CJ’s 4-5 Month Journey [Milestones Update]

The 4-5 months old journey has been more challenging as she’s not quite a newborn anymore. She’s growing fast and becoming her own little, opinioned being. Full of wiggles and giggles, this optimistic child is one amazing kid. I’ll list her milestone achievements, talk about sleeping, feeding and personality developments.

This is more for our remembrance of these times than it is an educational post. I hope some mamas can find it useful as a way to embrace what is to come. Not to toot my own horn, but CJ is ahead of the curve in most development categories. She is doing some of what isn’t expected until 6, 7 and 8 months old. So, don’t be discouraged if your little isn’t hitting all of these… 

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Let’s Talk Milestones!

As an active photographer, I take a lot of joy in doing videos of CJ and seeing her achievements over time. I have dedicated a collection of videos and started a YouTube Channel! ?

Vidoes of baby Milestones

? Check out this ongoing Baby Milestones Playlist of our videos! ?
Some of which, you’re about to see in this post!

Social Skills & Emotions

  • She’s extremely social and loves spending time with people, familiar or not
  • She recognizes people she knows well
  • She loves playing with both mom and dad
  • She loves to play with toys
  • She cuddles, hugs, kisses and loves physical attention
  • She loves the attention of the dogs! Reaches out to them and talks at them.

Physical Development

Such as standing, hands, and control

  • She has begun to sit up on her own already (not a pro yet, still stay close to stabilize if needed)
  • She has come close to rolling over, each way but has not done it on purpose quiet yet
  • She has begun to get into the crawl position and attempts to pull herself in different directions
  • She can hold objects and use them, or put them in her mouth
  • She can push buttons on toys
  • She wacks and hits things, like a drum
  • She reaches for things out of reach. She can pass things from one hand to the other hand

Environment & Communication

  • She explores her surroundings
  • She notices when things are different in a room than before
  • She plays with her reflection in the mirrors throughout the house
  • She loves music and will watch TV calmly (educational real life shows such as planet earth and baseball haha)
  • She loves to listen to a conversation and will join in
  • She blows bubbles and does raspberries
  • She makes lots of different babbling sounds from yelling to talking sweetly
  • She has multiple different cries for different things
  • She responds positively to recognized words such as hungry, clean butt, bottle or baba, outside, daddy and mama.
  • She knows her name!
  • She attempts to mimic facial expressions and words when socializing
  • She squeals in delight, giggles, and laughs (learned in this order)
  • She has favorite toys, blanket, and things

Problem Solving & Discovery

  • If given choices, she will think about it before making a decision
  • She actively explores things are her whether it’s looking, touching or tasting.
  • She’s actually rather opinionated about what she wants, how she is positioned and which room she’s in.

Video taken today, as its officially her 5th Month Birthday!

The Personality Emerging

This kid is so silly! She’s far from serious and usually has an optimistic expression. With a wide range of facial expressions already it’s not hard to read her mood.

She’s super active and loves to wiggle and play. She much prefers to stand over tummy time activities and can now sit on her own for short periods. The independence she tries to have with the world is admirable! She even takes steps and has begun to hang onto things to stabilize herself rather than be held onto by us adults.

And extremely social! CJ loves to be played with, cuddled, talk to and held by anyone. Although she prefers mom when upset or uncomfortable, she does well to be entertained by family and friends. She is such a flirt with the guys too. She does this little head turn, eye flutter, that is totally flirtatious and sweet.

She loves the dogs! Ours and others. A total sweetheart, she digs the love and attention they give her.

CJ notices when things are out of place. If I go for a weekend and slack on cleaning up, she gets confused and I can tell she much prefers for things to be where they are “supposed to be”. (Honestly, this has been a struggle for me all my life but I am now extremely motivated to stay organized for her sake.) Hopefully this means she’ll be inclined to pick up her toys before the next activity and will not be bothered to keep her own space clean and tidy when she’s older.

This kid is so optimistic and has a huge supply of patience for an infant. If she’s hungry and she hears me or sees me making a bottle, she’ll quietly wait. If she wants to move from where she’s at, but I can’t quite get to it, as long as she hears me she’ll protest only a little, before I go to pick her up. If she sees someone she wants to visit, she’ll stare and watch and talk to them. But never fusses over it. She just waits to be “cute enough you can’t resist” giving her the attention she wants.

I can’t express how optimistic and happy she is all the time. She really is the easiest baby I know. She’s super chill, yet playful and silly! So silly! She smiles when you smile and is beginning to laugh and giggle at the littlest things.

She’s not easily scared, spooked or surprised. She is tolerant of occasionally falling down or rolling over or scraping her limbs (not that she’s in danger, I watch her and support her constantly.) But falling down and getting bonked around is part of life, and she seems to do just fine at stabilizing her emotions into a positive state quickly.

Sleeping Habits

Things turned difficult when she turned 4 Months Old. Other than breastfeeding this has become my biggest struggle. In fact, as the breast supply has increased her sleep habits have drifted and changed. We’re working on a routine that works consistently, and to wean her from needing to fall asleep at the breast. I have found that using Lavender Oil in a hanging aromatherapy oil necklace near her bed does really help!  As a cosleeper and room sharing, this may always be a challenge at times.


Feeding & Foods

As I mentioned my breastmilk supply has increased since my last post. I didn’t take any prenatal or fenugreek this month. But I drank water, ate oatmeal and allowed her as much opportunity to feed and suckle as possible. This may have done me in since we began cosleeping more often Too Increase Supply. And it worked!

I’m now feeding her 2-3 Oz only 3 times a day and I do feel like she gets better letdown at breastfeeding times.

I plan to pump (or hand express, depending on my mood and environment) at least once a day as of July. So I hope to increase my supply enough that weaning her from cosleeping attached will satisfy her.

We have been trying tastes of different soft foods such as Celery, Peach, Plum, Avacado. We set up the high chair as of her 5th month birthday and plan to introduce raw purees once a day in extremely small amounts. Maybe in her 6th month, we’ll try to make a meal of it, but for now, it’s just exploring tastes and using our mouth and spoon. And it keeps her entertained while we eat, so that helps.


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