Universal Astrology Today 1/12/2021

These Universal Astrology reports are meant to reveal current events and astrological movements


Classic Planetary Ruler of the Day: Mars rules Tuesdays
Planetary Chart Ruler of the DaySaturn
Spheres of Power: Mars

Moon Phase: NEW MOON

Illumination: 0-1%

Sidereal Zodiac: Sagittarius

Nakshatras (jyotish): 

  • Ashwini – Mars, Uranus
  • Bharani – Lilith
  • Rohini – Rahu/North Node
  • Mula – Venus
  • Purvashadha – Moon
  • Uttarshadha – Sun, Saturn, Pluto
  • Shravana – Mercury, Jupiter
  • Dhanishta – Earth
  • Pura Bhadra – Neptune
  • Uttra Bhadra – Chiron

Important Aspects, Patterns, Movements and Geometric Shapes (or StarTypes):

  • Mercury passes over Saturn, and then Jupiter and is now on it’s way out of the conjunction
  • Moon, Earth, Sun, Pluto at the Sagittarius/Capricorn Gateway
  • Mars approaches conjunction with Uranus and Lilith, in Aries


Corona Holes: Southern Hemisphere of the Sun, (covered in video at bottom of post)

Solar Wind activity recently: Yesterday, 1/11/21, streams rose in the early morning and we reach a KP index of 4.
Today we are back down to just above 0

Other solar activity noted today: A CME took off yesterday 1/11/2021 in the afternoon from hour 12-14 UTC time, which is the smaller eruption seen on ENLIL (bottom left of the Universal Astrology Stream). The larger ones occurred on the 8th.

Direct/close hits to Planets or Earth: NA
Direct/close hits to other planets: NA

Helio Aspects and Conjunctions today: 

  • Sun, earth, Moon conjunction in the Helio-centric chart today, in Gemini
  • While Mercury conjuncts Neptune, and Geo-Neptune also, in Aquarius
  • Venus, Sun, Earth conjunction – where the Sun is between these two planets – cutting off our connection to Venus


Astrology Elemental Balance Today: 

16 Air, 16 Earth, -8 Water, 61 Fire, 46 Masculine, 24 Feminine

Earth’s Activity

Earthquakes about 5.4 today: 

  • 4.7 and 5.2 in Greece near surface at 1/12 between hours 14-15 UTC
  • 5.9 – 152 km Earthquake east of Nabire, Indonesia 1/12 at 10:17:32 UTC

Weather Storms today: High pressure high in the atmosphere encouraging snow fall in northern hemisphere

Lightning Activity today: South America is lit up with lightning, and the islands above Austrilia

Schumann Resonance today: 


Ray 1Will & Power, the will to Initiate2.1%
Ray 2Love & Wisdom, the will to Unify21.2%
Ray 3Active Creative Intelligence, the will to Evolve22.7%
Ray 4Harmony Through Conflict, the will to Harmonize5.2%
Ray 5Science & Healing, the will to Act10.2%
Ray 6Idealism & Devotion, the will to Cause15.9%
Ray 7Order & Law, the will to Express22.8%

The area above Australia is the Philippine Plate, ruled most likely by movements of Venus.

Greece, has been feeling earthquakes increase which is the location of Earth’s Brow Chakra.

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