3 Steps to More Productive Screen Time In Your Life

Recently I have realized my lack of self care and am trying to change my habits. I spent the last few weeks reflecting on my life (in this recent Jupiter Retrograde the last few days especially), I feel I made huge progress within my self already!

Dear Blog Buddy,

Sorry I haven’t been on schedule, I know life has been crazy busy for you too. I really enjoyed your last post, and it inspired me to take time to have some space. Some head space, and time take in the beautiful little things that pass us by if we’re not paying attention!

I hope you enjoy this week off! And thus, I want to write this in dedication to you. As well as invitation to try out this app and see what you think. Because I also find it’s interactive story, guide, and flow very appealing and would love to say someday, we can design an app for Blogging Buddies that is inspiring, motivating and well. Straight awesome, so let me tell you about it!

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Enter Fabulous!

Fabulous, Embark on a journey to reset your habits

Image from this post: Youth Apps – Fabulous: Motivate Me! – The Fabulous you awaits by Youth Apps

For those of you who don’t know yet I’m a total app-store-junkie. Like Android, Google Store App Junkie 110%! (Okay, so I have a stupid list of plugins on my WordPress sites also, oh and my Google Chrome Extensions…)

Thus, I run across a lot of apps, and I hang on to them and then I stop using them. And I cycle through them like a shopper goes through online stores I’m sure. But then, but then!

You find one that’s like, THE ONE.

I’ve been searching for an app that really does motivate me, allowed me too choose features that worked for me, and change my mind. Because I do that sometimes. Once I realize it’s ‘not right’, I ditch it with no strings attached. So an app has to let me choose to drop out of it or delete something. And being this is about life changing habits, sometimes apps are really rigid about what they do and how they do it.

Fabulous has provided me simple challenges to do through out a week and they really are mindful exercises! This being an app that allows me to schedule tasks for a daily routine, I really enjoy ticking them off! (I use Habitica as well, which I use differently than this. But it’s the same high, the instant reward/gratification triggers in these apps that I enjoy. Why? Who knows?)


I Take A Look At My Own Screen Time and How It Effects My Life

It asked me to be mindful of how I used my devices 2 weeks ago now, and x3 a week I really did analyze my phone use all day. And realized what I used it for, and what it distracted me from. What I wanted it to do for me, and how I felt around it.

I realized that it was cluttered, untidy and messy just like my home. Which I am trying to tidy and get through by using the KonMarie Method. And so was my email inbox! My notifications went crazy all day!

The Fabulous app recommended I take a moment to update and turn off all of my notifications for the week other than what I actually wanted to be notified of! And it did wonders for my week, let me say!

As I was moving on with the next challenge I had accepted, I spent last week clearing out my online life in every way I could. Including ditching and deleting old email accounts, clearing out and trashing any emails from addresses I was keeping.

I even went as far as to delete my LY Photos website, among other reasons this decision was made with a heavy heart. But it’s the right one. I really do believe in blogging, in the Blog Buddy Program. Which, I also cleared out and prepared the Design Project to develop our membership website and features completely.

So! Cool! Better life, better apps. Feelin’ awesome!

(To be honest, yesterday the app asked me to go a full day without my device all the sudden. And I was like, woah man, I already did that challenge.. like a whole day? Hmm? – Remember how I said I like it when apps allow me to choose?… )

This morning I was reading productivity articles and time blocking methods. Which lead me to the Matrix and Poromodo task management. And it all just comes together all in one moment.

So here it is…



How to Take Control of Your Screen Time


3 Productive Steps to Take In Your Life Today


  1. Design Your Device, Design Your Life – Assign apps a specific purpose and get rid of the rest. Clean your screens and your files constantly. Label folders of related apps. Seriously, get rid of app the apps you don’t need or use.
  2. Silence all notifications from apps Weekly – Keeping only the ones you actually pick up your phone to check for. Check all other apps manually only when you need to use or view them, for their exact purpose.
  3. Go without checking Social Media throughout the entire day – Instead, choose one select time of day that you use social media to SOCIALIZE. (👇 Notes below)


👉 #3 Notes: …Not to entertain you, but to actually check on and connect with people you love, care about, or have similar interests to (groups, feeds, news, pics) and share the LOVE that these platforms are MEANT FOR. If you choose the afternoon as your time, and your afternoon gets away from you, that’s just too bad. (Work tasks like scheduling a very specific post to share, is different, I’m talking about screen-time here in general.) You were probably too busy experiencing a moment personally anyways! Interaction is always better in person, instead of socializing through a tech-filter!

The habit we have of checking our phones and sitting (yes, physically holding them in any way) with them constantly, it’s terrible! Instead of missing out on family time, being obsessed with likes and numbers, getting bombarded by ads, ridiculous movies and memes, and non-educational spam to our brains. Let alone the freedom from our devices touching, and effecting our energy waves within our bodies. (It really is damaging to our health of mind and body! – Here’s a glimpse, although I suggest you do your own research to learn more: Electromagnetic fields and public health: mobile phones, article from World Health Organization)



Here is what these 3 Steps WILL do for your life:


  • Make your phone a tool again, instead of an addiction (Think back to the days of pocket planners, they were only good for one thing. So was a calculator.)
  • Decide what you use your phone for! Is it a work tool? Social tool? Photo tool?
  • Design your phone for personal functionality to make life easier to do (at work, at play, at school) by page and/or app folder
  • Limit the additional time you spend doing mindless activity, and be more mindful in your everyday life
  • Less screen time overall means more time to get things done Limiting the time you spend on your device, or having it on your body, will increase your health in many ways.

    • This goes for anything wifi, or maybe even bluetooth. This is why it’s best if you power-down and turn-it-all-off at night, at least! If not when your not going to be using it for more than 2 hours. This will benefit the device and it’s internal parts and machinery as well. (Longer lasting means faster, smoother and less expensive!)


And that’s the whole point right, to be productive with your day. Making your moments mean something and spreading love, experiencing love.

Although our phones can bring us much joy at times, as we connect with others, work on collaboration projects, and take lasting memories with video and pictures. It’s important to remember that to truly enjoy life and those you love, you have to get off your phone and experience things for yourself.

Like I’ve been taking about in the Purpose of Life posts lately. Really, truly. You do not know if you do not experience it for yourself.

This is why travel bloggers go traveling for themselves. Like, you don’t know what it’s like to go somewhere until you go there yourself. Surrounding yourself in the environment and having the experience is how you learn. And the only way to truly know anything.

So, how much time are you going to spend on your phone this week ? I hope you enjoy your spring break Vicky!

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