Use Apatite for Positive Manifestations

Inner Strength & Motivation Gemstone Mini Set from Sivana SpiritBring out the power within you with this Inner Strength and Motivation Gemstone Mini Set. The Tiger Eye will unite your will and desire while Blue Lace Agate will help you eliminate negative thoughts and energy. Pair these with Blue Apatite to provide you with inspiration and motivation as you move forward in your journey of life.

Apatite is one of the minerals that every dreamer should have in their back pocket. This is a mineral known to help with positive manifestation and creativity. For those of us that are artistic, creative, or inspirational we can become ‘blocked’. This is a huge struggle when it has to do with your career and income. Not only will Apatite boost your creativity, but also helps with speaking up in crowds or condensed workplaces.

Apatite is a widely occurring pale green to purple mineral, consisting of calcium phosphate with some fluorine, chlorine, and other elements.

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Patchouli Essential Oil from Utama Spice for $14.99
 A rich, earthy aroma, carries herbal notes enveloped in a subtle balsamic scent. Patchouli is renowned for is emotional grounding and balancing effects. Patchouli promotes smooth and glowing complexion and is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial that soothes cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sores, and insect bites. Use as an air freshener in a diffuser for a unique fragrant aroma.

When you feel like your “shut down”, turned off, or sluggish then we can use the essential oil Inspiration (from Young Living oils) and Patchouli (available for $14 here). To transform yourself back into a creative space, it’s about allowing yourself to be fully in the moment (not distracted and stressed) and feeling fully alive (without negative associations surrounding the creation).

This isn’t easy because much of the time we become so blocked because of the amount of stress surrounding our lives, job, or the actually creative hobby. To truly deal with your creative block and get back into that inspirational space – You can start by cleaning up that space and make room for new ideas, change, and organization when you’re ready to come back to it. Without this stress hanging over you when you do feel inspired, you can just get right back to it without delay.

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