Month: April 2020

Warriors Struggling to Remain Consequential

Mars is in Capricorn, aligned to Castra, the Fortress. Yesterday came with a warning from Uranus, and I must say that there is indeed another warning for further shifts in preparing for what could feel like war, or is it the end of the war?

Mars is the Inner Warrior, our masculine energy come to life and form. Sometimes we could say that Mars, as the ruler of the Solar Plexus Chakra has a lot to do with the formation and use of our Ego in the Mental realm, or Will of the Soul.

Now that we understand Mars, in Capricorn energy it’s the drive to move to the top and reach success through achievement. However clever and quick the mountain goat is on it’s feet, it’s not always very graceful with it’s decisions about which direction to go. Have you seen the way they bash each other off the cliff side for a female?!

Castra is the heaven’s military fortress. So when anything is aligned here it’s like God rallying his forces and making ready for war. In our case, I think for many it’s a feeling of “Okay come home to camp, and we’ll see if we have to go back out or not.”

To us in our personal lives, it might feel a little like we are “making ready” for the next shift.

If you are able to formulate a solid Question, then the next part is going about finding the answer and learning whatever it is you need to, so that you can comprehend the answer when it is provided to you.

I find that if we get immediate answers to heavy questions, we often are not ready for the true answer. We think we are, but how quick are we to dismiss the truth if it doesn’t suit our current understanding?

Know that we don’t or can’t, always get the answer immediately. But we can and we will, when we are ready to fully accept that full truth because of our openness to embrace it.

The good news is that we’re making a beautiful Mars trine Venus. Mars is always chasing Venus around and around, trying to catch up. Venus rules our Heart and Thymus, the feeling and thinking brain in our chest that makes the decisions that rule our lives by rules of love and pain. The center of our heart is where we make the decisions for our survival, and our desires. From above and below, where they meet together.

So Mars is reaching out to be in harmony with Venus in Taurus for the stable footing he needs to get to the top of that mountain! Venus is effectively that female that is worth pushing out everyone in the way of that prize. And Venus in Taurus of Compassion, will definately support that. She wants to attract that while is capable of loyalty and divine will.

So Venus, our Hearts, are busy sending out signals to the universe and it responds by sending Mars the energy to put into action to provide. We do this ourselves in every way, both masculine electric and feminine magnetism. It’s most effecient when you use kenetic energy by being in motion, you game momentum. Adding more energy to these forces makes things happen quicker!

So what are you thinking about? Because whatever you are thinking most about, is what your attracting and creating in your reality!

Backing this further is Vesta of Devotion and Faith, who is technically conjunct with Venus. So we’re REALLY having a lot of magnetic power to attract what we truly want into our being, and that sends the signal to the universe of readiness. That willingness is then reflected as manifested material form and presented to you.

What signals are going to send?

Tomorrow we’ll check up on Mecury. However I can tell you that I’m VERY HAPPY to see that Chiron and Lilith are officially no longer in conjunction. We’re no longer dealing with Shadow Self trying to control and understand. Chrion is moving on to other areas of self healing, and I am SO GLAD!

Energy Updates Today

Today’s Theme Song

Invincible by Tool

Long in tooth and soul
Longing for another win
Lurch into the fray
Weapon out and belly in
Warrior struggling
To remain consequential
Bellow aloud
Bold and proud
Of where I’ve been
But here I am
Beating chest and drums
Beating tired bones again
Age-old battle, mine
Weapon out and belly in
Tales told of battles won
Of things we’ve done
Caligula would grin
Beating tired bones
Tripping through remember when
Once invincible
Now the armor’s wearing thin
Heavy shield down
Warrior struggling
To remain relevant
Warrior struggling
To remain consequential
Cry aloud
Bold and proud
Of where I’ve been
But here I am
Where I end
Warrior struggling
To remain relevant
Warrior struggling
To remain consequential
Tears in my eyes
Chasing Ponce de Leon’s phantom
So filled with hope
I can taste mythical fountains
False hope, perhaps
But the truth never got in my way
Before now, feel the sting
Feeling time bearing down
Tears in my eyes
Chasing Ponce de Leon’s phantom
So filled with hope
I can taste mythical fountains
False hope, perhaps
But the truth never got in my way
Before now, feel the sting
Feeling time bearing down
False hope, perhaps
But the truth never got in my way
Before now, feel the sting
Feeling time bearing down
Bearing down

“Invincible” by Tool, 2019 Fear Inoculum

Today’s Science

Suspicious Observers Space Science News from Space Weather Alerts for April 28 2020: “Solar Eruption, Storm Alert, Amazing Science – Dipole Universe”
Lightning Bolts to the Mind of All Who Will Listen |

Lightning Bolts to the Mind of All Who Will Listen |

Sidereal Astrology As Alchemy for 4/27/2020
Monday is ruled by the Moon

To start the week we have Hamal aligned with the Sun and Uranus in Aries. And let me just tell you straight up, this is a strong head game and things are going to feel like they are shifting beneath your feet.

In the wrong place at the wrong time, a lot of violent bashing and war can take place with Hamal conjunctions.

The fact that this is also the True Spring Equinox should bring in kind of shift in energy that either devistates, or recreates life.

With the Sun, making this alignment it really does mark the first days of Spring.

Uranus meets up with this as a conjunction to the Sun and this may cause things to suddenly change, as if over night. And maybe this is postitive, or negative in your life.

Next, we’ll look at where these High Chakras, such as the Crown and Brow Chakras from the Sun and Uranus are pointing the horns of a sheep named Hamal.

The Sun/Uranus is sextile with an opening to the Moon in conjuct with the North Node in Gemini, as well as Ceres in Aquarius. We’ll discuss these now, since it is Monday after all!

The Moon is conjuct the North Node in Gemini today. The north node is the assumed direction that we want to be going. Which is in Gemini for communicative, open, research, development, co-creation! The Emtional Mind which is the Moon, is focused on these concepts and ideas right now.

Ready to open up to new ideas, projects, interests. We’ve all been provided plenty of time to dig into ourselves for some bordom cures, right?! So it’s time to Spring into action, and Uranus the Time Lord is here to throw some lightning at us to spark some action!

The Moon trines over nicely to Ceres, and she is in Aquarius. Ready to harvest on ideas of unity, humanity, growth, technology! She’s ripe with passion for life and all it’s beauty! This trine might allow us the insight to seek out the SOLUTIONS. What does it take to find an answer?

It takes, first, asking a question.

Identify and form The Question.

Then, you may have the hopes of answering it!

Tomorrow we’ll check back on this thought and see what kind of activity Mars will offer!

Now is a time to think before you act. To question everything. To get informed and connect with others. It is NOT a time for acting out of turn, being rambunctious, or road raging to the nearest store.

Take your time. Do your own research. Don’t take the test if you haven’t studied for it. And form questions if you expect to ever receive answers to them. This will allow you to find solutions for All. Then, you can share with the world what you have found, that day is not yet to come. That’s okay. Take your time.

Energy Updates Today

Today’s Soul Themesong

Nahko, Medicine for the People – “Dragonfly”

You should put that cigarette out
You should have faith in my mouth
Like my mother, like your son
Like my temperamental lungs
Each piece fits into the next
I come out black, and I’m not white
Both reveal me and my sight

You’ve got twinkles in your eyes
You say vegetarians save lives
But there’s your wings, to spike my back
There’s your baby’s passing death
Will there be one more of me?
Close your eyes, and try to hide

From my former dragonfly

Little bear woke in the woods
Chipped and spit
In that bed, under the covers
I’ve been stealin’ from my lover
Woman talkin’, not replaced

To my former dragonfly
I resist and I survive

What a state I brought this to
Logic lies I decide
But what’s that say of my character?
I’ll retreat back into nature

Will there be one more of me?
To my former dragonfly

I resist and I survive, survive

survive [8]Lyrics to “Dragonfly” by Nahko Bear, Medicine for the People

Current Science & Related Interests

Suspicious Observers Space Weather News Video for today, 4/27/2020: “Sunspots Growing, Weather Alerts, Solar Forcing” 6 mins

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The Depths of the Willingness to Change

Mercury is in Pisces, which may indicate a willingness for your mind to get lost in thought, overthink and analyze the depths of our experiences. However, the sextile that Mercury makes, after crossing the Moon/Lilith/Chiron conjunction, is a sextile to Venus/Vesta in Taurus. And over to Mars in Capricorn.

Mars is hoping to get out of Capricorn energy and plow through to get to the top. So we’re probably very likely to feel like we have enough energy to DO it. However, our mind is getting the best of our many aspects and we get stuck in which list of to-dos to do. Or we overthink about how deeply we may be cleaning out our homes.

I saw on Instagram, a joking DND player from Critical Role post that joked about him “entering his basement” to take on all the monsteres down there and recover old treasures long forgotten.

Being in such a lock down, many of us are forced to do those check lists of things we have long forgotten were on the list at all. And to re-vamp how life around us functions in our home, state, nation, and planet.

Whatever little things you are doing in your day to day life, are reflectsion of the larger aspects that are happening in the world. One may be cleaning out the basement, but what does that mean for our governmenets and financial institutions? I can see some re-write and re-script happening all over in our personal and professional lives.

The Sun is almost conjunct with Uranus in Aries right now. So this is an indication of ‘quick to act’ and ‘first to try it’ willingness. This is sextile to Ceres today who is just within Aquarius now. Ceres also sextiles the South Node of Karma/Debt. So this is an indication that our Harvest/Worker energy is focused on ALL life, the Humanitarian energy. However, it’s time to make amends with your past cycles, and instead do something new. Backed with the Sun and Uranus in Aries, I think it’s a good time to choose NEW over OLD. For some it’s even further confused, as the old may seem new yet again.

In some way, we are each going to make to make some choices to remove ourselves from the ‘same old cycles’.

What kind of changes are you wanting to make in your life? How is it different for you now? What do you want to do instead? If you were tempted with the same tricks, would you follow them yet again? Who helped you last time? Would you accept that same help again, or are you capable of taking better care of yourself?

The Moon is conjunct with that Lilith/Chiron aspect in Pisces and we’re bound to have some emotional struggles with our inner shadow, attempting to allow healing to occur in these ways. If you need help, or are struggling with the Darker parts of yourself, please reach out to me.

Energy Updates Today

Science Updates Today

Here’s the short Cosmology update videos mentioned in the above, SUPER COOL!!! WE’RE ALL CONNECTED IN THE COSMOS <3

HEART ACTIVATION | Venus is in the Vicinity of Aldebaran

HEART ACTIVATION | Venus is in the Vicinity of Aldebaran

There are so many amazing alignments happening in sidereal as of late and one of them is this beautiful alignment of Venus to Aldebaran, follower of the Pleiades today. Which is also the star that is most closely associated with the Guardian or Watcher of the South, Archangel Michael.

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Solar Self Squares the Outer Planetary Powers

Solar Self Squares the Outer Planetary Powers

Today the Sun is at 1 degree Aries, entering a refreshed start to our being. However this squares the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn today. This is the major aspect today as the Sun also squares everything else near this conjunction in Capricorn/Sagittarius area of the cosmic life. Including the Sun squaring: Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn.

Basically, we are challenged to integrate in various ways our Power, Development, Magnetism, and Responsibilities. We’re provided the guidance, will, and confidence with Sagittarius/Capricorn energy that is undeniable to it’s effect.


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If you watch today’s daily Space Weather video (below post), then we’ll find this chart which shows the Galactic Center Fluctuation Increases in just the last three years. This is the Galactic Center that I consistently mention, which is located in Sagittarius.

Neptune by the way, is just hanging out, untouched in Aquarius today as an observer of the Chiron/Lliith/Mercury (see yesterdays astrology) and this epic square off we are having within ourselves, our collective, and our planet.

Energy Influences Today

Serious indications from the KP as we’re in a ‘watch out’ for solar flares. Those effected by solar energy and radiation from it may have a difficult day or some coming up, those with heart and circulation issues please take it easy!

Galactic Time Signature

Security Breach of the Inner Selves At Play

Chiron, Lilith, and Mercury are all conjunct in Pisces in Sidereal Astrology. If we take a deeper look at its alignment we can find Algenib pushing us through to a more complete understanding of ourselves.

Chiron is concerned with healing, of both the mortal and immortal kind. Both the human and in-human kind. He’s about transition, transmutation, and changing of our ways of life for the betterment of the self-development and growth process.

Lilith, the void, the ‘dark side’, or the ‘sensual’ and sexual nature is a primal one. We have to understand that we are more than we think we are, in terms of the power of thought, ability, skill, and purpose. These hidden agendas of influence really affect our ability to discover our own inner powers and this becomes a struggle as we progress in life. Some could argue that they ‘attack themselves’ for not doing this or that, and at times, this is because we are ignoring our primal needs in thinking they are negative or undesirable. However, our primal nature knows what it is we need to survive and is not so concerned with our wants or desires. To the effect that some of what we perceive as our ‘shadow’ is actually our primal nature, although disturbed or distorted it may be at this time.

Mercury is about our mental realm and consciousness, ruling the throat chakra of expression and action in motion for the purpose of co-creation. So whenever we have Mercury with either Chiron or Lilith, we can expect a little more expansion than we may normally see in our thoughts and expression.

Algenib is a star of the Pegasus Constellation, who is known for being the messenger of the sky, carrier of the light of the heavens, and service to all.

There are many angles that are affecting this and we’re seeing a square to the north and south nodes, and the opposition to Juno, of our mature inner feminine energies in Libra. So this is really causing a need to balance our magnetic heart center, to our way of thinking and being.

The shadow, or deeper selves, are emerging to be expressed through its channel, you. Whatever you may be holding on to for a source of excuse, that is causing you an unstable reality. These things are going to become unbearably apparent in many ways. Causing us to feel certain that we are ready to change our reality, backed by Chiron and the willingness of the mind of open to the energies of the heartfelt life of feelings and intuitive knowing.

We all know that we are being provided the time to do things we wouldn’t normally pull ourselves into doing. Many of the outside excuses are being put on hold. You are left with only your own excuses, in which many of your inner personalities are ready to push through and relieve once and for all.

Many are being faced with fear and worry for many reasons. We are being challenged to learn new ways of dealing with what causes us fear. The reality of not wanting to accept a life of fear, and very willing to search for solutions to these areas of our life moving forward.

I don’t think there’s a lot of dark things to go through, I think there’s a lot of made-up darkness that we create and if that is the case, it’s up to us to realize that part of our self that is a creator of false or illusory ideas. Our imagination gets the best of us, we’re human.

Soul searching is thus a balance of the whole-self being realized in all its qualities in light of unity. Not only polarity. duality is a density, a plane if you will.

It’s true that I think others have been manipulating in dark ways for a long time, there is a lot of false outside truth about anything. However, the science of the collective is providing a pathway to prove the truth of itself. What that science tells us now is that we are all of the same creation in this universe.

The spirit lives within each of us. It is that spirit, in which we call spirituality. no matter how much your ego or shadow or outside influences. The truth is, your spirit has been the spirit the whole time and to each, it guides.

The world is initiate and eternal. It doesn’t matter to me so much if what is in my life is light or dark, because of the first awareness of life is in itself both. (This is a very Law of One way of thinking, however accurate you let it be).

I am a neutral player in the Universe of All. I am not afraid of the dark, nor the light. I play both sides and to each their own.

The courage of each of us is being tested, and through the challenge grows certainty and security within each creation itself.

Self Care Tips ❣️

  • Meditation, go deep within
  • Kundalini Yoga, Breathing, and Meditation
  • Karuna Ki Reiki – or other, Compassionate Heart Centered Healing

Energy Influences Today 🔆

I now am offering Karuna Ki Reiki as NYP service option (name your price). Pay what you want, when you want it, where ever you are.

Inner Child Healing for the Inner Masculine

This is not just for the masculines of the world, because we all carry both negative and positive charges of energy. Yin and Yang. Yang is electric, masculine energy that takes action to go-towards other energy. The yin is feminine, and that of magnetic energy that attracts energy to it.

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Wide Open and Willing to Have a Change in Mind & Heart

Mercury is in Aquarius and being that they are both attuned to the Air element, this is not an uncomfortable possition to be in. This is where Mercury gets to access the majority of it’s information, lifestyle, and philosophy. It’s a good time for learning and adapting to the world and it’s changes.

Chiron is in Pisces conjunct with both the Dark Moon and the Sun. This was the case last week as well, so we’re busy integrating both the Higher and Lower selves into the whole. This is happening for most within the subconscious, which slowly makes itself known to the conscious thinking mind in the form of changes being manifested at a quickened pace when the heart is aligned to the desire for change.

It’s safe to say that all of humanity is caring for the aches of humanity during this pandemic. We are all realizing how devisting for all of us this is. It’s something we can’t run from, yet we’re being told to stay home for our own safety. That that is the best solution for the majority of the popluation, to stay put and trust that the world is healing without further spread of this virus.

We can take this oppurtunity to align ourselves to what we WANT for the entire human collective. Much of our world needs to shift into a new system that works for everyone alive here on the planet. New abundance systems and equality is possible when this is what the majority of the world wants to experience.

That shift starts in each one of our lives by how you treat your self, your family, and your own pets. Are you a living example of what you want to see in the world?