Be Mindful of Your Moments In Time

I have become so much more of a mindful person in the last few months! What started with Folding Clothes to Perfection, lessons in mindfulness has ended up being an amazing gift of appreciation for every moment in time. Expanding my awareness and living inside each moment.

I’ll be honest, I get called out for being a bit of a “space cadet”, constantly checking in and out of reality. Thinking and listening to everything all at once. Off, in my own little world.

Especially when life is moving and things are happening all around you, whether at work or school or home or out. You use your mind openly, to scan and observe and react to it all happening at the moment. And by being in a more mindful state of being, it really allows you to catch all the little amazing messages in every moment. I’m really starting to be aware of what matters to me, and what it even means to be alive.

Alternatively, I am multi-tasking much less. By being a more focused person when I am performing a task, I have found that I have gotten closer and closer to perfection. Additionally, these tasks take me less time to do them. Allowing me more time to do the things I ‘want’ to do instead.

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What about when I don’t know what it is that I want to do, or what action to take?

This is always a great time for non-action, to be with the Tao. To reflect, observe, think, or just listen to the world and what’s happening around you. Observe what is still, and what is moving. What is breathing?

Much of the time, I find the silence (when noticed), is the loudest, most amazing messenger. When everything about the world, goes still… You realize there’s no energy, no stimulus, no invading chaos. It’s these moments you can find stillness of inner peace. These moments, are a golden treasure in the world of chaos. The sound of Order, of the chaos coming together: is silent peace and acceptance.
And I really, really love this feeling of joy within that whispers, “Your on the right path, exactly where you’re supposed to be.”

What is so great about opening and expanding your awareness by being so mindful in your moment to moment life, is that you get to know your reality better. And then, you can interact with yourself and your environment more openly and honestly.

When you are reminded of something you see, stare at, or catches your attention. You can play with that memory, and think about it more seriously if you want to. I find that I greatly entertain myself with my thoughts, and then I notice something that circles back to what I was thinking about earlier. In a lighthearted way, I can’t help but laugh at myself! And this laughter (at myself), is truly a great gift of being alive!

I find people so very interesting to watch and I really do enjoy talking to all kinds of different people. (People are so, so weird and vastly different and I love it!) I can’t help but notice the things they say versus do or think out loud, versus say out loud (yes, there is a difference)… I can’t help but read their body language, notice their appearance, and how they dress to present themselves.
I find all this very interesting to be honest. How some people totally match up SO well and are very clear about who they are and what they think. While others are so obscure, completely chaotic in nature, and do not follow strict guides or limit themselves in any way. I find this varying degree of expression, appearance, and presentation within people most comical and most reassuring.
I notice how some people are like me in some ways, but opposites in other ways. There’s such beauty in the similarities and differences between you, us, and them.

Looking At the Shadow Through A Mirror

What this all leads me to, is my own thoughts and understanding about the people I love and who I am. I notice what I like and don’t like about myself, and how I want to see them mature, develop, grow.

Much of the time people are so different, but there are some obvious patterns and emotional systems that I recognize because of my observations of similar people. With my own memories and examples, sometimes I can help someone think about something a little differently. I’m pretty optimistic, and I hope to shed some light on whatever darkness is lurking around. I know a lot of the time, it seems like I might be calling someone out or stating the obvious. But truly, it’s all perspective because of this: What I see as light and you see as dark, are probably very different degrees and perception of the same light source and energy.

By being mindful of your thoughts, the people around you and the environment your in. You notice nudges of insight that provide you clarity of mind. At least for me, when I listen openly I can gain little bits of inner knowing about myself or someone near me. Small but profound light bulb, “Oh, I know what this means!” moments.

It’s these small messages that will provide you the motivation and inspiration to join the moment. When you become proactive in a moment and take action, whether that be to move, talk, laugh, or shout. It’s these small intuitive urges of insight that prompts you to act in the first place.

So here’s the magic in mindful moments.

When you realize that you can take action or you can listen. You become more aware of what you SHOULD do, instead of acting on the unknown. It’s so much more successful and feels so much better when you Know your Actions will make a difference and be effective at that moment.
The alternative? Sometimes you are the chaos, the trigger, the motion that is putting inspiration and motivations into others.

There’s such an intricate dance of energy to every moment, all the different living beings and organisms at once. This fluctuation and movement of energy, changes and develops within that moment and extends out into other future outcomes.

What any one person decides to do or say, greatly effects the outcome of these energies as it’s created. Most of the time, we are very much unaware of these changes and don’t put much thought into what happens next, or down the line. Most of us extend our awareness to the current moment to live in it and dive into the emotions of the experience as it happens.

This emotional, backseat approach is very much what triggers memories and thoughts within us. And this will directly affect the outcome or manifestation of the moment as it happens. This is why so many of us are trying to understand the Law of Attraction. Because, if your thoughts (and emotions) in every moment are in fact what is creating the world as a whole (all of us beings working together)… Then we really have to think about the impact we are making!

What I struggled with for a long time about the Law of Attraction though, was the realization that I don’t actually have much control over the outcome. Simply because I am only one person, and I can’t control the will of other living things around me.

I can consciously shift my energy, knowing others around me will feel and react to it. I can also say something that will cause a reaction or realization of whoever is listening. I can even do things that will alter the moment dramatically.

Do you see how you can’t do all of these for everyone? You only have your self and your own will! This can be troublesome until you start to work with all the energy in a moment, and understand (and trust) that the outcome will be created depending upon the dance of will between all beings of matter involved.

This to me has become really beautiful to mindfully watch unfold. A lot of the time, it’s quite entertaining, revealing, or enlightening to watch! There’s always a lesson to be learned for anyone that was involved in creating a moment of the past.

If you were there when something happened, and you hear about it later from someone else. You are probably, immediately drawn back into that moment, remembering what happened and what you can add to the outcome. It’s very instinctual to want to learn from the outcome and to know why things happened the way that they did in the end. You want to know what everyone involved learned too, “Did they learn their lesson?”
How many times have you heard that this month?

This is why you must be mindful of your choice in friends.

Who you surround yourself with is who is going to make the difference to your outcome. Meaning these are the people, the minds, the actions that will teach you lessons.
What kind of lessons are you trying to learn by hanging out with certain groups of people? What is it that you crave right now? What are you trying to create in your future? Will the people you spend time with help you to get where you want to go? And further, are you the type of person that can help them in their life?

If you’re hesitating inside right now, then yes. You have some thinking to do because you matter, what you learn matters. And your life matters because of how you could be influencing the will of others. Thus, the direction of the world to be a better environment for everyone that enters a moment of time with you.

What kind of energy are you imprinting into the world? Does your bedroom or study have a good or bad vibe? What can you do to leave the room, better than when you entered it?

We can’t always be so mindful of every moment in time.

The conclusion here today is to trust that your life is going to provide you with every lesson you need to learn whether you like it or realize it or not. Dive into each moment openly, willingly, and honestly. Things will begin to clear up in your thoughts. You will be able to make better decisions, know yourself better, and influence people with better motivation for change. The kind of change that will leave a good, lasting impression.

Energy from this lesson will then rise up in their memory of you, lasting a lifetime. Making a forever change in the timeline as it unfolds for everyone, all at once. Realize that there is a powerful force that pushes us further along in time, dragging our energy through massive changes. Watch for those peaceful moments of silence because, these are fruits and flavors of life unfolding and thanking you for being who you are, where you are, and just how far you’ve come in time.

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