What Do I Do With Emotions?

What Do I Do With Emotions?

I myself have asked this question about emotions since I was a really young kid. It’s what I kept asking, and trying to figure out in my life by observation. I have this huge, big picture perspective about life and always have. Yet, I couldn’t understand why we struggled and abused ourselves, and each other, to no end.

The truth is, I slowly adapted to the world in which I lived, and understood how comically similar we are at the core of being human. So I was able to understand that, we all have emotions, and that they were linked to both the mind and the body. And that our thoughts created our reality.

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Cosmic Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

Cosmic Solar Effects on the Earth and Ourselves

On 4/15/2020 there was a subtle CME as seen here. This wasn’t expected to hit us as it wasn’t directed at Earth from the Sun. However, on 4/20/2020 it sure did! This was enough for me to start a post about understanding why I care to share this scientific data so openly on the website, astrology posts, and my social media.

Coronal Mass Ejection, seen on left of the sun

First, we will get some sources and terms out of the way and then we’ll explore what and how we are effected by our Sun.

Wiki Definition of a CME:

coronal mass ejection (CME) is a significant release of plasma and accompanying magnetic field from the solar corona. They often follow solar flares and are normally present during a solar prominence eruption. The plasma is released into the solar wind and can be observed in coronagraph imagery.

Wiki Definition of a Solar Flare:

solar flare is a sudden flash of increased brightness on the Sun, usually observed near its surface and in close proximity to a sunspot group. Powerful flares are often, but not always, accompanied by a coronal mass ejection

This is what the CME seen above looked like once it got to Earth’s resonance core. So what does that mean for you?

Wiki Definition of the Schumann Resonance:

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere.

Mother Earth doesn’t stand a chance against this ancient Fire Elemental!
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Allowing the Human Story to Unfold

I have to open this post in full honesty of my support and inspiration of Dr. Gregg Braden. A lot of the information that has been trickled down to us through “The Secret” and other viral documentaries. We’re seeing a lot more information come out right now, loads and loads. So much of it is true, and so much of it has been translated into something all new.

The Main Points That Will Shock You Until You Know For Yourself

  • Our DNA has revealed that we did NOT evolve here. We were placed here about 200,000 years ago
  • The Heart and other organs save memories, not just your brain. There are many mini-brains throughout the body, especially the Heart.
  • Our DNA holds the capacity for much greater expansion and expression of ourselves than we are currently doing
  • Our DNA has actually degraded since we have been here because of its misuse or misexpression by our will to do so.
  • Your heart makes decisions, as well as other parts of your being, not just your Brain
  • ETs have always been “real”, they are not new – both physical and non-physical
  • We live in a Plasma Universe

From a very scientific approach, these are very much real, hard evidence that evolution is not our story. Further learning from Gregg will always lead into the Divine Code that has really decoded a lot of mystery of life. Yet, it’s not sticking because it all goes against our idea of what we have been taught before now.

So the first part of this journey, must be to let go.

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The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening

I am super blessed to be in this position right now, with a new business, blog niche with purpose, and capable of having this discussion with you all in written form. I hope that you are as well, ready to widen your open comprehension and heart capacity.

One of the goals of this post is going to initiate the marriage between spiritual studies and scientific studies. Within what everyone is seeing as Unity, between our individual (singularity) and Collective.

From a scientific standpoint, we are seeing evidence of the ages and understanding more about the Catastrophe Cycle. Cosmology and Astronomy are finding out new information and pumping out data for us all to eat every day about how connected we are to the entire Universe and what it’s made of. However, our comprehension of its massive complexity is still Above Us.

What Quantum Machanics, Physics, and Biology can tell us about our selves and the universe has led to a more complete understanding of our potential and our reality formation.

What the scientists then confirmed is with Energy, in every way. Energy is intelligent, and this is proven in form as the genius scientists themselves such as Einstein and Tesla. However, their true life’s work was destroyed or taken much has been discovered to further their belief in the answers being in both mathematics and energetic understanding and use.

However, reserved the truth about the science of Tesla has been it is surpassed in our current time. It’s time we ‘catch up’ ourselves in what the science is now because it’ll blow your mind. Clean energy companies and supporters, as well as technology entrepreneurs, are making big changes fast.

What we know is that there are major shifts occurring in the ways that we first described by the Ancients. Including the ages, the cycles, the energies, the zodiac, the order and the choice of free will. Backed by science, some of which have been covered up from public access for quite some time. The bottom line is we’re smarter than we think we are as a massive collective entity.

Understanding our origins and history is complicated and somewhat damaging to the current reality in some ways. (From some first-hand experience, trust me.) The best we can each do is live in the now and keep up with the current times and activities from relevant and Original Sources.

Man continues to receiver Higher Guidance, channeled through themselves and it is in this way that we are gifted in our experience. Be this directly from the Creator, or Masters within the Collective of our Living Selves. What is so interesting about the written Holy Books and Ancient Spiritual Teachings is that they ‘line up’ and synchronize in harmony with love, peace, and virtues.

What I have found in my own personal journey, is that it doesn’t matter really what “path you choose to take” because they are all “going to the same place”. Much like the streams all run into the River. The Rivers all run into the Ocean.

Water is actually the best transference we have in form and is known to have memory. It can be a Trinity of phases from Gas, Soluble, or Solid.

Read more:

It is the water that is gathered, rises up in gas, only to condense and fall again in a continuous recycle of motion. It’s also the element of life.

If we look at the other elements, we see the importance of these forces of power and keeping them clean and usable in every place on the globe. All life has water, uses water, and needs water to live.

We are seeing a lot of scientific evidence of the changes in our water and it’s content, heat, and placement. The efforts to clean up the planet have been much needed and indeed, should continue from now on with out exception to any other resource or element. The purity and use of each depend on the stability of the other elements. As taught in Chinese Medicine.

Water expresses in ourselves emotionally, because this is how we transmit and transmute to regulate complex ourselves. As we clean up the water of our planet, as we clean ourselves of our lower emotional states and open up to how we feel. We are effectively taking part in cleaning the water molecules, as it has memory. Even that which you take in, as it changes from within, and is used by the body. It is again admitted outwards from your pores and organs to be released back out. Our body takes in food and water as forms of energy (no big surprise there). Further, the effort of the Emotional Caretakes of Earth that have done the cleaning of the water, has effectively assisted all of the collective to begin healing emotionally.

I have used water now to help explain the idea of entanglement between energy, information, and the elements. What happens to one, happens to them all. If not in a chain reaction, or all at one time.

The moments in which events take place “at the same moment in time” are a synchronization of events that may normally take place “at different times” if you will. Simply states we can live in alternate worlds and realities from each other, better explored through the Butterfly Effect.

However, when we initiate as a collective, higher awareness of what is best for us all as a group, as One Entity. We begin to unite our experience in its fullest expression in the highest forms of feelings, thoughts, and intent.

This can be understood by looking at a single person and then looking at any business. Specifically, the group of individuals for a common goal represented as One Business Entity.

When a culture or society realizes that itself is elementally entangled with every other life form on the planet, and in the Universe of Material and Potential. Moments that align within the collective, begin to align the individuals within it. Just like the employees of a business, they are then trained for their specific job and duty for the entity as a whole in all it’s parts and job descriptions.

There have been 2 significant efforts of Mass Meditation in the last 12 months and will continue to grow. The most recent was on 4/4-4/5 which had well over 1 million people meditating for the best optimal timeline ascension for Earth and All Life. Read that again.

What that means is that we are already quamtumly affecting each other as individuals who co-create the collective reality that we live in.

However distorted and separated that has become between nations, entities/businesses, governments, and institutions. What we have yet to be appropriately taught is how to unify our diversity. You and I, are not diversifying our own resources equally to each other or being conscious about where we direct our attention, financials, support, or vote. This creates the disharmony within the Collective into our Own Lives Consciously. In other words, while we are Awakening we are Remembering what it means to be Well and Whole as One.

What is beginning to happen is a collective awareness consciously.

More and more people are operating from a Heart-Centered place of Unconditional Love and Compassionate Inclusion for All Life.

The events that occured to scientifically prove this were catastrophic in nature, in that they affected us all deeply. The 9/11 Twin Towers event was more than a shock to this living collective than any other in our life-time/time-line and it spiked the resonance of the Earth in a way that was evidence of our Collective Unity and Effect Upon the Planet.

The emotion that raised us to this energeticly proven level was record breaking to the scientific community. This emotion was Compassion, Heart Felt Awareness and Focused Attention on Suffering of the Many.

From that point on, the world in this timeline begins upon the 8 Fold Path. This reflects within our own lives since that day, whether you have consciously realized it (yet) or not!

Upon our realization of the suffering, we become thoughtful about the cure for all suffering in this way through compassion. Made possible by sharing the moment in time globally on Twitter and other social confrontation. For the last decade, we have shifted to promote our own ideas about how to eat better, play better, live better, and be better to ourselves and the world. Resulting in a high number of elevated entities/businesses, organization, scientific discovery, and spiritual advancements.

This was a shift away from tactics and ideas that did not suit the frequencies of fear and forgetfulness. Collectively, and jointly, the elements have risen since 9/11 as this triggered a release of negative energies and revealed some of the darker aspects of control and manipulation.

What is interesting is to realize is that these are also the qualities that we struggle with like individuals from a Shadow or Void within. We too have voices within that demand we are the First, the Only, the Best and are Greedy, or Petty in our “Need For”. Be it our curiosity or imagination, we are in part, Curious Cats.

It is this ‘need for’ that is the cause of suffering in the form of ignorance. This is what causes us to go forth from ignorance, as the Fool. To come into understanding and awareness of more than just the self. This is what happened in 2011

The “End” of 2012 marked a prophetic time of a cycle ending called a Yuga. However, this was not the end of time, just the end of a long age or ‘section’ of time. Our idea of time is linear, however, it is more like a sheet or wave in which we are moving through space.

In the spiritual realms and effects, 2012 was a shock of elevating energy from the light, entering the dark.

What we confront now 7 years later, in 2019 is a celebration of liberation because of the overwhelming efforts to stabilize higher forms of energy here. However, we must recover from our inability to understand our life and soul due to our forgetful entrance into this world. It is designed within the experience itself, that we must choose our path within the 3D reality.

This has happened in more ways than we can initially understand as we have ‘played our part well’ both in the dark and in the light. As we were “destined” to do.

What comes next is up to us to further identify ourselves within the collective in harmony. The best is yet to come. What we need to do now, is simply allow that to happen and remove all obstacles that you have to imagining a better world for all life on this planet.

That should no longer be as difficult, as the negative fear virus that has spread is of our own making. Much like th CV virus, we will also be removing and clearing the ultimate pandemic of the last 1000 years.

Recommended Reading:
Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life
Erik D. Andrulis on 12/23/2011

Mass Manifestation Efforts for Creation of New Earth Life

What is happening is a global unification not of government and financial reorganization but of our own initiation into a galactic way of living, feeling, thinking, and being.

As in all manifestation of creative forces, this will have to form and will do so in the mystery that is life.

We must realize that our use of technology such as social media has many negative associates. To realize that the use of that technology as a social resource is to come to understand each other by sharing information. It is very unifying in general, as displayed by the use of it to bring out a Global Meditation for Light and Love.

This is reflected in the same way that the 9/11 spike in Schumman Resonance did immediately. To no surprise to those who feel this on a daily basis, since it’s increased frequencies and shifts in the last few years (since 2014-ish). This is measurable by the Schuerman Resonance and is why I choose to include it in my astrology and daily science-related news posts.

“Critical Mass was Reached for Collective Focused Intention for Liberty Templates such as Healing, Reconstruction, Galactic and Planetary Grids, Diamond Core Templates, Rehabilitation of Humanity and the Genesis of Earth, Creation of Galactic Society… From the 6th dimension to the 3rd. “

Magenta Pixie – White Winged Collective

Because of that collective intention, this must take place as the science of the quantum world in which we live, responds and manifests in this way.

Spiritual Versus Religious Perceptions About the Great Awakening

I have spent too many hours, like many others, searching the webs of infinite information to find the truth about the awakening and what it means for humanity. To put simply, I do not which to distrub anyones beliefs or rights of free will, expression, or experience.

With that stated I will explore my own expression of what this translates to, most simply, in the spiritual persepctive for all life within this planet.

Vast variety of species of life is living upon this planet, not just human existance. These precious forms of living expression of Earth and it’s Creatures are part of a larger cosmic complex that is shifting into a new space/time and frequency. This is measurable and considerable to the scientific community as of this year, within a lengthy lead up to “all eyes open” everywhere.

To some degree, the spiritual texts have all described a kind fo shift, change, and direction in which the passing of the ages and cycles of time come to pass.

Spiritual dogmas describe a lot of doom and despair upon those who are not aligned with the idea of health, happiness, love, and light as the other spiritual dogma describes a destined heaven and blissful presense upon future times of earth.

The contraditory nature of these will always lead to discertainty, as we can not know what is truly ahead of us. Our imaginations have likened to destruction and our leaders to manipulation and greed. Thus, for many it has felt more allong the lines of the Appocalypse – and the zombie movies didn’t help.

What I can say is that there is also much mention and discussion within history, philosophy, and ancient ancestory that channels divine messages of truth and unity for those that stay a course of liberation, love, and compassion for all. This is what all of our most beloeved teachings, teachers, and spiritual lessons lead us to now.

In this effect, both are absolutely true and are happening in a very real sense, within our 4D Matrix – made possible to comprehend by movies such as The Matrix and Avatar. This in a very real way, is effectively true within our reality right now. We are aware we are being controlled by fear, manipulation, and dark secret forces. Disinformation and #FakeNews is all the rage during the pandemic. This is not the focus of this blog’s perspective, however, there is likened to being realistic in our current realms of consciousness from a higher perspective. Anyone and Everyone is being called to discern how they really feel and start making the personal choices in their own lives that reflect that true belief. It’s time to redirect our focus upon the solutions that will benefit us All as One.

I personally expect a form of cosmic disclosure soon about our involvement or lack thereof, with UFOs, technology, free energy, and financial institutions and companies. I feel as though the collective is demanding clarity of public knowledge and information sharing. This attunes to the energy shifts of Aquarius in a new age of technology, humanity, and intelligence.

As well as a full awareness of our influence upon each other, backed by further exploration within our quantum reality by application of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation. The waves of information on these topics have caused huge movements of awareness, natural living, and wellness over the last few years.

It’s now a ‘cool’ thing to be eating right, exercising, visiting nature, and being compassionate towards one another. Coruption is being called out in every way, I employ to to choose your sides and support your causes openly by finding the sources and groups that are making those difference possible in our world.

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These changes of mind are bringing about a new generation of children and companies that are focused upon the growth and development of a new society that is conscious, aware, and focused.

Read More: Law of One

Some say there will be a Cosmic Event which will be undeniable to us all. This might be an energetic shock wave of the higher and lower frequencies of the cosmos. Or it may be the return of Christ. to this effect, Christ has already risen within the Christ Consciousness that has been very distorted and manipulated over time. However much has been restored in light of truth and discovery if you were to look within this path. However, it is not the only way and Jesus is not the only Son of God, but an example to us all of who we are within. A primary message was of our Eternal Life, and this as been grossly manipulated. We are already eternal, immortal beings in a loosely translated term of reincarnation. He was a loving messenger who discovered by remembrance, that which we are now experiencing for ourselves in this time/space reality at the end of the age. Revelation exposed: It’s an inner journey, and we all have some darkness to face in that which we have created. Once we do, a complete return of our Christ self may manifest as it was destined to do since forever.

I believe the shift is happening independently with the assistance of the fellow man. Slowly activating, turning on, and connecting upon the higher planes of existence. This brings down new light, energy, love/light and awareness to how we have effectively Awakened our selves as One.

There are thousands, now millions, of people who are opening themselves, and the earth, to allow this light to flood back into the world through service to others in every way.

Inner Child Healing for the Inner Masculine

This is not just for the masculines of the world, because we all carry both negative and positive charges of energy. Yin and Yang. Yang is electric, masculine energy that takes action to go-towards other energy. The yin is feminine, and that of magnetic energy that attracts energy to it.

The Inner Child

The inner child doesn’t know or understand anything about the world that you know as an adult. It is the 1-5 year old you who is completely taken care of by someone else, whether that some one is very willing or not attentive to that care provided. This has effects on our inner person that we remember and in many ways, base our life from. While we develop a sense of self, we also identify the qualities of life and caring at the same time.

My Inner Child Hates Money

To those that know me, and those that don’t, my child’s story of my life at 10 years old from the voice was this: My parents are getting divorced and I have to move. They are getting divorced over money and don’t value love enough. I choose Love over money!

From that choice, I based many decisions whether or not I voiced that to anyone was irrelevant to me. So into my adult life, there was still this inner child thowing a tantrum anytime I touched, gained, or thought about money. I avoided bills, jobs, and resulted in a sense of lack and undeserving quality because of my insecurity with money.

The truth is, that my parents divorce wasn’t about money at all and that they loved each other but didn’t agree. I now have learned that some relations are NOT ‘meant to be’. And that that is perfectly okay, and that everyone has free will. I also understand them both now as indiviudals.

Consoling the Tantrum of Your Own Inner Child

Whether your story is terrible, or somewhat trivial like my own. Understanding the persepctive of your own story and consoling yourself is truly where you can begin to understand youself. Personally, you are the only one that can do this.

You simply have to explain to yourself, what you know and how it turns out. You can view this as a “visit yourself in the past and tell yourself the future” way within your own mind and heart.

In meditation, you would start by sitting comfortably and relaxing your body completely. Then you use your mind to scan the body to fully relax every muscle. Then, tell the mind to quietly tune into your heart and inner child voice.

For some respond very quickly, and the Child You will begin to spin memories, voices, giggles, favorite toys, and shows. For others, the inner voice has been silenced and is shy. This is common for introverts to expereince, in this case you may have to prompt yourself to be childish.

When you know within that you can understand that Inner part of you, the Child. Then begin to address and explain what you know now and how you live your life now. The child will listen intently, and begin to understand why the trauma is occuring.

If you are visual and can do this with yourself, and give yourself a hug then major bonus points.

Emotional Effects of Doing This with Your Inner Child

Sometimes this releases deep feelings and emotions, I recommend you let them all out. Cry as that child, for that child. And when you are ready and feel the emotions have been completely healed from the Emotional Body-Mental Layer. This affirms the change and shift in energy about this in a very physical way. Allowing the moment of transformation to be effective in your belief that you have healed this trauma, this voice, this inner tantrum.

If you don’t emotionally drain immediately, you may feel emotional later on and just allow that to ‘bubble up and out’ naturally. Give yourself some time alone and then move on from it. Don’t linger, just allow the emotions to be there and to be transmuted through experience. Some of us really need to physically process this as if it was an illness or something, and that’s actually pretty normal with emotional traumas and healing. It manifests this way for you, so that you can look back on this time of transformation, this emotional trasmutation to effectively ‘see the difference’ in ‘how you feel now’.

Reality Checks and Living With The Happy Inner Child

The older you get, the younger you begin to feel inside as if you are not actually aging at all. That just your body seems to lag into this state of aging, and the effects of reality begin to dawn on you. The point is, we don’t actually age within and so the Inner Child is always the Child. The mature person is the same person they were as a child. And even so, the future self is still the same individual expression. Regardless of ‘how much’ they have experienced.

So once you have made this resolution available to your inner child, and it now knows how it all goes and what you know. It becomes curious and playful, and free to experience with you and through you.

You become more playful in general. Again, you feel more curious about things. When your inner child is happy, it wants touch and play, it wants adventure and toys.

When New Challenges Arise Within

Once you do just one of these excersizes about just one topic or age in your storyline. You may feel later on, like your not having fun anymore and that you are done being adventurous.

Simply ask youself, that child, if there’s something they are upset about. The thing about the inner child is it’s quick to respond emotionally and mentally be confused. So as you experience confusion, you may attune this to “yes I’m the confused inner child and this is how I feel.”

Now you can take those signals, and try to understand the difference in them and how you life your life now. Something about your life currently is upsetting and is likely to be because of being uncomfortable, insecure, or undervalued. Starving for attention, or distraction from activities that are better suited for you.

Address these issues in your life directly if, in many cases, the inner child is ‘right!’ This happens quite often, where the inner child wants attention and this is exactly what the adult person wants and needs as well!

Whether this is something you do actually want to change in your life, or whehter you haev just decided upon a new life for yourself. Close your eyes, get calm, talk to your inner child and console them. They need someone to care for them, and don’t we all know how much we did for ourselves as well?

We learned how to walk, talk, sing, dance, and so much more. I would just like to say that that is REALLY awesome. You’ve learned a lot more since then huh?

Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Cosmic View of the Master Conjunction of 2020, April 4th! | Sidereal Astrology

Today I want to introduce the Cosmic View from Space for the date 4/4/2020 using Sidereal Astrology to show you the conjunct alignments visually. Why is this Master Conjunction of 2020 so important? This is what I want to answer, by SHOWING YOU the screenshots, as well as explaining the importance and what they mean, in the next post.

Complete Business Website Overhaul

Complete Business Website Overhaul

Officially open as Loving Life With Light on 4/4/2020 by the State of Washington, I am now open to providing products and services for self-care, wellness, and spirituality! In this post I will describe in as much detail as possible, all of the updates and features that have been updated, added, or integrated as of 3/17/2020 at!

Update to date Hosting, Security & WordPress Requirements

I am proud to say that this site meets all of the WordPress Requirements listed here. I am the sole developer and creator of this website and this new business. It was a big step up to go from blog to business!

There is an active SLL encryption system making the website, payments, and shopping safe for us to use on this site. Additional security plugins are operational!

Shop Open for Healing Services, Reiki Therapy & Recommended Products

  • Services include but are not limited to Reiki Therapy, Astrology, Energy Healing, and Spiritual Healing
  • Digital Products including special access to my databases, ebooks, and self-healing guides
  • Free Downloadables for Subscribers!
  • Recommended Amazon Products such as my favorite Books, Oils, and Inspirations for Spirituality, Wellness, and Awareness!

Advanced Site Integrations

A number of advanced protocols in development have taken place with the following trusted partners to make your experience (and mine) easy, quick, and affordable for everyone. Let’s thank:

  • WordPress (Secure Host)
  • Ionos (Development)
  • WooCommerce (Store)
  • PayPal (Secure Payments)
  • Amazon Affiliates ( Secure Payments, Products)
  • SendInBlue (Email Provider)
  • HubSpot (Support)

Brand New Theme, Brand, and SEO

If you’ve never built your own website then you don’t know how much effort, research, and time it takes to create a brand, find a theme, and apply it in a way that suits your needs.

I am blessed to have found this beautiful theme! As well as the amazing photos, which are all credited here!

Rest assured, Site Engine Optimization is not the most fun but is one of the most important aspects of website functionality. I hope the effort provides clear previews, search, and response to your needs from this website.

Legal Business Terms & Agreements

All new terms, conditions, policies, and client agreements have been uploaded to reflect the business Loving Life With Light with love and respect to your privacy, as well as the ease of use of production of services.

I have made it easy to access all of these by providing links in the footer of every page, as well as automated attachments to client services for ease of access.

Account Bonus Features & Content Downloads!

Referral Relationships has always been an important topic for me when it comes to small local businesses and online marketing. For this reason, it was important to me that I was able to find ways to thank my clients and subscribers.

  • Subscribers Content Area – Provides all confirmed email subscribers a master password that can be used to instantly access certain restricted pages, libraries and coupon codes usable for Free for Subscriber Content and special offers.
  • You can create an account here for making purchases. When you do, you will have access to a Referral Link. When you use this link to refer your friends, you earn 1 credit. When you have enough credits (20) you receive a $20 Off Any Product! (You can stack this coupon!)
  • You can create an account here for making purchases. When you make orders/purchases on the store, you earn credits. When you earn enough credits, you receive a coupon automatically for $20!


I am absolutely ready to step out into the world and begin providing Reiki, and all the rest mentioned here. I feel absolutely blessed to be where I am. How I’ve gotten here is nothing short of amazing.

For those of you who have watched me struggle with my dream about being my own business owner, helping others, and anxiety. I thank you for loving me and believing in me. The day has come for me, it is NOW.

Ready or not world, here I come! 🌎

Associations of Universal Astrology & Alchemy

In this post, I am going to describe the elements in a way that anyone can understand them universally. By applying both the classic elements, scientific elements, and how they apply to us physically, mentally and spiritually all at once. Much of this post is based upon my own understanding of Hermetics and mystical Alchemy with a bit of a modern and quantum level of understanding. Applied to each of our own mental health and emotional hearts, I hope to encourage you to consider your own body, mind, and soul in these ways. I will expand on this post over time and reference it frequently as a baseline, feel free to Bookmark and Share as a reference!

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Connecting All Life of Humans, Creatures and Earth As One Field

Connecting All Life of Humans, Creatures and Earth As One Field

I have known a number of people who are extremely afraid of the stories of doom, negative news, and scientific findings about us humans, our planet, and spiritual prophecy and legends. I want to expand on a few of these with a Light of Optimism for those who are ready to see life as it is. Eyes open, with no fear.

Let’s remember this is a blog about loving your life, regardless of what is going on in the world wide web of a galactic, multi-dimensional reality.

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Connecting to the Cosmic Web: Through the Sun, Science, and Space

Connecting to the Cosmic Web: Through the Sun, Science, and Space

Chiron has a seriously interesting orbit that has sprung a new concept of its effect on us in Astrology. Pulling from both an Astronomy, Cosmology and Alchemic point of view.  The goal today? To integrate you into a full understanding of how we are connected to the Cosmic Web of Life at Large. Introducing a new blog category for Life of the Universe, as a Universal Language of Love and Light approaches you now.

Astronomy Astrologers named this newly discovered planet of 1977 as Chiron. The centaur, wounded healer as the story goes – could heal others but not himself.

While reading about the astrology of Orion constellation, I noticed that this alignment to the Great Pyramids of Egypt make sense in this regard. As it’s technology is thought to distribute harmonious effects of healing, yet the age of silver, iron, the Dark Ages still took place and had its effect on the land and our lives.


A lot has changed in 36,000 years (yes that’s about x20 older than most think the pyramids are). I believe this because it doesn’t make sense that the Sphinx who is obviously aligned to Sirius in the Age of Leo, that we can believe that the Sphinx and Pyramids were constructed in the devastation of weather in that age. That means we have to travel back to the last time of the Age of Leo, which was 36000 AD, in the Golden Age.

What’s great about this large scale of time reverence using astrology and geology, we can see farther than our illusion of human evolution. Yet we can still see the return of the human cycle as we are entering into the Golden Age again, on the Rise…

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