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Welcome to my website, blog, and services center – an all-in-one approach to my work, dream, and vision.

The bulk of this page is a quick reference to the main categories of interest here, as well as my services. At the bottom of the page, there is more information about my mission, as well as how you can best support and follow allow along.

Primary Topics of Interest Found on Loving Life With Lee

Energy Medicine, Universal Life Force, Reiki, Chakras, & Wellness

I have always been fascinated by the micro-world of energy, physics, and quantum science. Yet human life, biology, psychology, and my study into emotions are not far behind.

What I found throughout my life is that Energy is at the Core of both Science and Spirituality. For this reason, I have chosen to study Energy Medicine of both the East and the West.

I offer Remote Reiki Therapy and Forensic Energy Healing.

Universal Astrology – Sidereal Astrology Applied to Biology, Biophysics, Alchemy, Anatomy, Quantum Reality, Energy, and Cosmology

I know this is a lot to consider when we’re talking about looking at the macro world to understand the microworld but after some time and consideration. I think you may understand why I think very much that Astrology has everything to do with our ability to live well, avoid disaster, accept the dawn of a new age. To expand our consciousness to include the connection to the universe, solar system, our sun, our planet, and of course – ourselves.

There is extensive science now that proves the Effects that space, cosmic life, our sun, and our planet all have effects on each other, and US! I aim to include the scientific sources, explanations, credit, and educational videos that will help you to further understand the connectedness of these topics in our every day lives.

You can start with some of these articles. Follow me on Facebook to see the highlights of all of my Sidereal Astrology Posts and Energy Updates. After a time, I hope you can find your own way to connect with the energy that we live in because our environment, and how we react to it, matters very much to the Universe we live in.

I offer several Astrology Interpretation options, the 2D Natal option is a written report while the 3D Natal option is the written and audio interpretation. You can get the entire 5D Universal Astrology Kit for a complete bundled option.

I have also created a Universal Astrology Database, have several articles, and a video channel. Watch for daily astrology charts and space weather updates on Twitter @lovelifewlight

Self Care, Emotions, Relationships, Personal Growth, Transformation, Purpose, Lifestyle and Creativity

When I started this blog, it was about Parenting, Relationships, and My Own Lifestyle Changes in an effort to find joy in my everyday life in 2018 when I had my daughter CJ. It was then, that I began to Wake Up. The year of 2019 was life-changing and dramatic in the ways of learning, self-healing, meditation, and true inner work after a DKOTS experience. This, and my entire life leading upto this, was been amazing!

I AM now a registered Reiki Master, as of 2020. Knowing this, you can understand that much of this blog is my from my personal experience, expression, study, and creativity to help those who had the same, or similar, questions in their life’s journey. You can read my Letter and Disclaimer here.

Because of the focus upon Wellness, Energy Medicine, and Self Care it is to be expected that Spiritual Wellbeing is extremely important. I have been Emotionally Intelligent (high EQ versus IQ) most of my life, and in an effort to understand myself and others with my interests in emotions and biology, are ever-increasing as a natural claircognizant empath.

Spirituality, Metaphysics, Cosmology, Universal Laws, and the Divine

I am a student of inner Wisdom, which leads me onto a path of both Knowledge and Acceptance of my Experience. In this way, I hold no religion, but I am Faithful. To be honest, I had walked away from all-things-spiritual for many years and become a die-hard lover of science and human beings. But I was spiritually depressed, self-repressed and I didn’t even know it, being the optimist that I am. I was effectively lost and unable to help anyone, especially myself.

Having my daughter changed my life as I climbed out of my self made box of denial and inner rage, stepping back into the Unknown. What I found was the Unknown, and after a time I found comfort in that. I have no one name or face that some would call God, as I find the words Source, One, All, Is, and Force much more True to my own Belief, or Experience.

For these reasons, I will commonly pull in the teachings of the Ascended Masters, Holy Virtues, and Angelic guidance because they are the Fabric that Holds life together. I am nothing if not my own experience of myself and so, I surrender to the Higher Nature, Higher Self, and Divine Order, and accept the Lower to be a Neutral Force of both Science and Spirit, of the East and the West, the North and the South.

I aim to hold space, awareness, expansion, and wisdom so that True Healing can take place. For all comes from the higher into the lower, and then returns from the lower to the higher yet again.

I am not a healer or psychic.

I am a Quantum Being of Cosmic Light and Love. Holding inner wisdom, faith, and power of Intention for transmutation so that you can remember how to heal your own self. Trained to hold my intention and focus my energy in ways that can be felt, sensed, absorbed, and used to affect the cause of personal issues, pain, and illness instead of the symptoms.

This is what gives Reiki the true power to affectively witness transformation in the lives of others by the Universal Life Force.

Truth is, You have the same access to the source, energy, and information as I do – it’s just that I’ve dedicated my life to studying these topics so that I can translate them for others such as yourself. I want to teach you what I know about how these topics are all related so that you can create your own Life of Love, Light, Happiness, Abundance, Liberation, and Wellness!

To sum up this blog it is another source of truth over perception, mind over matter, spirit over the soul, – for the betterment and honor of All Life.

As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.

I offer several Alternative Spiritual services that include Palmistry, Law of Attraction Coaching or Consultation, Oracle Card Readings, and Esoteric Spiritual Clearing.

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