2020 there was a subtle CME as seen here. This wasn’t expected to hit us as it wasn’t directed at Earth from the Sun. However, on 4/20/2020 it sure did! This was enough for me to start a post about understanding why I care to share this scientific data so openly on the website, astrology posts, and my social media.

Coronal Mass Ejection, seen on left of the sun

First, we will get some sources and terms out of the way and then we’ll explore what and how we are effected by our Sun.

Wiki Definition of a CME:

coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the solar corona. They often follow solar flares and are normally present during a solar prominence eruption. The plasma is released into the solar wind and can be observed in coronagraph imagery.

Wiki Definition of a Solar Flare:

solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun, usually observed near its surface and in close proximity to a sunspot group. Powerful flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection

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Inner Child Healing for the Inner Masculine

This is not just for the masculines of the world, because we all carry both negative and positive charges of energy. Yin and Yang. Yang is electric, masculine energy that takes action to go-towards other energy. The yin is feminine, and that of magnetic energy that attracts energy to it.

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Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Today I want to introduce the Cosmic View from Space for the date 4/4/2020 using Sidereal Astrology to show you the conjunct alignments visually. Why is this Master Conjunction of 2020 so important? This is what I want to answer, by SHOWING YOU the screenshots, as well as explaining the importance and what they mean, in the next post.

Complete Business Website Overhaul

Complete Business Website Overhaul

Officially open as Loving Life With Light on 4/4/2020 by the State of Washington, I am now open to providing products and services for self-care, wellness, and spirituality! In this post I will describe in as much detail as possible, all of the updates and features that have been updated, added, or integrated as of 3/17/2020 at!

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