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3 Major Trines Surface Major Issues in Sidereal Astrology!

I normally would focus on just Mercury and Chiron for healing on Wednesday, but considering there are Three Major Triangles today, we will look at each of them and how they are all connected. It’s likely this will take several days to fully understand what comes your way today.

Today is ruled by Mercury of Mind and we can assume that we can see the link between heaven and earth, that we can better transcend and understand ourselves as we are here and now. But also, come to new realizations of what is above is below, and what is below is as it is above.

There is one large Grand Trine Triangle in Red as the ‘challenge’. The other two Semi-Trine Triangles are green, one on the left and one on the right.

It’s important that we see what I am going to describe so I’ve included today’s Sidereal chart here for you.

The first and largest Triangle can be seen in red as a 90 degree perfect Triangle. This is made between the following:

  • North Node in Gemini at 11 degrees
  • Pallas in Sagittarius at 9 degrees
  • In Pisces completing this 90-degree angle is Lilith (5 degrees), Chiron (7 degrees), and the Moon!

Yesterday we looked at the opposition that Pallas has with Gemini, so you can read that here.

The next Sextile Triangle we can see on the right in green is between:

  • Mars in Scorpio (water) at 22
  • Juno in Virgo (earth) at 26
  • Mercury in Capricorn (earth) at 27

The other Sextile Triangle is also in green, in the same shape as the last triangle listed, but seen on the left in the image above.

  • Venus (24) and Neptune (21) are conjunct in Aquarius (water)
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius at 18 (fire)
  • Vesta in Aries at 20 (fire)

The Moon’s Link to Our Pineal Gland & Dreamstate Also Regulates Sense of Time

Science can’t exactly explain the pineal gland and all it’s functions because it is simple does so much more than we can know to track right now. What we do know is that it’s linked to the Dream State and secretes large amounts of DMT every night that we sleep or are in a deep Theta cycle. Monks and those who focus on deep meditation can retain consciousness into the theta state and have profound remembrance of what being awake during the dream. From these studies, we know the most. If you were to ask me where the soul is, or where consciousness expands and flows, it would be from the Central Brain Pineal Gland. With that said, Lunar Cycles are very intricately and profoundly linked. We also know now that science has proved the effects the moon has on woman’s hormonal cycles. What’s more interesting is that our sense of time also comes from our daily rhythm, managed by the function of the Pineal Gland.

What this has to do with is this Moon, Chiron, Lilith conjunction today about 12:30 PM Pacific time here in Washington, and this will slightly vary in time depending on where you are. This alignment has huge effects upon our Penial Gland is huge ways.

It is likely that the Mars, Mercury, and Juno trine, has to do with all the Solar Plexus activations we’re getting. Cutting through the shadow aspects and peeling back the layers of our ego to expose what is left there. What you are holding on to, ignoring, or blocking. It’s all rising up.

This is manifesting in many ways in which we are witnessing in our lives or those we love:

  • Increased dream remembrance
  • Recurring nightmares, especially those from childhood
  • Mood swings and frustration with old issues that “still haven’t changed”
  • Illness and disease helped within the Stomach, Bladder or Intestines which as to do also with the Root and Sacral chakras as well as the Solar Plexus wheels
  • Addictions of any kind, especially to foods you are actually allergic to, sugar, and substances of course, as well as porn, codependence, and other unhealthy attachments that you have – they are going to become unbearable in the way that you must face them

The Differences In the Heart & the Head – Feeling and Thinking

Right now Mercury of mind is spending most of the energy in working out the solar ego and shadow issues. The Heart, Venus is in the energy of Growth and Devotion with Jupiter and Vesta. What you want and feel is affecting your thoughts towards the concerns of Pallas. Feeling like we’re not yet aligned to our Purpose, the North Node in Gemini.

So our heart is pulling us into a more spiritual place.

Our mind is analyzing how it’s going to get through the barriers to get o the other side.

Our will is bound to bring us around to the other side.

What you need to do this week if focus only on what is best for you and start going after THAT – instead of wasting your precious time on all that no longer serves you.


❣️ Start Creating Your Life – Visualize, Daydream, Imagine, what it is that you want.

❣️ If you don’t know what you want, start noticing what you don’t want and quit doing those things and visiting those people. In an effort to clarify what you don’t want, it will be more apparent to you when you enter a place, meet a person, or do a thing that you realize you WANT MORE OF

❣️ If you have cleared your traumas then now is a good time to use your skills and abilities to help those who are struggling right now

❣️ If you have avoided healing issues from your past, now is a time that is best suited for these issues as they come up.

❣️ There’s a lot of learning material out there about how to positively shift your mindset and raise your vibration – I have a bunch of posts on this as well if you want to check out the different categories here on this blog 🙂

Mars & Pluto Integrations for the Solar Plexus

Today is a Tuesday, ruled by Mars and is a Yellow Overtone Sun day in the Galactic Lunar Calendar.

Mars is in Scorpio at 22 degrees, which is actually in the constellation of Ophiuchus in the sky. Ophiuchus is the serpent Holder and he is known for his overconfidence and can be associated with medicine as well. Chiron is his ruler. With this in mind, we can assume that Mars is finally in the part of Scorpio’s energy that he can handle, as he nears Sagittarius, the hunter’s energy.

Mars makes a few squares over to the spheres in Aquarius, including the Moon, Venus, and Neptune.

We can expect a lot of Solar Plexus Integration and Activations to come up. These are a where a good number of humanities diseases are held, as the ego begins to shed it’s one-too-many layers as the Solar Electric Heat and Earth’s Magnetic Fields shift, we can feel this happen with each and every one of us.

Pallas is coming through Sagittarius, aligning to the bow hand of the hunter and she’s ready to release at any moment (through Kaus Medius, Kaus Australis, and Kaus Borealis).

Pallas is opposite of the North Node in Gemini at 11 degrees (which I love, 11 as the Geminis, the node is just hanging out here lately)! Many of us are starting to feel what it could be like to live in a place of abundance and manifestation of a better world.

Anyone that realizes their own Unified Field and connection to the collective conscious selves as One are becoming much more aware of what is Your Thoughts, versus what is the Collective Thoughts. I have even begun to tell when I am sharing thoughts with my husband, as these thought-forms feel subtly different. And it’s easy to tell when you then speak and confirm that indeed, we already had thought up a plan, together!

Yet we’re still fighting within to know how to manifest this for ourselves, let alone for the masses…

What I can tell you is that whether you realize it or not, you Are Already And Always Have Been, part of the Collective Consciousness. Those who are more aware of their own subconscious thoughts are also more aware of the collective superconscious thoughts.

If you’re interested in understanding a bit more about this, I think Carl Jung really did have a good idea about the inner world, and that we are more intelligent than this now. If you can understand your own inner thoughts, then you will naturally come to understand how very connected you are. It is so to say, part of the natural process of conscious life.

Reading about this material Now makes much more sense than it did when he wrote it. In this way, we are all expanding our consciousness because of those before us! We are learning from the past, and yet we are always expanding in the future. In this way, we will always be in motion.

We see this struggle for the energy of our own feminine warrior through Pallas, as she squares both Chiron and Lilith in Pisces. This can be a difficult struggle to overcome as Chiron and Lilith still being together, is quite a strange sensation. For some of us, it blocks us from receiving what the universe has to offer. For others, that are more aware of their shadow aspects and voices, it can remind us of what not to do more easily, so as to direct us in the right direction – which is to come into Balance. I also find that my shadow has little to say when I am going in the right direction. In either case, whenever the ego is involved too much we can expect our shadow aspects to also be involved. These are both very much a part of the Solar Plexus energetic systems and it seems to be time to shed some layers as I said, the sun is heating our electric masculine energy, and bringing movement in our magnetic feminine energies. We are part of the shifts that we see on our Planet.

Vesta is in Aries at 20 degrees and is in a good position for the New Cycle after the New Moon. She is making a healthy trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. Vesta is ALSO making aspects, a sextile, to Venus and Neptune in Aquarius.

Again, you can expect a lot of the energies of the cosmos to be directed at our Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras for healing. For some, this will include more Root and Crown clearing as needed. A kind of alternating energy is in the space air at this time so if you feel like your having crazy mood swings – don’t blame yourself or the universe – ask yourself to love yourself enough to let it go. Whatever comes up, listen to yourself, and love yourself through it. This is how we heal, and the thing about the Pendulum is that it will always swing back the other way soon enough.

Self Care Tips ❣️

❣️ Clear your Solar Plexus

❣️ Trace your Spleen Meridian and Stomach Meridians several times throughout the day to bring balance to these areas.

❣️ Your stomach and intestines may be really subject to inflation and weaknesses. Drink lots of fluids and eat healthy foods this week!

❣️ Avoid sugars at all costs – everyone –

❣️ Right now we may addictions come to an all-time high as we see people emerge out of their cages. Keep a close eye on your loved ones and see help from the programs that are available.

❣️ Learn to Meditate! Learning to quiet the mind and the many voices will help you to discern them, to hear them more clearly with practice.

I can now ask before beginning as I slow my breathing, “I ask my mind and multidimensional selves to be silenced at this time. I call all past and future thoughts and extensions to return back to me now.”

As I focus on my breath and my mind quiets, sometimes there are still voices and thoughts that come up and I politely address them, “I realize it is tempting to think about the future in this peaceful state but I ask that my ego remain calm and quiet now.”

Or maybe I worry about something pressing I must do, in this case, “I understand that my future is calling me but I ask that my shadow not chase me from this moment and return to the present NOW, in which we are completely safe.”

It is amazing how much those voices of my own design, are responsive to my clear and loving intention.

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Change Is Inevitable – Mise Well Make It Happen!

Today the Moon is in Aquarius and we can expect a lot of new ideas of how we can manifest the life that we actually want to have. Today we are experiencing a Tring to Vesta and a sextile to the North Node and these energies are bound to give us a good motivated kick into gear.

Ceres is in Capricorn in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto, ready to make the effort to do what needs to be done. We experience a strong but positive square to Uranus that will most likely be a catalyst to this change. The hold up will be from Jupiter and Pallas squaring the North Node. We will feel some fear because growth means change. Changing what we know and allowing the unknown to unfold before us. Whether we resist or allow this change is going to determine how you perceive it, which means how you will react to it. Not that you have control over whether changes happen or not, because in the case of today – They will happen either way.

Juno is in Virgo to help analyze and make these decisions in a mature way. How do you WANT to receive the changes in your life? Of course, want to see things change for the BETTER? How do we do that?

Juno is making room for an opportunity with a sextile to Mars, encouraging action within our Solar Plexus Chakras, to make the decisions and take action. And a Trine to Mercury of Mind, to really think about what we want our environment to feel like.

Self Healing Tips ❣️

When we talk about the environment we’re including everything that surrounds us outside of ourselves. Including the people, the location, the objects, and the overall feel of the country and land, the planets and animals. There are certain places that give you a boost in creative energy, but there are others that make you feel a lack. It is those areas, those people, those energies in which are repelling you away. If you are uncomfortable it is because you are in the wrong place or with the wrong people at the wrong time. Simply notice this and things that come to mind for now.

When you walk into your own bedroom, do you feel at home? Or do you feel more at home in the forest? Your best friend’s place?

Take note of what makes you feel good and make an effort to spend more time there. With those people that lift you up easily. And the kinds of objects, pets, and planets that feel pleasant in your environment with you.

If you have things in your personal space that you don’t like – it’s time you throw them out or give them away to someone who will love and care for it. This goes for relationships, pets, chores, and anything that lessens your vibe.

By doing so you are engaging in acts of self-love that will impact you from that moment on. Creating your environment is being a part of it. Once you do that, you can start to feel like you control your environment and give it energy. Instead of it controlling you and taking your energy.

Creative Forces of the Outer Planets Open UP Opportunities NOW

Sidereal Astrology for the Creator Outer Planets 1/2020

The Outer Planets Screenshot of 1/10/2020 from Solar System Scope App on Google Play

Mars is in Scorpio, bringing all the watery feminine depth within the Solar Chakra below the Belt. We then get to Jupiter and Saturn, who are in (when using SideReal Astrology) both aligned within Sagittarius – along with many other spheres in our system that we are affected by this week!

This leaves Uranus and Neptune, which are bringing the energy of Aries and Aquarius, Fire and Air. You may notice that Eris is aligned with Uranus and this brings in deep layers of the self which may have dramatic changes within our bodies, lives, and relationships. Which the energy of Aries, these are most likely going to be New Beginnings to Old Cycles, or Liberation from Old Beliefs, or mental programs.

Let us remember that Vesta is also in the energy of Aries this week, and her mission is to remind us to have Renewed Faith in who we are, what we are, and why we’re here. Each playing an important, elemental role for humanity, the spheres, and the galaxies.

The Focus on Sextile Aspects of Opportunity Today

  • Sun sextile Lilith
  • Mercury sextile Chiron and Lilith
  • Venus sextile Uranus and Pallas

Alchemy Translations

  • Sun/Self has an opportunity to relate with Lilith/Sexuality
  • Mercury/Expression of Mind has an opportunity to Heal with Chiron in Aries, as well as Lilith/Sexuality
  • The Heart of Venus opens to allow Uranus of Transformations, as well as the opportunity to graduate the Feminine into Full Maturity.

What this is indicating is our own personal maturity of understanding our Root of Security and Survival and Feminine Energies of Yin.

Excalibur Fantasy Icon

To really accomplish this Pallas will need to Face Herself and her Shadows, held with the energy of Lilith’s story, only to find our own way out of the depths of our own doings. To come back to life, we let all the things that we fear or have held onto the tightest, we must let them go so that they might Live On and Into the Light. Only when you are pure of heart and of the correct alignment within your self, will you be able to wield your own Sword of Truth.

Pallas must shine the light of lessons learned into every area of darkness that she can find. To sit with her feelings to process them, fight with them, to finally defeat them only by allowing them to go free.

Mercury and Uranus will encourage this release by creative, expression through talking, singing, dancing, or outrage. It may be a good time to go back to what you really enjoy doing the most and find ways to express your inner feminine and masculine, shadows, and sexuality and security in the most appropriate ways. Ridding yourself of toxic habits, people, relationships and environmental factors is required for your happiness. It is likely that these boiling points of release are to give you the courage, power, and permission to –

Do Things Differently
The Time Is NOW

Much of what we are seeing erupt in the world news, media, earth, climate, and more is due to this climatic energy of the elements as we reach the end of the 333 energies from December and enter into the Dawn, the Transition, the Shift in both our inner and outer worlds.

This is not a time to invite fear but to face it once and for all. Do not support which you despise, simply support what you love and Do What Is Right For You. Let others make their choices and express their free will and everything will be made into Gold.

Chiron Offers Deep Healing for Pallas, Lilith, the Moon – Dawn of the Age of Aquarius

Sidereal Chart of 1/15/2020 12:30 PM PST
Astrology Chart of 1/15/2020 12:30 PM PST (UTC -8) Washington, USA | Screenshot of app Chart by AstroVizor

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, of healing, mind, and communication. Today we have a lot to consider in these topics, as there is a huge Cross and many challenges we will face today!

Read yesterday’s post about the Guards Mars, Pallas, and Vesta to get caught up!

Pallas, the feminine warrior is struggling with the square to the Moon (Virgo), both dealing very much with the Feminine’s sense of Security & Earthly Efforts.

Pallas is also Squaring both Lilith and Chiron in Aquarius, the Water Bearer of Humanity.

Aquarius rules that of technology, biology, and evolution of humanity. We can see in every direction, how very much change needs to occur for expansion and growth to take place in a positive way for all Living Beings. Not just us humans, not just earth itself, but all other forms of life as well. The largest organism on this planet are the fungi and the most populated species are bugs – by the trillions. So let’s just take a moment to use our blessed intelligence to make the Wisest Decisions Possible about our Lives.

It is at this Time that we are in transition to, the Dawn of the Age in Aquarius. As that period of time between the seasons of Fall and Winter, we are about to be a part of the shift into a “New Age”, or Galactic Season.

Healing deeply personal issues is what the conjunction of Lilith and Chiron offers the Collective of Every Living Thing. Let that sink into every vibrant cell of your body, because this is an opportunity to clear and release all the trauma you have endured deep within your life. Opposite the Moon in the purity of Virgo, we are blessed with the clarity of this coming to life in each of our lives.

Forgive not forget. No blame, no shame.
Let’s just: Do Things Differently This Time

The Time Is Now

To complete this Grand Square Cross, is the North Node in Gemini, opposing Pluto and the rest in Sagittarius.

I find this extremely beautiful because of the Duality represented by Gemini and the Twins, or the Twin Flames coming in Union some would interpret. Met with the focused, adventure that the Galaxy and Beyond offer at it’s Core (the Galactic Sun) empowers us to Shoot Our Own Arrow with precision, perfect aim, and full confidence it’s your ability!

To be honest it’s not about a union of marriage or a one-world government…

It’s about the personal relationship with your environment, both your inner world and soul personality spark – but your galactic connection to what is outside of you. For you are an active part in all of this and more in every moment – We only need to realize how much we affect each other.

Today’s Solar, Earth and Science News

Read Yesterday’s Post here

Temporary Blindness Before the Change You Always Wanted to See

Temporary Blindness Before the Change You Always Wanted to See

Sidereal Astrology for the Guards: Mars, Pallas, and Vesta This Week

Using Sidereal Astrology, Mars is in Scorpio and will be in alignment to Antares, Heart of the Scorpion by Thursday. Mars rules our Solar Plexus Chakra and is concerned with our Free Will, Choice, and Action. Making no aspects to any other spheres today, we may feel free to open ourselves up to the possibilities and simply observe them for a time, before making any actual decisions to act just yet. Mars is on standby in the depths of our inner wisdom and hopefully, we’re uncovering our own perceptions of what it would Feel like to be Free!

Pallas is part of the Sagittarius alignment, which in Tropical systems is a Capricorn Stellium! Loads of posts and interpretations have surfaced about this so I’m going to apply the Pallas perspective and aspects in Sidereal today.

Pallas the Guard, the Feminine Warrior of Passion, is aligned to Scorpio-Sagittarius is Aculeus, a Butterfly Cluster of stars seen hovering above the stringer of the Scorpion. As any planet passes through the end of Scorpio into Sagittarius they are greeted with Blindness. I think it is mostly because the Galactic Center in Sidereal is within the first seven degrees of Sagittarius! The Largest Center of Light in Our Galaxy – with that said this is the moments of temporary Blindness and can be known to cause certain physical effects to the blood, tendons, and veins.

Pallas is found in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter, and so we can assume this Blindness could be manifested as a temporary block of Sacral (Jupiter) and Solar (Mars) energies within. It may be hard to understand how your final project will look but I would like to remind you that the Passionate Warrior, can still Feel her way through!

An opportunity presented by the Sextile to Venus in Aquarius will make this possible!

Another positive aspect Pallas makes today is a Trine to Uranus (in motion now) in Aries.

Uranus, the Change-Maker, is ready to throw quick, instant change of mind and heart to influence us in the right ways. Using the Fire found in Sagittarius energy, can move very quickly and produce heat! Heat in most processes is necessary for change to occur, even for Ice to form a certain amount of heat is required at a molecular level.

Tomorrow I’ll take a moment to further explain the square’s we’ll see with Pallas, Lilith, and Neptune among others!

Vesta is close to Uranus (stationary) in Aries energy of the Ram. Uranus is aligned to Mesarthim and has been hovering here for some time. At the time that the Greeks ‘invented’ their version of Astrology, that in many ways we still adapt today, this star Mesarthim marked the Beginning of the Zodiac!

Mesarthim is a very special Star to me personally, I feel inclined to tell you how very important this energy is for me as a being of Uranus! Change is coming! And it’s a blessing my friends!

Change is what we need! It may be challenging times for our personal lives, but it is for the benefit of what is to come when we progress through our challenge and learn our lessons.

Self Healing Tips

When we confront our own inner feelings and concerns. When we take care of our mental and emotional needs, our physical bodies are regenerated by natural design. Do not be afraid to release, heal, and confront yourselves in these ways. When you do, you free yourself from the perpetual cycles of disaster, hurt, and ignorance to what is true for you.

Vesta is that of Devotion, Commitment, and Sovereignty. She is concerned with our Spiritual Lives and Service to Others. Let it be known that Vesta and Uranus are calling us into action very soon and it would be wise to adjust your habits, routines, and self-care to be in better alignment with your True Nature.

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Today’s Solar, Earth & Science News

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Temporary Blindness, Sidereal Astrology for 1/14/2020
Photo by Jeremy Lishner on Unsplash
Bringing it Back Down to Earth – The Nurturing Care of Moon, Ceres & Juno this Week

Bringing it Back Down to Earth – The Nurturing Care of Moon, Ceres & Juno this Week

The Moon makes many aspects and alignments as it quickly cycles around us, in this way our own emotional swings are also flowing quickly through our own fluids.

This Week’s Moon Forcast Table:

DateTropical + SiderealLight & PhaseRise Time & Age (days)Lunar Theme
Full Moon
Wolf Moon Eclipse
4:37 PM
White Cosmic Wind
Waning Gibbous
5:49 PM
Blue Magnetic Night
1/12/20Leo93.5%7:07 PM
17 d
Yellow Lunar Seed
Leo86.6%8:26 PM
18 d
Red Electric Serpent
1/14/20Virgo77.6%9:46 P
White Self Existing Worldbringer
1/15/20Libra67.2%11:03 P
20 d
Blue Overtone Hand
1/16/20Libra55.9%12:20 AM
21 d
Yellow Rhythmic Star
Waning Cresent
1:36 A
22 d
Red Resonant Moon
1/18/20Scorpio33.7%2:20 A
23 d
White Galactic Dog
Sagittarius23.8%4:03 A
24 d
Blue Solar Monkey

Aspects of the Moon in Leo Today:

  • Opposes Venus in Capricorn (fire to earth)
  • Squares Mars in Scorpio in a positive way (fire to water)
  • Healthy Trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius (fire to fire)
  • Challenging Square to Uranus in Aries (fire to fire)
  • Trine to Pallas in Sagittarius (fire to fire)
  • Sextile opportunity with the North Node in Gemini (fire to air)

The Moon’s cycle this week is mostly affecting the Fire elements, as explained in yesterday’s post which covers the Sidereal Sagittarius alignment of many spheres including the Sun, Mercury, Ceres, Pallas, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto! It’s quite amazing!

Screenshot from Solar System Scope app for 1/10/2020 Planetary Alignment

The Life-Giving & Nurturing Care of the Moon, Ceres, and Juno This Week

Ceres is most definitely involved in the alignment in Sagittarius, as we can see in the above image. Ceres is concerned mostly with the aspect of ourselves that involves our Care for Nature, Harvest and Planting Resources, and our own Self Care Habits. In this energy, I think Ceres is concerned with Abundance and the Mentality (Mercury) of Beneficial powers of Order to the Chaos and the can-do, no-fear attitude that it takes to manage the Crops and Goods of Life. We must not forget to know the value and qualities that our efforts produce as an effect.

I like to think that Pluto is enforcing our inner power and intuition to Remember the Power we have to Influence our Environment. For those of us that know the power of positive thinking, it brings the vibrancy of those thoughts immediately. If you hold a cup of water under stress, the molecules of the water will become discouraged. If you were to hold a glass of water in gratitude, the molecules will align and form amazing formations that will benefit your body in healing. You can apply this to anything in your environment to affect it.

Juno is in her own home territory of Virgo energy of the Mother. The mature nature of Juno as Jupiter‘s wife can remind us of our Mature Feminine in our own lives, and our own bodies. In this energy, we are maturing ourselves within. We are growing and learning and analyzing what we know, have, and take part in!

The Squares Juno makes this week are to the Sun, Saturn, Pluto, and Ceres in Sagittarius. Reminding them all to come back to Earth, to make it real. To speak the truth, organize and control the pressure and limitations to instead go forth and work hard for the right reasons.

Self Care Tips ❣️

The Winter has come and it is time to make sure we are prepared, comfortable, and ready for what is to come. To fall and cover this season of our cycle. The warmth that the Fire Elements offer at this time is a Blessing to the presence of a Cold Winter – it’s just that we need to remember our own inner Warmth, most easily felt with those we love and activities that bring us joy and happiness.

🌋 There is a lot of activity going on out there, I highly suggest catching up with the Space Weather


Major Planetary Alignment in Sagittarius – Sunday’s Sidereal Astrology for the Sun, Earth, and You!

Greetings Fellow Beings,

I apologize for my astrology absence since the Holidays, I feel as though I have been on standby as I personally engage with the energies of life during the transition into the Winter Season.

Since the 10th we have been within a 3+ day Lunar Cycle that has been Emotionally Intense.

Have you noticed your own control, world, or life being challenged? Old resentments and feelings coming to the surface so that you can express yourself?

Cry it out, talk to a friend, or meditation can help clear these old hurts for good. This is the goal of this lunar cycle and beginning to the Eclipse season.

Last night’s 1/10/2020 (or celestial code 10012020) was a Cancerian Wolf Moon Eclipse that is helping to Liberate our Emotional Intelligence within each of our lives, the Earth’s Water element, and further integration into new territory for Earth.

I encourage everyone to help your friends and family members who may be struggling at this time. Holding space and time for them to let their feelings be heard. And do not yourself, be so shy, it is a great time to reach out to those you love and offer them the truth about how you feel and think as well!

Universal Solar Perspective of 1/10/2020 Astrological Alignments

Screenshot from Solar System Scope app for 1/10/2020 Planetary Alignment

In this image, we can see first hand what is charted by Sidereal Astrology that I will now begin to interpret for you as best as I can. Keeping in mind that in Tropical or Sidereal Astrology, we are placing the zodiac around the belt, centered upon Earth. For a moment, if we can recognize that our Sun is between us and the outer Pluto, Saturn and Ceres. To us, the Sun is in Sagittarius, will tell us that it is in alignment with the Galactic Sun. In fact the majority of the alignment of these Mercury, Ceres, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto are all within the alignment to the Galactic Center! Wow!

Within the Sagittarius energy, we find the engaged Hunter, struggling to remain relevant in the times of this strange weather and climate changes we are experiencing. Not to mention the changes in our magnetic field, and our Earth’s North and South Poles noted within the Cosmology Science Community.

Recommended Music: Invincible – Tool, 2019

Note that in Tropical Astro this line up is in Capricorn, which is in the perspective of Seasonal occurrence.

From a Galactic and Universal standpoint, there is no doubt that the actual location of the planets is in alignment with the stars and galaxies that are actually the constellation of Sagittarius – not Capricorn. This is rather important to understand so that as I list the following Stars that are localized to the position of each planet today – we can understand that it is not calculated with the Tropical House System – the Fix Star Sidereal Chart Data considers the Spheres location within the existing constellation of fixed stars.

1/12/2020 Today

Alignment of Stars & Planets in Sagitarrius (Fire)

Sun conjunct 12/18
PholusCentaur7 Spiculum
Sun conjunct 12/23
Sun conjunct 12/30
SunStar27Galactic Sun
SaturnPlanet27 Galactic Sun
PlutoDwarf27 Galactic Sun

Additionally, Venus is in Aquarius with Neptune.
Lilith and Chiron are conjunct together in Pisces.
These are also really interesting energy all in itself!

Uranus has gone stationary in Aries, and not too far away in degrees is Vesta. The North Node is still in Gemini, opposing all that is going on in Sagittarius. More to help than to hurt, the transition that this shift in energy is producing is balanced with its opposing side. I find that the North is there to “pull” or “lead” the direction of motion of the collective in which we are apart.

Keeping in mind that Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius are all Masculine, Yang Signs in the Element of Fire: Air: Fire …

I’d invite you to catch up in the climate and weather reports for the Sun, Global Earth and recent science from yesterday, 1/11/2020

After Australia’s Wild Fires were finally put out by the Mass Efforts (thank you) of Water. I find that this Emotional Influence that the Moon’s Lunar Cycle and Eclipse in Cancer has had on both Fire & Air. To the point of creating Lightning, Ice, and Snow overnight the last few days. Sirius energies have helped these masculine energies find their own outlet of relief through the water and earth’s feminine energies of Cancer and Virgo.

What we may easily miss is the transmutation and Relationship between the Elements, within ourselves and upon Earth’s own elements. We are connected energetically in almost incomprehensible ways.

It seems that “earth” is “under attack” by the other elements. In Sidereal Astrology (still), Juno is in Virgo – and that’s it!

We have to invite the Seasonal Perspective of Tropical Zodiac to understand that this ENTIRE alignment in Sidereal-Sagittarius is actually represented as Capricorn in Tropical systems used! So that’s all found and felt by Capricorn, the Masculine Earth Element!

And that is the “above and below” alchemy perspective, I can offer you from Sidereal and Tropical Astrology at present.

How this is manifested into our own individual lives is personal. As we feel our way through our own emotions, the Earth and our System emits the same elemental purges and processes. Gaia just has a different way of expressing that than we do.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Focus on your own alignment through your chakras, and your own inner yang/yin energies

❣️ Emotional Healing is happening at a rapid, overwhelming pace – Reach out to your friends and loved once for support.

❣️ Be prepared to Emotionally Support those you love this year as they heal!

❣️ Simple Spiritual practice, connection, and opening can be extremely helpful and powerful at this time – Many helpful energies of light and love are available for spontaneous, miraculous emotional clearing this month.

Solar Sunday Energy Forcast for first week of January 2020!

Solar Sunday Energy Forcast for first week of January 2020!

In Sidereal astrology, the Galactic center is in the first 0-7 degrees of Sagittarius, while in Tropical it is charted between 26-28 degrees. Nearly anything and everything is heightened when attuned to this energy.

Right now, there’s a lot going on in Sagittarius:

  • Ixion – 3 degrees (TNO)
  • Pholus – 7 (Centaur)
  • Jupiter – 12
  • Mercury – 17
  • Sun – 19
  • Ceres 24
  • Saturn – 26
  • Pluto – 27

We can clearly see in the image that there is a strong, physical alignment of this!

Planetary Chain this Week

Each circle represents the chakra color. The color of the sign each planet is in currently indicates the element of that sign.

All leading to Jupiter at the center of the chain. Both the Sun and Mercury give into Jupiter. Another string from Venus, to Saturn, to Jupiter.

A long chain from Neptune to Uranus leads to Mars, as well as the Moon to Mars. From Mars, feeds Pluto and into Jupiter.

The flow of energy is feeding into our own potential for the growth and development of our own creations! Even the Heart of Venus leads the Roots of survival meets in the middle for the Sacred Sacral Chakra to churn and move and make space for this creative growth and manifestation.

The long chin from the subconscious veil of Neptune and Uranus filters into our conscious will to create our reality. We find the power from Pluto, deep within, to bring the form to your life.

A powerful realization of how this energy is playing out in your life right now can greatly benefit your overall health if we can listen deeply, stay calm, and follow the gentle intuition as you are guided into the path that is meant for you.

01/05/2020 Solar Scope
01/05/2020 | Solar Scope App Screenshot

Seasonal Tropical Astrology Tips

As the Tropical zodiac gives us a better view of the seasonal implications we can view the chart in the sidebar. Right now the Sun is in tropical Capricorn season of the Earth element. So is the Moon, as it enters Taurus, indicating that we might feel more emotional about our belongings and materials, what we consume, use, and want in our reality. Since Mercury is also in Capricorn, we can assume a tendency to think about all Earthly things more often than normal.

In this more material season in the tropical, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Pallas are all in Capricorn energy as well. Bringing about the Seasonal feeling of Darkness that Winter Brings. Get ready to bundle up and expect some rain or snow. Getting out those winter clothes and preparing the cars and stuff might feel extra good to cross off the list this week.

HelioCentric Galactic Center Chart-Check

If we use a Helio/Sun Centered chart with a Galactic Center zodiac, Earth is found in Gemini at 17 degrees.

What’s important to note about looking at this is understanding the Geometry with the Sun in the Center. In the sky looking down on our solar system, Mars in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Uranus trines over to Jupiter/Mercury in Sagittarius at the galactic center! To instigate this complete triangle is a sextile from Jupiter/Mercury to Mars in Libra.

We have an interesting integration happening between our ability to Create and Express, our Will to take Action, and the Transformation and Change in Habits it would take to accomplish our tasks, projects, work.

Balancing our life means knowing what it takes to do what you need to do. From the sidereal astrology last week, Juno in Virgo is willing to dig out those details but none of the other planets were willing to agree with what was being discovered. Did you figure it out? If not, hopefully, you take the incentive to get things done for the sake of the ultimate plan.

From deep within, Neptune is making a sextile to Moon, as well as Pluto, Saturn, and Ceres. Opportunities to clear any past records, memories, and ideas that no longer suit you.