5 Apps That Run My Life As A Blog Mom

Today I want to highlight some technology since it’s Tuesday (inspired by #techtuesday). As a busy blog mom, I have a lot going on to say the very least. I’m going to review my top five favorite apps that help me to run my entire life. From house chores to organizing blog posts to getting ALL of my daily tasks DONE on time.


blogtober series episode 2 - 5 apps that help run my life

GETTING TO KNOW ME || I struggle to keep organized and clean. By nature, I not a very detail oriented person. I think big picture. I have found that starting big and working my way in works well for me. Keeping this in mind then, if makes sense that I like to make lists. It forces me to break life into pieces and then put them back to fit into an ultimately larger goal. I regularly make to-do lists and project plans of action to help me navigate through my life. These five apps help me live a better, more productive life every day, every week, every year.



Habitica's Introduction image


Habitica Website || Download from Google Play or iOS Stores for Free || Wiki

App Description ||

This is a role-playing task to do list, habit tracker and reward system. You can connect with friends and make a team, or go solo. Honestly this app is so huge and it’s wiki is intense. I just enjoy the basics.


Function & Features ||

Use “Habits”, “Dailies” and “Tasks” to earn coins, health and ultimately rewards for your cute avatar. Find eggs for animals, mounts, equipment and more along the way. Eventually, you get to choose a class and use some powers to boost your character (so if you miss a day, you don’t lose all your health or eventually all your coins)!


App Uses ||

When I got pregnant I started to go through some major changes in my life. I knew I needed to be a more organized person. There were days when I did the laundry, just to earn some coins for a new sword or shield. No joke. But it kept me motivated! Soon enough I was opening and clicking off everything I got done that day with a smile on.

Now, I have removed much of my chore list and have used it to focus more on good blogging habits! And it’s working! It’s keeping this blog on track every day now that I have a schedule. Not that I don’t do the house chores anymore, they have just moved to “habits” now and I’m not rewarded as good as the “daily” or “task” sections that I have reserved for new blogging habits.


Application to my life ||

It helps motivate me to get things done on an everyday basis. One day at a time right?


Extra Credit || 

You can add friends and build a team. I’d be interested to team up on Habitica to support each other and building good habits. Contact me personally on FB, OK?


Evernotes Introduction Image


Evernote Website || Sign Up

Description ||

This is an open notebook program that allows you to take notes and add categories via “notebooks” in which your notes are kept. It’s basically an online spiral notebook, available on every device. Scratch that EVERY SINGLE spiral notebook and all of your notes EVER.


Function & Features ||


I use many notebooks for every aspect of my life. My blog, finances, receipts, coupons/deals, meal planning, diary entries, inspiration, quotes and more. It’s all in one place and I can access it anywhere.


Uses ||

Some of the most important notebooks that help me as a blogger are:

Draft 1, 2, and 3 Notebooks || I draw up post outlines and my original thoughts for posts into the Draft 1 notebook. Once I have completely finished the idea and have a real post going on, it moves to Draft 2 notebook. This is where I really get into editing my grammar and finish writing the post. When I’m ready I copy & paste it to my WordPress Posts and when I’m totally done with the post and ready to publish, the originally drafted note now moves to Draft 3 which is reserved for finished posts. So I have an ongoing list of posts I’ve done recently.

Current Blog Series Notebook || The exception to the above way of drafting posts is when I’m running some kind of post series in which I have very related content to write in a short amount of time. Like, Blogtober for example. This allows me to go to the series and work on those posts easily and when they are done, they will also join the Draft 3 notebook (only after I’ve published the series). Freeing up this empty notebook for the next series I may write later on.

Clipboard Notebook || I don’t know about you but I hate typing the same phrase over and over and in blogging, that happens a lot. So I have a selection of notes in this notebook that I use a lot. This includes all of my post’s links, original and shortened so that I don’t have to return to my own blog to search for a specific post. I just go to the list and copy and paste the short description if needed, the link, I’m done. Another example is the longtail Youtube Channel description I use for every video to include links to my other social networks. A final example is


Application to my life ||

It’s where I keep every thought, every idea, every rant, and every detail of my many, many plans and projects throughout the course of my entire life. I’d say it’s everything but…


Extra Credit || 

To use Evernote for free click here. There are upgrades available as a Premium service for business services and larger storage (although I have never seen a need to upgrade myself). It’s my favorite, more details about why at the bottom of this post



My life is to Google everything.

I even have a board on Pinterest called Google Everything, just for this very reason. Why do I love Google? Because it’s everything I need and I can have multiple accounts. I have an email address for everything. Each business (photos & blog), super personal, for my devices (hard drives, media, apps). Which means that sometimes, I have multiple choices when it comes to where something gets put (and occasionally I lose it in the mass of Google somewhere, but not too often). Because it allows me to actually be extremely organized with my time management, event planning, and managing apps, interests, and media. By exclusively using Google for all of my personal and business needs, it’s all in one place on any device in the world. I constantly use my PC, tablet, and mobile android phone equally throughout my day. I can work anywhere at any time, with the internet and Google alone.



My Blog's Google Calendar Screenshot
My Blog’s Google Calendar Screenshot from 9/26/18, September.


Google Calander


Description ||

The beauty of current “smart” technology is with multiple mobile devices and multiple accounts to sign into and use… All you have to do is pick your account and all your work and progress and plans are there. I have recently started a routine lifestyle with my daughter and schedule my days and weeks in advance. I’m now learning how to plan months in advance with the help of Google Calendar. It’s really easy to add, edit, and repeat events. Ultimately, to make a schedule


App Uses ||

Let me start by saying I have like 10 different Gmail accounts. Why? Because I am my own boss so I have a lot going on here. I am a person so I have my personal email (that I use very little and is very old, so it has much important information linked to the world honestly). I also have an account for my devices that hold and sync all my contacts and media from them. I tend to upload the content appropriately, but it’s my default to log into on mobile devices only and has many games and apps signed up under it.

I run two businesses, the first is my photography business, Love You Photos with my best friends. This blog is also a job for me, I work really hard and spend as many hours working online as my husband does as an electrician. Would you expect me to run an entire online work project on my personal email account? Why would I do that? Of COURSE, I have a separate email account for the blog. (Go ahead, send me an email to lovinglifewithlee at Gmail, I’d love to hear from you!)

This also allows me to have many separate drives for storing bits of information under each, and to make separate calendars. Mobile devices allow you to have many accounts and information saved so that it makes logging into any account very easily. I can even see all my calendars at once. Or select just a few. Syncing my life together into its many pieces and parts.


Application to my life ||

I schedule chores with my personal account, photo shoots with its account, and my blog schedule and editorial calendar all separately. With Google Calendars thought, I can see them all together and have a nice arrangement via current technology.


This is why I can honestly say, “Google runs my life.”



Google Keep Introduction Image


Google Keep


Description ||

It’s just a simple note-taking app by Google that of course syncs like the calendar. They appear like colored sticky notes altogether within the app.


Function & Features ||

The beauty of this over Evernote is so simply the minimalist behavior of using this. You can color code the notes and pin certain notes to the top.


Uses ||

For quick ideas and copy and pasting. This is what I use on the fly. Incomplete blog ideas, tasks, or reminders. Often I go to my notes when I’m lost, need ideas, or am trying to remember something from last week. Occasionally I clean out old notes. It’s always cool to see the old “thoughts” sitting at the bottom, remembering how the original idea was so exciting. And has now grown into the blog and made its home within my blog. Looking back, it’s always fun to see the progression in this way. So I continue to add to my simple notes daily.


Application to my life ||

Google Keep makes sure to catch me on the fly. Making it easy to add ideas to within seconds, that are easy to find later.


Extra Credit || 

Let’s get it out there, there are A LOT of note-taking apps out there guys, and I’ve tried a whole load of them for myself. And what it comes down to for me, with Evernote and Keep, is that they are universal. Evernote is feature packed with a great design for building plans and outlines. Keeping things organized while they are developed. Where Keep is super simple and well, I straight love Google!


This is why I can honestly say, 'Google runs my life.' Click To Tweet



IFTTT Introduction Image



|| IFTTT Website ||

Description ||

This is probably the most useful app ever for bloggers as it automates tasks for you from different services. If THIS happens, then THAT happens in response. There a great number of different services, everything from Asana tasks, WordPress, Twitter, mobile device alarms, weather alerts, and so, so much more.


Function & Features ||

This services is free and has no upgrades or anything. You can make as many “widgets or triggers happen as you want. New Applets are created every day as you can customize them to your needs. Or simply make a new one!


App Uses ||

Here are 5 examples of how this helps me to completely automate my social media activity to cycle through the other services as I wish:

  1. A new tweet goes out to my new twitter followers every Friday (about once a month, I update it slightly)
  2. Any published WordPress post automatically makes a draft into Tumblr, so that I can easily edit it for Tumblr, and publishing there too.
  3. Any tweet I ever write is added to a Google Document so that I can easily track and improve my performance each month
  4. Any Instagram photo I upload is shared to a specific board on my Pinterest account, as well as a Facebook Album on my Page
  5. Any time I use a specific hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (#luvlifewlee) it is immediately shared to all three other profiles simultaneously (without “scheduling” anything).


Application to my life ||

It allows me to automate tasks to trigger when I do something once, I don’t have to manually do it several times in other places. It helps me track my progress too.


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Post Summary

All in all these five apps run my entire life as a mom blogger. I don’t know what I’d do without them. If I had to choose one as my favorite though it would have to be Evernote. I am so extremely thankful for this service because in the last ten years I have created multiple businesses and creative projects to completion with this platform. Ultimately it’s helped me organize my dreams by providing me a place to blossom my ideas into completely formed creations.


Posts I Want To Write Soon ||

  • Top Evernote Tips [for Loving Life With A Business]
  • Wonderful IFTTT Widgets for Automating Your Social Media Accounts [for Loving Life With A Blog]
  • Details about how I use multiple Gmail Accounts…


Here’s an extra sharable graphic just for Evernote ||



Click the image to sign up for your account now. I am a proud affiliate for their service, as I have used it continuously since the beginning. I hope it changes your life for the better like it has mine. I love Evernote so much, it really is the best online note services for personal and business uses. It’s free to sign up. And I’ll be making an “Evernote Organization Tips” post next month.


affiliate marketing disclaimer
Such as Evernote. If you sign up by clicking an Evernote link found within this blog post today. Then I get a small bonus commision from them, at no cost to you. It’s a great way to help support my blogging efforts, and it’s easy and free for you to do. All other links provided today are direct links, from their own original destinations. I’m always happy to share great resources!


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