Associations of Universal Astrology & Alchemy

In this post, I am going to describe the elements in a way that anyone can understand them universally. By applying both the classic elements, scientific elements, and how they apply to us physically, mentally, and spiritually all at once. Much of this post is based upon my own understanding of Hermetics and mystical Alchemy with a bit of a modern and quantum level of understanding. Applied to each of our own mental health and emotional hearts, I hope to encourage you to consider your own body, mind, and soul in these ways. I will expand on this post over time and reference it frequently as a baseline, feel free to Bookmark and Share as a reference!

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Universal Alchemy & Astrology Tables

Crown ChakraSun, /Uranus

Leo, Aquarius
GoldLightDivine Spiritual Connection, Devotion, and Life Force
Third Eye ChakraMoon, /Neptune

Cancer, Pisces
SilverSpaceThinking and thoughtfulness, mentality, vision, inspiration, the intuition of the inner eye, the process of life through the consciousness of the soul
Throat ChakraMercury

Gemini, Virgo
MercuryAirExpression, communication, creative service, and duty, from in to out, the cause becomes an effect, interactions, and experience, to some, it is a bridge of knowledge or wisdom
Heart ChakraVenus

Taurus, Libra
CopperFireLove, Protection, feelings, connection, empathy, compassion, service, devotion, faith, the seat or seed of the Soul
Solar Plexus ChakraMars

Aries, Scorpio
IronYang/YinWill, attraction, actions, assertion, movement, use of free will, ego and shadow
Sacral ChakraJupiter

Saggitarius, Pisces
TinWaterCreativity, inspiration, duality, and birth of free will
Root ChakraSaturn

Capricorn, Aquarius
LeadEarthPrimal, Roots, singularity, structure, responsibility, desire, life force
SunKether / Crown
+ Tiphareth / Beauty
Divine Heavenly Father, Child of God, Holy SpiritReturn to Source Creation, Love & LightOsiris, Ra
MoonYesod / FoundationDivine Heavenly Mother, Children of EarthBirth of Mew LifeNeftis, Lilith, Hathor
EarthMalkuth | KingdomLiving Human BeingsSurvival, SurrenderHorus
MercuryHod | SplendorHeaven & Hell on EarthExperience, Mind, ThinkMetatron, Thoth, Set
VenusNetzach | VictoryUnconditional Love for All CreationLove, Touch, FeelIsis
MarsGeburah | StrengthWarriorFree WillNut
JupiterChesed | MercyGrandfather, Hierophant, Ancient ElderGrowth, Development, MatureGeb
SaturnBinah | UnderstandingKing & Queen, Ruler, LordResponsible, RestrictTefnut
UranusDaath | KnowledgeTruthTranscendence
NeptuneChokmah | WisdomSubconscious, Vision, DreamsJourney, Lesson, UnfoldmentShu
PlutoKether | The CrownPowerPure ConsciousnessAtem, Ra

Galactic Energies of the Universe

SignStatsPrimary Stars & GalaxiesGuides & AssociationsAreas of ActivityPurposeProne to
Ruled by Mars
Influenced by Pallas
*Andromeda GalaxyArchangel Camael & Angel Samael, Horus & Set, Jesus & Satan, I AMHeadBeginning, Fresh, Original, NewFalsehood, arrogance, ignorance, victimizer
Ruled by Venus
*Pleiades Star ClusterArchangel Anael & UrielNeckForm, Materialize, GainLying, greed
Ruled by Mercury
Influenced by Phoebus
*Orion stars including Rigel, Bellatrix, Mintaka, and Betelgeuse as well as Aldebaran and Hyades constellation & of course, Castor & Pullox the TwinsArchangel Metatron, Thoth, Osiris/IsisArmsTransform, CommunicateIniquity, Unfairness
Ruled by the Moon
*Sirius & ProcyonArchangel Gabriel, Isis/OsirisBreastMovement, Motion, FeelRevenge, overwhelm
by the Sun
*Regulus, the Lions HeartUnconditional Love of All, Truth, I AM, Archangel MichaelHeartLove, Sense, DevoteJuggle, indecision, wickness
Ruled by Mercury
Influenced by Ceres
Zosma & Coxa, the OraclesArchangel Chamuel, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, HathorBellyAnalyze, nurture, produceHarsh, disregard, martyr
Ruled by Venus
Influenced by Vulcan
Algorab, Spica as well as Seginus, Arcturus and other Bootes constellation starsArchangel Anael. RaKidneysBalance, Combine, JusticeAnger, flury, rash
Ruled by Pluto
*Antares, Heart of the Scorpion, *Alphecca the Northern Crown of Corona BorealisArchangel Camael, the Fallen, Angel Samael – again, Horus/Set, JesusGenitalsIntimacy, Pleasure, interaction, deepen, transmute, Rebirth or ReserectLimbo, Sifters, lazy, lack, pain
Ruled by Jupiter
Influence by Diana & Juno
Galactic Center Sun! As well as Sabik, Rasalhague, and other Ophiuchus constellation starsCollective Galactic Consciousness, I AM, Archangel SachielHamsGoals, Explore, Experience, FunTemper, Entangle, Traps, Failure
Ruled by Saturn
Influenced by Vesta
*Vega & other Lyra stars, Nunki, Facies, PolisArchangel AnaelKneesAchieve, Empower, ConfidenceStubborn, Darkness, misuse, abuse, sorcery or control
Ruled by Uranus
Influenced by Diana & Juno
Sadalsudd, Sadalmelik, Seat, Skat, HydorArchangel Gabriel, DaoLegsCombine, Community, Flow, UniteRefuse, halt, ignore, faithless, denial
Ruled by Neptune
Simmah, Kahy, Al Pherg, AlrishaArchangel Sachiel, ShivaFeetRenew, Refresh, Aspire, CompleteInferior, Incapable, Victimization

Fire Element

The Fire Element is that which burns within, the spirit and spark of life. It is action, passion, heat. The fatherly masculine that serves to protect in warm or harm into a transformation.

Fire Element Signs

Aries (of Mars), Leo (of the Sun), and Sagittarius (of Jupiter) | We combine our creative Sacral Chakra energy (from Jupiter), mix it with the will of our Solar Plexus Chakra and bring this into service to the universal source energy, the Crown Chakra. Or rather we receive energy from our Crown Chakra and bring it to the lower chakras when we are in alignment.

Earth Element

The Earth Element is depicted as the ground and the magnetism of our physical reality. Including our physical living environment outside of ourselves. As well as our physical bodies.

If we truly consider the state of our physical health it is obvious that the health of our living environment directly affects the health of our body. If we live in a dirty home, we can expect our bodies to also be dirty. As we live within the body, we can also imagine how hard our immune system must work to fight the dirt we carry within itself. Your body is intelligent and works with your mind-heart consciousness. Those who are living in a simple and clean living space both indoor or outdoor, are expected to be much cleaner on the inside as well. Without yet considering our mental or emotional elements, as they would not be affected directly by the dirt of the environment without the perspective of consciousness to our physical suit. It isn’t until we consider consciously the state of our environment as dirty does it affect the state of mind or emotions negatively or positively. Yet it is our emotions that filter our systems and should be considered just as much as the physical body in terms of energetic life.

Earth Element Signs

Taurus (of Venus), Virgo (of Mercury), and Capricorn (of Saturn) | This would indicate that the Primal Root Chakra force would come into the Heart Chakra energy of Venus and combines to twists up and through the Throat Chakra to be expressed.

Air Element

The Air Element is everywhere that surrounds us but is unseen. We are constantly in contact with air, as well as breathing it in and out as a rhythm of life. With respect to communication which cannot really be seen, only heard or sensed emotionally as a vibration. The unseen is yet felt and heard, breathed and excused. And yet, allowing us a sense of separateness as we can leave the ground in flight, or we can hold our thoughts within, we can sore within our mind’s eye and image any place or thing. 

Air Element Signs

Gemini (of Mercury), Libra (of Venus), and Aquarius (of Uranus) | From the primal Root Chakra’s life force/chi, we listen with our Heart Chakra and then express through the Throat Chakra. Transforming lead to copper, then copper to mercury. 

Water Element

The Water Element is the fluidity of being in the flow of life and considerations of the emotional. This is a magical element that can be liquid or solid of course and provides the capacity for both negative and positive. To be either cold or hot. Granted there remains a balance, or it changes form and evaporates completely! This is very much how our emotions work as well, as they are mostly peptides that swim to trigger chemical reactions, hormones, and energetic rhythms to hydrate the experience with excitement and feeling. To inspire reaction and deepen moments into meaning. To bring emotions to a boiling point, or feeling into the cold hard truths of life itself. The goal is always to just keep swimming in the movement of the River of Life, or the Dao.

Water Element Signs

Cancer (of Moon), Scorpio (of Pluto), and Pisces (of Neptune) | We combine our creative Sacral Chakra energy (from Jupiter), mix it with the will of our Solar Plexus Chakra and bring this into vision in the 3rd Eye Chakra. From tin to iron, to silver. 

aEther, Space, Void

The additional fifth element is obviously the most mysterious and thus debated. Essentially it is the common fabric of what is “in-between” every other element, and what can bind them together. Usually in an effort to create silver or golden results. 

Five Elements Seasons Wheel
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Energy Systems & How They Follow Seasonal Rhythms

Summer Season

The Yang Meridians of Summer, are of the Element Fire and includes the Small Intestine Meridian and the Triple Warmer Meridian. The Yin Meridians of Summer are the Heart Meridian and the Circulatory-Sex Meridian.

The energy of Summer is all about Fulfillment.

Characteristics of summer are: spread, share, impressions, fruition, joy, youthful, play, fun, delight, empathy, passion, radiant, charisma, ignite, compassion, clarity, addiction, leadership, hysteria, panic, adolescence or childish, enthusiastic, infatuation, involved

Solstice | Equinox Season

The Yang energy of the Solstice is the Stomach Meridian. The Yin energy of the Solstice is the Spleen Meridian. Both of these meridians are central to the Solar Plexus Chakra energy.

The energy of the Equinox is about Transition.

Characteristics of the summer solstice are: centered, striving, steady, fair, compulsion, comfort, relaxed, compassion, acceptance

Autumn Season

The Yang energy of Autumn is the Large Intestine Meridian. The Yin energy of Autumn is the Lungs. The rhythm of Autumn is ruled by the Metal Elements. The Large Intestines are located in the Sacral Chakra, and the Lungs are within the Heart Chakra’s center.

The energy of Autumn is about Completion.

Characteristics of autumn are: serene, worth, value, completion, endings, inspiration, vulnerable, naked, cycles, compelled or obsessed, thoughtful, lessons, grief, left behind, abandonment, discernment, meaningful, goals, insight, clarity, uncovering secrets, crisp, senses

Winter Season

The Yang energy of Winter is the Bladder Meridian. The Yin energy of Winter is the Kidney Meridian. The rhythm of Winter is ruled by Water. Both of these organs are related to the Root Chakra’s energy system that flows up the spine into the higher chakras through the Central and Governing Meridians.

The energy of Winter is about Possibility.

Characteristics of winter are: potential, flow, narcissism, detachment, solitude, cold, fear, shadow, slow, heavy

Spring Season

The Yang energy of Spring is the Gallbladder Meridian. The Yin energy of Spring is the Liver Meridian. The rhythm of Spring is ruled by the Wood Elements. Both of these organs are within the Solar Plexus Chakra energy center.

The energy of Spring is about Growth.

Characteristics of spring are: new seeds, exuberance, assertive, fixed, pushing, justice, truth, quick, confident, assertive, march, decisive, grounded

My Natal Soul Astrology Summary – Myself As An Example

Let me tell you a little bit about myself in Universal terms and associations so that you can see how it can be interpreted to better understand this application of use.

I am a Capricorn/Aquarius embodiment of a Uranian old soul, with my North Node pointing towards my second house of ownership and self-care in Capricorn with the support of almost all of the outer planets. My past life via the south node in the 8th with Mars in Taurus indicates my sense of self. With Chiron in Gemini in the 8th, aligned with several Orion stars confirms an accomplishment in the realms of Osiris, in the balance of the light and the dark. Able to achieve an early sense of unconditional love for others and eventually, myself.

Backing this lifelong quest is Jupiter in Cancer in the 9th house of spirituality, aligned to Sirius. This flood of emotional connection to spiritual matters has been a lifelong endeavor of suffering and loss. I was witness to my own dark end, and return to the Light of Love and Acceptance.

A bit of a Dragon, I have a tendency to be overly confident, go too deep, get too attached, hold on too long, and – Never. Give. Up. Thus, I had a darker awakening than I wish for anyone else. I had more than a few demons and elementals to banish over the years.

Earlier this year (2019) as my Jupiter Return began it’s Retrograde, The Moon Void also transited it’s position in my chart in May and my true awakening and healing began – which you can witness here and on my channel very openly. The change was dramatic, and this is the power of Transits and Returns in action. This is why I do daily posts for Astrology as Alchemy. (Now 2020 Updated: I now do Universal Astrology episodes daily on Youtube).

My Venus is also in Capricorn, but in the 3rd house of Communication – and I don’t need to tell you how socially outgoing and confrontational I can be if your reading this blog or watching my channel.

With nothing in the 7th house of relationships or the 4th house of family, I pretty much treat everyone I meet as equals, like family and every place as my home. In tropical charts, my Mars can be found in the 7th house of Gemini aligned to the Plaedies, which might indicate a little bit of karma from past relationships – but – this is why I stick with sidereal…

Speaking of epic, barely still in the 12th house and about to cross into the 1st is Pluto in Libra. Indicating a strong need and power to align and be the catalyst for change and transformation. To be put to the test, initiated, and challenged before the cycle ends. Backed by the high-quality alignment to the intelligence of Arcturus of Bootes constellation.

Blessed as I am to have several alignments to the planets and NTOs, from constellations Orion, Andromeda, Pleiades, Draco, Lyra, Cassiopeia, and Bootes. Each of these energies, stories, epics, and lore holds true to my life in various ways that only I can understand. By reading into each of my placements I have been able to better relate, understand, and connect with myself in ways I didn’t know was possible. The beauty of these stories is that they are timeless. Life has a way of giving importance by the use of intelligent creative expression through sound, writing, gesture, and art.

40% Earth | 10% Air/Wood | 10% Water | 40% Fire
Yang 80% | Yin 20%
Cardinal 60% | Fixed 10% | Mutable 30%

With the help of a Chinese Astrology, I can tell you that I am aligned primarily with air. That I have a “lighter load” and thus, more resources available to me here. But I have extreme difficulty and “heavyweight” in the Earth element. So I am balanced towards my family, self, abundance, and social life. But I struggle with the pressure to work, earn, and provide.

I am of the yang White Metal Horse/Lion (by year), born as a yin Black Water Snake (day).

To translate all this into Galactic terms, I am of Lyra & Orion origin, supported by Pleiades. My true personal challenge will be to balance my Earth and Fire with purpose and passion. My strength is in my ability to express and communicate with others emotionally, and spiritually. I am prone to my feminine yin being out of balance. I struggle with staying grounded due to my weaker magnetic field. With a multidimensional personality and inner world vision, at times I am scattered, unprepared and disconnected. I heavily rely on my Solar, Heart and Throat Chakras to work overtime to keep my Root and Crown Chakras open. It is truly within the Sacral Chakra that I find myself the most inspired and motivated, or the most stuck and stubborn. Triggered mostly by an under/over active Third Eye and Brow Chakras. I have found that if I remain creative, I keep writing, and learning new things. My entire energetic life is better balanced overall.

It is learning these things about yourself, that make a real difference in everyday life and all efforts to Heal thyself.

I hope that you learned something interesting about me, but also yourself. May this serve to inspire you to look into your own chart. I’d be happy to interpret it for you. Because additionally, these stars and rhythms also give me a lit of insight into my health, emotional lessons, and more.

Please bookmark, share, and refer to this whenever you need to. Thanks!

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