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Universal Astrology is providing daily Astrology content via live broadcast Twitch TV as of 2020.

Greetings, my name is Caylene and I’m a almost-30-year-old Capricorn with an enthusiasm for Life, the Stars, and the Spheres. I have observed Horoscope Traditional Astrology since I was 15 and have studied several areas extensively in my personal life. It wasn’t until 2017 that I really started to take the, “You should do this for a living” comments from friends that gave me motivation to face what I had always know was written in my natal sidereal charts.

My primary interests in astrology began along with my interests in quantum theory and psychology. I was raised in my teenage years in Pluto/Scoprio influences, which pulled me deeply into the mind and heart of issues. More recently, with the rise in Space Weather and Solar Research in the last few years. My interests in observing the sun and earth exploded into a full spiritual realization I will spend the rest of my life experiencing in full effect with new sight.

I have a calling to reach out to explore science and spiritually, with astrology and astronomy in ways that I ahve yet to see done Live. We are very framiliar with the concepts of the zodiac and horoscope-sun-sign astrology. It’s been blown up and wildly out of proportion sometimes, without really being able to see and only feel – the concepts that Classic Astrology offers.

Studies have been explored by Astrologers for the entire generation of human history and is the foundation of our educational, religions, calendar, and spiritual systems. Astrology is Biblical, Historical, and Structural to the very Phsycial Lives as well as the Solar, Stellar, Cosmic inner spiritual life.

What makes this special, is the Live Show and how Current Activity such as Earthquakes and Weather, or Solar Storms, can be interpreted along side Astrology. With the help of our past generations, whom have done loads to build upon the secret esoteric studies, now being exposed for the betterment of us all as we develop our conscious-consciousness through out life as individuals, within one living collective on this planet at this moment in time.


Since 2018 this site has been writing Astrology related posts and updates while I continued my study and certification for Reiki, Spiritual Life Coaching, and Astrology studies in preparation for Universal Astrology being a Live and Accessible way for other Astrologers and Space Enthusiasts to join in every day in real time.

Further, the support that Patreon provides creators like me, will allow the development of a Universal Astrology Community. With the help of a private Astrology Chatroom on Discord – we can all work together to research and expand modern Astrology to include Astronomy.

Universal Astrology Community Teams

There are three options available for Patreons, to choose an Astrology related team. The choices are:

  • Deep Space Astrology Team – deep concern for astrology/astronomy details and local space relations and fixed star alignments
  • Universal Observers Team – focuses on observing the spheres in space, primarily the Sun and Earth by watching the Elements, Weather, and Activity using Astro-Meteorology and Astro-Cartography
  • Universal Life Force Team – the study and use of Astrology for health, wellness, and collective awareness of the effects of space, planetary, and solar/geo/moon effects in our lives

Click on the name to learn more about each team on Patreon 🙂

These are very related topics, and they each take a serious devotion to really get into. So each team has a bonus stream each lasting from 12-2PM on their associated days.

If none of these options are really what your looking to get involved with but really want to join the Discord and Patreon to support the channel, I offer a way for that to happen thats half the price and also allows you to see the posts on patreon and get involved!

Patreon Options Overview

Solar Star Supporter $3.33 | Join a Team $6.33 | Join Committee (all teams) $20.20

Where to Watch Universal Astrology Live Show & How to Get Involved in the Live Stream on Twitch!

LIVE SHOWS ARE HOSTED ON TWITCH TV – There are thousands of gamers who are using twitch to show their game, screen, or life live in this way. I really love how it has allows creators to share their interests and be supported by fellow creatives. Similar to Patreon in this way, Twitch has provided a way for Viewers to Support Their Favorite Shows, Artists, and Content Creators.

To join the show, make sure to show up at one of the above times.

If you arrive at Twitch.tv/UniversalAstrology while I am not doing a live show, you can create an account and follow! Then you will be notified by Twitch when I go live.

Get Involved In Chat With Me While I’m Live!

When I am live, I can see and respond to you! If I am currently recording an episode or clip, I may address the chat when the episode is over. Allowing a time for live questions and comments!

Current Twitch Goals!

I need to reach 50 followers and certain number of hours to become a Twitch Affiliate which allows me to reward you with way more things to do in chat!

Which means way more ways for us to have fun and for you guys to throw me requests, activity, and interactions in a whole new way!

To support the live Shows, simply Follow the stream on Twitch.


To support all the creations, videos, and clips I provide I would LOVE to have you become a Patreon – which means special access to Discord for Personal Contact with Me and Other Astrologers/Patreons.

Watch Daily Universal Astrology Episodes on the Channel

You can see the Youtube Channel for Universal Astrology Live for re-runs and short clips of streams at bit.ly/UniversalAstrology

Subscribe on Youtube if you live in another time zone or work during live shows. Your always welcome to join patreon/discord and talk about Astrology with the UA Community any time!

Go to the UAL Channel Now!

Important Links to Know:

  • To get to the live show use twitch:
  • (Note: You DONT need to download the app, you can use a mobile browser and it’s free to watch/chat using the above url)
  • You can see episodes and some reruns/shortclisp, to go to the
    Youtube Channel: bit.ly/UniversalAstrology
  • Hashtag #UniversalAstrology for updates and live events

You can always come to the website and find the info in the Menus too 🙂

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