Allowing the Human Story to Unfold

I have to open this post in full honesty of my support and inspiration of Dr. Gregg Braden. A lot of the information that has been trickled down to us through “The Secret” and other viral documentaries. We’re seeing a lot more information come out right now, loads and loads. So much of it is true, and so much of it has been translated into something all new.

The Main Points That Will Shock You Until You Know For Yourself

  • Our DNA has revealed that we did NOT evolve here. We were placed here about 200,000 years ago
  • The Heart and other organs save memories, not just your brain. There are many mini-brains throughout the body, especially the Heart.
  • Our DNA holds the capacity for much greater expansion and expression of ourselves than we are currently doing
  • Our DNA has actually degraded since we have been here because of its misuse or misexpression by our will to do so.
  • Your heart makes decisions, as well as other parts of your being, not just your Brain
  • ETs have always been “real”, they are not new – both physical and non-physical
  • We live in a Plasma Universe

From a very scientific approach, these are very much real, hard evidence that evolution is not our story. Further learning from Gregg will always lead into the Divine Code that has really decoded a lot of mystery of life. Yet, it’s not sticking because it all goes against our idea of what we have been taught before now.

So the first part of this journey, must be to let go.

To let lose any ideas or previous conditioning from this life that teaches Evolution as Origin and Nature as God. Because that is not the truth that we have discovered within our lifetime.

We are so much more than what we were told!

When I was in school (I’m only 29) I was taught that we haven’t been here super long and that civilizations have come and gone since then. Surviving both natural and man-made wars and catalyzm.

But what we didn’t know at that time was that we humans were made and placed upon the Planet. And that Evolution explained the diversity that we see here. We didn’t know then that we were only running a marathon of expansion, and that the race to understand would never end. That what we thought we knew, was only the tip of the iceberg.

There was several other societies, and peoples, that lived before our current human existance and much longer than 2000 years BC. Which, is when they say the Sphinx was built but in close consideration we are more likely looking at a 35,000 year older creation here. What does that mean for our history books? They are the children’s section of the study of Origin and Creation of Life!

Instead of fearing what this means for our ideas of religion, government, and science we have to first understand what that means for you personally.

What is New is Not Old… Right?

For a long time science has been looking for answers in the same places, so frusterated that we can not seem to prove the links that we have assumed have to be there because that’s what our current theory states as truth.

But when new truth surfaces, that don’t fit that picture it’s really hard to give up that search and go a new direction. We do this a lot, we get really excited and involved in a new job or project. Only to really get started and realize that you really don’t want to work with those people, or in that place. You feel defeated because you thought it would work out, and you invested a lot of time only for it to not work out. How long do you keep trying before you give up and go another direction? Each of us will react differently.

When science, at this point, has searched for the links to prove that our ancestors are apes, we have failed. When we have looked for Dark Matter, we still are, failing and are not finding it.

We have discovered that our genetics were spliced, perfected, and placed here on this planet.

When we discover that we are in a Plasma Universe, this is swept up and under the rug right now. Heavily, by the search for ‘dark matter’ and ‘black holes’ with ‘all strings attached’.

When we know that aliens are real, have been, will be. As was released this month, finally. But it simply does not change anything. It is not new information, it is a confirmation of old information that was already known.

When you present an old idea, and confirm it. It’s not new.

And that is what’s slowly happening as the collective catches up with all the ideas, discoveries, stories, and truths that have ALWAYS been there. We just were not looking for them.

Some of us were down right misplacing them because they didn’t fit into what we were told. “This sounds crazy”, is something I’m getting used to because I know that even though I read the books in the early 2000s, they are JUST NOW becoming useful information in society. We are ready for that truth, we have matured into allowing that story to be told without dismissing it.

Here we are in epic proportions to receive what is coming to us now. Will it be old? Or new?

This is what is up for debate because of the disinformation stage. It’s the keyword right now, the hot button, the trigger finger. Thanks Trump.

Right before we really truly enter the ‘new’ age of aquarius. Aquairus RULES information, it IS information, it IS living thought in action within the collective. IT IS the collective. Guess what folks, we’re reading ourselves for more truth than we can currently even handle. So buckle up and get ready.

The only way we’re going to find out is for ourselves.

There is no reason to wait for someone to tell you old information. It’s time you get good and informed about what is already there before we can expect to recognize the NEW truth when it smacks us upside the head here soon.

Plasma Cosmology Made Easy by Suspicious Observers

How Connected Are You?

We have to now break out from the box and realize that this Universe then, has a field just like our Planet and our own Bodies. That I think, is what the Universal Field or Source, is really.

Anything within a field, is affected by the field. So when we begin to see past this then we can see past that. For most though, this is really quiet hard to grasp but it’s important that you begin to understand how you.

How you can, how you do, how you will, and how you – anything. To know how you must first know it can be done, believe that you can learn, and the will to try. So I ask you now to try to embrace this because it’s true whether you realize it and understand it or not. It’s just hat, you can’t learn how until you realize it’s possible because you’ve considered it as a potential for yourself.

You are connected to everything, livign and dead. Every breath is an example of this connection to the flow of life. You must take in, to give out and this is how cells, organs, brains, and life cycles through it’s motion of living energy in transformation. It is that which is living consciousness, that creates the world around it and fill sit with percieved ideas and manifests around it, what it needs to survive.

You are not “put” in life, you create yourself the life in which you live. The bigger peices like planets and stars are also, connected to you in the most infinite ways. As the ultimate life force exists, life will persist. In many forms, it will be created all around itself as it manifests reality continuously.

You cannot blame your false opinions upon the past, upon the people, or the events, that ‘made you who you are’ because you made those events. You called into your manifestation of life, that which you have lived and experienced. Your idea of life itself, created the potentials for you to “go” into life. Instilling still that movement and progression that it takes to live, always in motion. That mometion creates energy, it recieves energy, it produces energy. What you do to increase that is to add momentum.

So the reason for the intensity in life, be that positive or negative, is to create the contrast that is needed to increase the momentum, thus the energy, to propell and accelerate at a faster speed.

So to say if you didn’t experience any ‘bad’ in your life, then would you actually be capable of constantly choosing ‘good’? Possible, but slow. Impossibly slow for the density of human consciousness right now. No way, we want it fast we like it to be this way because we LOVE to know more and to go on advenstures.

So we choose the mediums in which will give us the motivation that we need to create our reality.

The human collective is going through a lot right now, and I mean to initate that is is not “happening to us”. We are all living a universal life, that is beaing self-created and reflected back at us so quickly right now.

Try it out. Think of someone and see how long it takes for them to call you. The more thought you put towards them with feelings such as love, harmony, and passion, the quicker the contact will be.

If you like plants than you should know that they too are deeply affected by humans. If you tell your plant every day that you wish it was dead, but continue to water it. It’s probably going to die regardless. Gardeners who love their plants are much more likely to produce great plants, and seeds for future growth. The science is so cool!

So I just invite you to go look. Go do some research. And get to the sources, don’t just read blog posts. Get to the sources for yourself or you won’t be any better or any closer, to finding the truth for yourself. Don’t push your answers aside when you find them. Don’t be afraid to change projects and progress upon a new path.

And by New, I mean.. New πŸ™‚

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