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Chakra Rulers & The Elemental Energies They Serve

Chakra Rulers & The Elemental Energies They Serve

To satisfy the Chakras and the Planetary Rulers assigned to them, we can look to the archetypes of the zodiac for guidance. Not to be taken too literally, Alchemy has some interesting points to governing our body’s rhythms, cycles, and organic pursuits to live a healthy life of vitality. When concerned with our physical wellbeing, we must consider the elements of emotion, thought through energy and consciousness.

May you engage in your subconscious understanding of the ancient archetypes, spirits, and angels, known to you through zodiac symbolism, association, and source while you read for full understanding.

This post is my own attempt to explain the energy of the human body for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. You can view the Correspondence Used in this post, in full, in the Self Healing and Spiritual Health Databases here.

NameElement / ForceKeywordsRulerHouse +/-
Mars1 Yang
Venus2 Yin
Mercury3 Yang
Moon4 Yin
Sun5 Yang
Mercury6 Yin
Venus7 Yang
Pluto8 Yin
Jupiter9 Yang
Saturn10 Yin
Uranus11 Yang
Neptune12 Yin

Cardinal is a leader, initiator and action taker but has poor follow-through. Fixed is stubborn yet stable. Mutable is flexible and distracted.

Image: Read about Biological Resonance from
From left to right, bottom to top: Fig 1 is Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer (water). Fig 2 is Sagittarius, Leo, Aries (fire). Fig 3 Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus (earth). Fig 4 Aquarius, Libra, Gemini (air)

Saturn, Ruler of the Muladhara Chakra

Rulers of Saturn are Archangel Cassiel, Ruler of the Seventh Heaven ” Encircled by fire, is surrounded by the Seraphim, Cherubim, and Ofanim”, & the Devoted Archangel Jophiel ~ Lessons of Binah

I’ve found that satisfying the Root Chakra of Saturn means balancing the Capricorn and Aquarius energies within your body. Indicated on the middle finger of Space as the Finger of Saturn. Finding ways to balance the Air and Earth in your life brings harmony to the needs of the Root Chakra of Survival. This makes literal sense as well, as we must breathe, eat, and drink. Much of the energy that we receive comes through our feet, directly from the connection to Mother Earth.

Your Body is a Temple, restored and rebuilt by what we eat, drink and breathe. Saturn limits what we do and what we think by means of preservation and survival. The strict need to be responsible to our needs is Governed by the need to Live.

May we limit the control that stress has on our own Temple, and aim to restore the spiritual roots of Self. By negotiation, you might instead clear your life of negative stresses that bog down your world and instead, focus on the things that make you feel the Capricorn’s Drive to Climb, and the Aquarius’s Will to Serve.

How do you negotiate regeneration in your own Body, or “Temple”?

  1. Sit up straight, relax your hands, feet, then face
  2. Close your eyes, or relax your muscles and speak the word “Temple” out loud
  3. Feel your bodies response, relax into the energy and listen to the rhythms
  4. Find the rhythm of your pulse, heartbeat
  5. Find the spark of energy and nervous system
  6. Then the still more subtle, synergy of cellular activity as you go deeper within the micro-world of your body
  7. Tell these cells to regenerate, detoxify and cleanse, to create more T cells.
  8. Use your heart to send out love to the body, and your body will produce a response of pleasure and production.
  9. You may notice the effects of this communication for minutes, hours, or days as your body begins to regenerate and heal on a cellular level.

These are the necessary components to survival, thus your Root Chakra: Eat, Sleep, Drink and Breathe Well, With the Will to Serve and Love Others Unconditionally. Your body follows your lead, you can do that consciously or unconsciously. It is simply your choice.

Jupiter, Ruler of the Svadisthana Chakra

Planetary Rulers of Jupiter: Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration Archangel Sachiel, Ruler of the ‘golden’ Sixth Heaven & Joyous Archangel Anael, Ruler of the Second Heaven “composed of Water & Fire” – Lessons of Chesed

The Sacral Chakra of Jupiter, needs the flow of Pisces and Sagittarius, of Water and Fire, to work together instead of fight each other off. Not always the easiest to Balance the forces of Creation. As we can see from the Finger of Jupiter, Air. As discussed in the Sacred Sacral Chakra post, this is very entangled with the need to Create New, truly an area of life that demands Change and Transformation.

This area of the body has a lot to do with Digestion and Waste Removal, which makes literal sense as well as we take in (from below) and process this (above) to Create or Remove anything in our lives. The goal is usually to neutralize, blend, and transform.

Mars, Ruler of the Manipura Chakra

Planetary Ruler of Mars: Warrior Archangel Camael, of the Seraphim Order ~ Lessons of Geburah

The Solar Chakra of Will, ruled by Mars demands a sense of Freedom and Honor. The energies of Aries (the first in line) can be seen as the split of our Right and Left Brain Hemispheres, the battle of the Ego self and the Other selves. If we are spiritually active, then this becomes an easy bridge to cross using Logic and Reason together to solve problems. Some people, don’t actively use their Crown Chakra though. This is further complicated by the Sexual Needs and Desires of Scorpio, ruling the sex organs and sex drive. This is an intricate and delicate dance between Interactions Spirituality and Sexuality, concerns with the social nature of life in action.

Usually, it is a soul struggle to calm the needs of our Solar Chakra and spend a good portion of our lives bound by the lower chakra energy because of this. Never getting to the New Ideas of Aries from the Higher Chakras. In other words, the needs from below are never understood by the needs from above. Making this one of the most difficult chakras to Balance, suffocating our energy of related meridians and systems.

Self Healing Tips

Consider Bonding your Solar Plexus of Mars (Will) to your Crown of the Sun (Spirit) by Balancing the Chakras together, and connecting your hands to them in meditation.

“Connecting Heaven and Earth” and “the Hookup” exercises by Dona Eden (her channel here) in the book Energy Medicine – These exercises connect the right energy systems to help with this.

Carrying Amethyst will also help with this conscious effort to connect within.

Venus, Ruler of the Anahata Chakra

Planetary Ruler of Venus: Archangel Anael, The Second Heaven of Prayers from both heaven and hell – Lessons of Netzach

Mars is always “chasing after” Venus, which makes sense to our Heart Chakra, ruled by Venus. Libra of Air and Taurus of Earth, instills that we must love unconditionally or we risk being judgemental and unaccepting of ourselves and others in our life. Our Heart Thinks for Itself, single thoughts, not divided by the brain such as the Solar Chakra. We can see that Libra energy resides in the higher Solar, lower Heart area. It is here that we can make Heart-Based Decisions, and pull ourselves up and into action to Serve Others and Ourselves in the Strength of the Bull, Taurus. Which rules our entire area of the Chest. Acting as the Field of Peaceful Love and Acceptance, or the Battle Field of Riding the Bull within.

Most don’t know the depth of the heart and the meaning behind Venus. With any study of the Qabalah, the Sephira Spheres offer us some insight into the Truth of the Heart. Venus is the symbol of Knowledge, a combination of Wisdom and Understanding, Daath. You can not love what you do not Know, you can’t understand what you do not know. And thus, the constant conundrum of the Heart lays in the pursuit of Knowledge. (THIS is what Mars is actually chasing! Thy Will to know thy Self.)

Mercury, Ruler of the Visuddha Chakra

Archangel Raphael, Ruler of the Second and Third Heavens, and the Archangels ThemselvesThe Third Heaven has many associations including The Abyss, the Tree of Life, The Trunk of the Tree, the Garden of Eden, among others ~ Lessons of Hod

The Throat Chakra of Mercury is as highly complex as Hermes, Enoch, and Thoth All suggest. The Left Brain crosses in the neck and operates the Right side of the body. The Right Brain crosses and operates the Left side of the body. This twist of energy can get confused, and thus the struggle to Express through our Words, or Logos is complicated by Gemini and Virgo. These are probably, the most misunderstood of all signs, go figure!

Gemini embodies the energy of the Twins, Castor and Pollux, running through each side of the body as it divides as an equal mirror. One Twin is mortal (logic), the other immortal (reason). Neither is right or wrong, good or bad. They each have their own skills, rewards, and fates met by their actions of both light and dark. Representing the duality, the Pillars, and structure. This Air sign is one of Communication, Effort, and Stability in any creative structure or building – in this case, the body as a separated whole! Virgo is one of analysis. organization and perfection. She is often described as the Virgo, Mother Mary, as the pure vessel of earthly perfection. The constellation is regarded with agriculture, development, and long term efforts to wield results and success earned with hard work and faith. Thankfully, this energy resides within the Solar Plexus Chakra of the body, feeding the higher need for balancing the duality of the physical bodies’ needs, desires, and demands. Balancing the world of Air and Earth requires patience, intelligence, and devoted efforts to the self, and the world made manifest, in the mental and spiritual fulfillment in every moment – no easy feat I know. But at least now you know too!

Moon, Ruler of the Anja Chakras

Ruler of the Moon is Archangel Gabriel, Ruler of the First Heaven, of Water and Air, and the Fifth Heaven of Watchers, a Prince of Cherubim ~ Lessons of Yesod

The Third Eye is probably the most complicated of all the Chakras. In my study, there are at least 7 Principles of our Mind that could be considered Chakras – All relating to the Third Eye Chakra of the Moon and the Crown Chakra of the Sun. These energies of the Higher Chakras work in an effort to combine Cancer (water) and Leo (fire).

The flow of our fluids, energy, and subtle bodies are working in flux with the mental and spiritual aspects of life, self, and environmental perceptions. This takes place in the Higher Heart, or Thymus Chakra area, above what we feel there is Wisdom. Below what we think, there is Understanding.

And this is the struggle of the Heart mentioned earlier.

Sun, Ruler of the Sahasrara Chakra

Ruler of the Sun is Archangel Michael, Ruler of Fourth Heaven, and the Order of Seraphim – Lessons of Kether

A lot of the time, even if we receive the signals of Water (Mother) and Fire (Father), we may not be able to fully use and understand them. This is simply why living some form of spiritual receptivity is important to the entire body, of the organs, heart, and mind as a Whole.

Governed by our spiritual knowledge of energy, mind, feelings, and activities as we perceive our experiences in life.

In combination with the worldly life of an earthly human individual, we also exist to a universal collective conscious complex of spiritual manifestation of source creation.

Why does it matter to me?

What we see is what we get.
But what we see is based on what we know.
What we don’t know, we can’t understand.

Mine experience of Daath

In relevance to the topic of energy, we can attune the Spiritual Masculine to Electric Energy, in action to Create – Yang. The Spiritual Feminine to the Magnetic Energy, to manifest and Attract – Yin. The synchronicity of life is given and taken, but always in Motion. Contrary to some modern new-age ideas, you are a Whole, a complete and perfect being of Self, as is.

May the influence of another’s field act as an amplification to your own vital energies.

What Qi are you keeping and what are Ki you giving away?

“The body is made up of many chakras that parallel the Meridian paths flowing through the body. The seven main Chakras are connected by three major Nadis located parallel one another. The degree of Chakra and Meridian activity in a person’s body is dependent on the person’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state of health.
If a Chakra is damaged or blocked, it hampers the flow of Qi/Ki that is channelized into the body through the Meridians. If the Meridians have blockage or low Qi/Ki flow, one cannot be in an optimum healthy state of being. When the Qi/Ki flow is not free flowing and healthy, there is a condition of imbalance in one of the four aspects in the state of being healthy. Balance is maintained when the flow of Qi/Ki is free and strong. When it is weak or blocked; illness and imbalances occur. This is when we find unhealthiness in mind, body or spirit because of a blockage into one of these two areas.”

Reiki Rays, How the Meridians and Chakras Work Together? (new window)

Navigating the Pathways of Life’s Currents

Simply the best way I have found to navigate the true healing and vitality of the Chakras has been the Qabalah.

If we place our own bodies to align with this image we find ourselves in a unique understanding of what it takes to Balance our Chakras and Energies, as well as our Life.

We must make the rounds through Yin and Yang, from Top to Bottom, and Left to Right.

The lessons of the Qabalah give us a spiritual base to work on our mental, emotional and physical lives. In benefit of course, to Love, Happiness, and Health as a result.

Remember, “Chakra” is the Sanskrit word for Wheel

The Chakras are each a vortex that takes in and gives out energy and information.

The chakras are major energy centers in the body. They are the body’s energy “organs”. They transmit and receive large amounts of energy and information to and from our environment. The chakras also send information within the body through the meridian system. They spin in a vortex or funnel shape, with the center of the funnel connecting at the spine.

– ReikiRays, Chakras

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician.

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Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality, by Dona Eden (View On Amazon)

Why do we feel the way we feel? How do our thoughts and emotions affect our health? Are our bodies and minds distinct from each other or do they function together as parts of an interconnected system?

Take the Free MindVally class with Dona Eden here – loads of amazing content and introduction.

Truly the book and her Youtube Channel are a quick way to get in touch with the science and understanding of what this means for your health, life, and wellbeing.

The Meridians & Energy of the Hands & Feet

The Meridians & Energy of the Hands & Feet

Today we are exploring how our Meridians run through the Hands and Feet. I have always been interested in Palmistry but like Astrology, it hasn’t been given any scientific credit for what it implies.

Let’s tackle what energies we can attune to our hands before we move onto the entire body and our chakras in the following posts (listed at the bottom of this post).

We can really see the effects of our hands when we use them as tools – for everything.

Meridians that Run Through the Hand:

  • Mars, Lung Meridian from the Thumb
  • Jupiter, index finger, Large Intestines
  • Saturn, middle finger, Circulation Meridian
  • Sun, ring finger, Triple Warmer Meridian
  • Mercury, pinky/small finger, Heart Meridian, Small Intestine

On the Foot, if we align the rulership to extend the toe extremities we get some other meridians:

  • Kidney Meridian from the Wellspring, or center of the bottom of the foot
  • Mars, Liver Meridian to the Spleen Meridian using the big toe
  • Jupiter, Stomach Meridian from the 2nd toe
  • Sun, middle toe Gallbladder Meridian
  • Mercury, Bladder Meridian through the smallest toe
  • Moon, Fluids the side/edges of the hand is ruled by the Water Elements: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Notice for a moment, the lines and curves that make up your Finger Print. Are these the energetic Circuits of your body moving through you? .. or just simply for “grip”…

The chakras related to emotional life is made manifest through the hands and our expression. This is quite interesting when you apply it to what Astrology and Palmistry indicate is going on in our physical body!

  • FIRE, “LAM” | THUMB | Aries, the Thumb following down the outside of the hand into Libra | Lung Meridian
  • AIR, “YAM” & “HAM” | INDEX |Aries, Taurus, Gemini (1-3) of the first index finger of Jupiter | Large Intestines
  • SPACE, “OM” | MIDDLE | Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces (10-12) of the middle finger of Saturn | Circulation Meridian
  • EARTH, “LAM: | RING | Cancer, Leo, Virgo (4-6) of the ring finger of Apollo/Sun and Uranus | Triple Warmer Meridian
  • WATER, “VAM” | PINKY | Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius (7-9) of the pinky finger of Mercury, then Libra flowing down into all water signs of Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces | Heart Meridian, Small Intestine
Mudras from

Mudras provide a unique way to combine the fingers in meditation to rebalance the energy meridians and thus, our chakras!

Mudras have been really helpful to me, as I work with my energy so consciously. I have learned the mudras that help me the most and to truly be able to bring my body and mind back into balance. To focus or to channel my energy forward.

This brings a whole new light to the Prayer Position of your Hands closed together. This brings a world of Harmony to the body and surges positive vibes through you, regardless of the mindset of the prayer being created within.

Mudras Image from

This is even more fun when we know which areas of the body that the energy is originating from (which we explore in-depth on this blog). Throughout the body, there are different energies from the zodiac archetypal signs. These match very well with other forms of medicine from the East, mixed with Western thought.

I mean to suggest in this post, the relevance of the mix of studies displayed here: Chinese Medicine, Reflexology and Acupuncture, Astrology, Alchemy, Hermetics, and Psychology. As a combined effort, we might be able to see how complex we really are, energetically speaking. That we run our physical bodies based on the energy of the world, our inner thoughts, and emotions, as they surge through our entire human network of Merdians and Chakras.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen

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Temperance of the Magnetic Feminine

Temperance of the Magnetic Feminine

The Moon is in Libra at 2% illuminance with a feeling of Peace and Inner Balance before going into a New Moon. Feeling the Void of this for 1-2 days of Scorpio influence, a time for giving over our troubles, and laying them down. Getting out of our own way, and changing course as needed.

By Thursday we’re at 5%, entering Sagittarius in a hopeful state of Realization. Over the weekend we’ll be into the Waxing 17-20% phase of Growth and Self Care, a time of open willingness after the dark voids and struggles of life. Keep that in mind as we read about this week and the more feminine aspects of our magnetic energy.

In Aquarius, Neptune is aligned to Castra of Capricornia. She is in Retrograde but in harmony with some serious influences this week: Vesta, North Node, Venus, Saturn, Pluto. – She needs it too, as Castra can be a Fortress of disaster or a Fortress of power and self-control.

Temperance and Balance is always the best strategy for our health. Being that it’s Neptune here, we’d be wise to be careful with our psychic senses and abilities. And keen to our subconscious temperament about how we feel with everything we are hearing and doing in the world around us.

Vesta is in Aries on her way towards the North Node now, as she was a major influence on us last week. We may have new ways of seeing our devotion and commitment this week as we make our way to the North Node. Right now Hades is sitting here too, making us realize all the nasty things that might be in the way of our dreams. It won’t be here for long, but this mix with Gemini of Air might make our minds a little overwhelmed with To-Dos and Have-TOS. My best advice is don’t get in your own way, help yourself and others and try your best to work together.

Vesta Trines over to both Pluto and Saturn for further understanding of what lays ahead. Bolstering our inspiration to adventure into the unknown, to be faithful.

Ceres is in Sagittarius aligned to Antares! This can be trouble for many as our Feminine energy is challenged by the need to survive and strive. She struggles with Squares to Chiron, as does Venus and Cupido in Sagittarius with Ceres. So we’re up against the phrase, “Love is a Battlefield” and much of it is against self-made ideas and outcomes that have been lost, unforgiven, or traumatic. Some of us are realizing what the outcome of things have been and accepting, forgiving, consoling. Others are fighting a war inside that rages this week as we confront ourselves and our relationships as reality changes shape, season, and reason. My advice is to not fight, to not resist, and listen to yourself and the world around you because – You need You. There’s no one that can save you, “This is Resistance”. I offer the help of the Dragonfly Animal Spirit, to help you see through selfishness, greed, and stubborn conflicts that are not your own.

You need not know everything. Only what you are meant to understand and love unconditionally.

Pallas is aligned with Alphecca in Sagittarius, in a harmonious trine to Juno in Virgo to Zosma and Coxa. Being that Juno is the Heavenly Queen and Pallas, the Earthly Princess of sorts, these can be a great team. Pallas is concerned with the goodwill of all and will be there to support the cause for the whole. Where Juno, Jupiter’s loyal wife, is becoming strict to the moral ideal and spiritual wellbeing of the individual. These qualities may find ways to agree, as to what is the Best Case Scenario and How to Get There. Juno will help analyze, and Pallas will help accomplish it.

Interpretation by Lee Bowden using Sidereal Astrology Data for 12/25/19 15:42 Los Angeles

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Saturn’s Effort to Activate Happiness through Mars & Pallas

Saturn’s Effort to Activate Happiness through Mars & Pallas

Saturn has some strong influence in Scorpio as it aligns with Alphecca. Alphecca is a Behenian star and aspiring honor, dignity, and capabilities beyond our imagination.

Saturn is concerned with physical vitality and spiritual immortality. To say he’s a Big Picture Thinker is an understatement when it comes to the Responsibility of Saturn. Right now Saturn and Alphecca are aimed to embody that who honors and respects the ability to act by integrity and truth. He prefers to train others for discernment, to know what actions to take and what sacrifices to make for the collective whole and the soul’s true alignment with purpose and peace.

Happiness is possible when the role of Saturn is being fulfilled into the manifestation of the spiritual journey into the physical reality of matter into form.

Universal Astrology & Alchemy Daily | @luvlifewlee |

Saturn’s Instructions for Warriors Mars & Pallas

In conjunction to back the efforts of the Sun in Scorpio, he opens up to Mars Aligned to Zosma in Virgo. Zosma is of the nature of Saturn and Venus, acting out the Higher Octave of Saturn’s influence as a Feminine Form. Although Zosma can portray the ego and be moody, her calling is to cultivate and construct. She wants to hurry up and build the structure and be able to walk upon it with confidence.

If you are working towards your goals and ticking off the checklist for your projects, then both Saturn and Mars will be happy, and so you will be fulfilled in your efforts.

Mars is sextile to Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury – meaning their efforts are well supported with new ways to express, communicate, and work with others. Making the inner world more available to be expressed to the outer world. This also makes it easier to clearly perceive the outside world as it shifts and changes with us. Backed by not only the spiritual, but the scientific progress of the day!

Pallas squares off with Mars on a different set of battle instructions this week, and it has to do with keeping the Shadow self in check. Saturn wants Pallas to fall in line with the purpose and plan for peace and unity.

Vesta opposes Mars completely at the South Node, encouraging everyone to devote to their true path and purpose so that the Big Picture that Saturn is privy to knowing and understanding as to the ruler of the 7th Heaven.

What can you help to manifest as reality here for everyone? For yourself?

What Cassiel Has To Say About Happiness

Thinking about making changes in your life is not enough. We must bring forth this energy from deep within the Earth Chakra, through our Root base field of zero-point energy. Achieved through conscious meditative and mindfulness practice. Reaching higher states of brain cohesion through better brain wave function and frequencies.

This energy used for the mental manifestation of your goals is matched by your intention, belief, and standard of self-love and acceptance of others. If you feel the intensity of this in your life then you are indeed being aligned to the natural order of the world and you would be well to listen to your Higher Self, Guides, and Teachers at this time.

Archangel Cassiel is not going to intervein and cause blocks and barriers, he’s going to help clear the way by being there for you when no one else seems to be. The shoulder to cry on in the quiet while your release emotions or the comfort at night when home alone. The quality of self-preservation and strength under pressure is the essence of Saturn. You are never alone and are always connected to a source within, it is by the natural design of creation that this is so. In other words:

Let the Force Be With You

As the element of Lead holds us down and grounded in the 3D reality of dualist thinking and mentality of war is coming to an end. It is in an effort to transmute this Lead to Gold in the process of manifestation.

Saturn is the still small voice, the one standing on the other side of the fence, encouraging you to have no fear and jump over. Often she speaks through the shadow with the real reason for any attack is just in his efforts to “wake” you up and push you forward further into the future.

She knows what is waiting for you past the Veil of Neptune, Lilith, and Uranus’ intentions for this transformation. She knows what Priestess Vesta is keeping locked away in your past, and what she will send chasing you into the right direction for truth as needed. Neptune rules Capricorn and Aquarius, so we can see how Saturn is “headed for home” and to us, Home means Happiness.

Lunar Recycle Shifts into Aries

Saturn knows what must occur in divine timing, and she’ll be there for you tonight as the Moon surrenders into Release and overdue moments of Sacrifice. At 13% illumination in Aries, meeting up with Alganib and friends. Promoting strong will and penetrating the mind, this can be difficult and destructive with too much heat. Or a keen ability to focus, understand, and discern information. Which, I think Mars and Pallas would both benefit from right about now after such powerful feminine changes to the Heart and Higher Chakras this week!

The theme this week has definitely Earth and Water elements and we can see this across our Earth as well, Gaia is really coming in with the changes in climate and it can be assumed that her Core is doing this same process of transmutation.

Truth of the Heart and the Souls Evolution

Truth of the Heart and the Souls Evolution

Venus is always being pursued by the efforts of Mars. He is at 11 and she is at 20 degrees Virgo. Venus is in alignment with Denebolo which is near both Arcturus and Spica. This influence is in the judgement of the elements, the tail of the Lion allowing him to keep balance in the hunt and eat, or loose concentration by distraction and go hungry. With Jupiter in the heart of Leo right now we should be careful to listen to our true Heart.

As we know now, the Heart is a thinking and feeling center all it’s own with its own electrical system. This system includes the higher heart, Thymus as well as our lungs taking in air. Right now we are being grounded by the Earth’s magnetic influence and electric radiation every moment. Soon this will charge through us with new understanding as our Higher Chakras are energized and cleared. This is a good time to consider making an effort to ditch addictions once and for all and do a good detox!

This is a difficult process for us emotionally because we’re not used to opening up to other people and admitting that we need help to progress through life. We want to be independent and do it all by ourselves.

When faced with the Truth it’s often hard to swallow our own pride, and see things for what they are and always have been. Especially when they have been so buried and unclear for so long now.

The importance of Letting Go of What We Think We Know is important so that we can allow our consciousness to grow so that we can come to Know and Understand our own Truth in our own life. Truth is of a wide variety, so let’s be careful not to push and pull other people’s ideas and thoughts. It’s hard enough to come to our own understanding without feeling the pressure of having to take on responsibility for everyone’s understanding. What you can do is be unconditional, meaning that you don’t force or influence change that is not for the greater good of everyone including yourself. Let people make mistakes and avoid making them yourself, setting an example says more than your spoken (or written) words.

Hades is in Cancer with alignment to Tejat, which is actually part of the Gemini constellation. This is the last bit of coming into balanced awareness of both the logic and the creative, the left and the right. All of the opposites being in harmony with each other instead of opposition. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. It is all a mix of mediums that makes up a whole. It is only what you perceive to be that is and we are reminded of this by Hades who insists on useful information, visualization, and following the Heart.

Physical Alchemy Effects

Tejat rules the center of the chest and Thymus. Completing this week we should have new Higher Heart activations of this new Chakra Center with the help of the lower and higher chakras being able to flow through the body.

The moon is aligned with Uranus in Pisces at 22% illumination during this Waning Cresent phase. We may feel the emotional Surrender into a full Release of old control programs we’ve placed on our Heart and Mind.

  • Activations in the Root Chakra are rising potential through cellular memory releases
  • Sacral Jupiter is in primal nature to create and inspired to make new from the old
  • Solar Plexus activations from Mars in Virgo is analyzing the deep wisdom from the Higher Chakras
  • Heart Center Chakras are growing and increases as the Thymus is being energized from the nervous center and spiritual endeavors
  • Third Eye is being cleared and cleansed by pure intention and the willingness to align with the Truth
  • Taking care of the physical body at this time will help clear the Temple for what becomes present from the Crown and Earth Chakras
The Presence of Many Upon the Higher Heart

The Presence of Many Upon the Higher Heart

Jupiter is expanding within the firey spirit of Leo. Supporting the efforts discussed Tuesday, he’s reaching over to Mars and Pluto offering expansion and explosive power to overcome and manifest new ideas and solutions to these problems of authority and power. Leo is ruled by the Sun who is searching in Scorpio secrets.

Pluto is aligned with Sabik and prone to the magnetic powers of attraction to excess and therefore deprivation. The tendency to overdo will be majestic when concerning ourselves with Leo, the true King of the cosmic intelligence. Prone to the pride of our ego, we should be careful with Jupiter here to not go over-board to a degree of obsession or carelessness of others and their journeys. No one has everyone else figured out, it’s about working together for the benefits that survival, life, beauty, and friendship has to offer us in this world today.

This is actually an excellent day for mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. These forces can be overwhelming blessings when we have done the healing and cleaning in our own Temple.

Jupiter’s other half, his wife Juno is having a ‘girl day’ with Venus in Virgo today. True happiness is on the mind of many and it’s for pure honesty and integrity this time around. Whether you are in search of a partner, in the midst of many partners, or in a partnership – it’s being challenged to prove itself with honest care and commitment. Such a demand for us to be ourselves in orientation with the world at large.

I know in my own life, I’m struggling to have a social life and care for others in my life as much as I do my husband and child. It’s not easy to balance with what I have, so the only answers are to let the Heart forever Expand with Unconditional Love for All as it is.

Anael’s Star Arcturus – A Helping Hand from On High

When we touch on this perspective I think of Arcturus which is actually ruled by Archangel Anael of Venus, the Higher Heart or Thylumus. They are very concerned with global consciousness expansion and unconditional love and acceptance. With the support that intelligent technology and communication can offer and I must agree! We are more educated by being able to communicate and learn from each other, our thoughts and integration are moving so much quicker when we can work together. This has a lot to do with the movements of the Moon at she approaches Acturus she will cross Juno in the pursuit of this deep understanding hidden within.

We should wake up feeling either uplifted with this Higher Understanding as we feel the Moons illumination at 30% Waning Cresent Approaches. We feel Protected in this phase before we Resist the inevitable feelings of Surrender to the Unknown Adventure of Experience we call Life Unfolds.

This has some resistance and opposition from Vesta who occupies the past in the South Node. As well as the healing offer by Chiron that may be prone to dive too deeply and forget to come up for air.

Resisting the Oncoming Storm

Juno is also opposing change from Uranus in Pisces that is encouraging this transformation in the water elements. We sure are seeing a lot of wet, cold, climate changes across the entire globe and it’s no wonder while Uranus is here!

One fish is verticle, the other horizontal and this has the Cross written all over it as Jesus portrayed the Age of Pisces of influence for Unconditional Love and Forgiveness. We would be right to take these lessons into consideration – he was after all a wander, a healer, a Dirty Street Kid.

Today is a time to digest and create from what you have learned. Hone this into your projects and creations. Make something of your suffering and inspire others to express themselves as equals. These acts of kindness will help the shadow self’s chains to loosen and the control of the ego to lessen. Allowing the healing to take place as intended.

The Energetic Rhythms of the Body-Mind

The Energetic Rhythms of the Body-Mind

When I first read Energy Medicine by Donna Eden I didn’t take the 5 energy Rhythms serious enough my first read through. It wasn’t until this month, as the seasons here in Washington are so dramatically different, that I started to notice the energetic effects of the Seasons. It’s the Autumn season that always hit’s the hardest for me, and brings about the most dramatic changes to a soon-to-end year, the solstice cycle.

“Your body, your movements, and your disposition were formed within the energy of one of the seasons of nature, and they are imbued with a rhythm that blends that season’s rhthm with the rhythms of the seasons preceding and following it. Beyond the rhythm that is embedded in your character, you move through all five rhthms many times during the cycles that comprimise a lifetime. Both your core rythm and the rhythm through which you are passing at any given moment profoundly influence the way you respond to the world.”

– Energy Medicine – Donna Eden
Five Elements Seasons Wheel

The 5 Rhythms of the Season

RhythmElementYang MeridianYin Meridian
Solstice/EquinoxEarthStomach Spleen
AutumnMetalLarge Intestine Lung
WinterWaterBladder Kidney
SpringWoodGallbladder Liver
SummerFireSmall Intestine,
Triple Warmer
Sex or Circulation

Within each “Season” of the year, there is also the Zodiac cycle. These are smaller rhythms within the larger season of Mother Earth. We can assume that we are influenced in a moment to moment basis because of the rhythms that we go through each day as well, as each Meridian has a Rhythm that it follows as well!

  • 7-9 AM the Stomach Meridian | Yang Earth
  • 9-11 AM the Spleen Meridian | Yin Earth
  • 11-1 PM Heart Meridian | Yin Fire
  • 1-3 PM Small Intestine Meridian | Yang Fire
  • 3-5 PM Bladder Meridian | Yang Water
  • 5-7 PM Kidney Meridian | Yin Water
  • 7-9 PM Sex/Circulation/Protector Meridian | Yin Fire
  • 9-11 PM Triple Warmer Meridian | Yang Fire
  • 11-1 AM Gallbladder Meridian | Yang Wood
  • 1-3 AM the Liver Meridian | Yin Wood
  • 3-5 AM the Lung Meridian | Yin Metal
  • 5-7 AM the Large Intestine Meridian | Yang Metal

What’s more interesting is to also take into consideration the Time that each Meridian takes to operate throughout the day. Interestingly, they feed into one another. In this way, if one meridian is lower energy because of weakness or illness, then the meridian function that comes after will have to work extra hard to operate, and then feed into the following meridian. Throughout the day, we can feel more or less energized depending upon the energetic flow of our meridians as they function throughout the day.

I really want to take this to the next level into our mental/emotional life and make this all relevant to understanding your own rhythm. If you do, you might be able to understand why you are more or less active, influential, or derailed.

  • Summer of Fire | Panic < Excitement
  • Equinox of Earth | Dependancy < Empathy
  • Autumn of Metal | Grief < Joy
  • Winter of Water | Fear < Confidence
  • Spring, Wood | Anger < Happiness

Each meridian has a line that you can easily trace backward, and then forwards to remove and then receive energy back into them. When one energy system completes it’s “job” it begins to cycle backward so that other energies can cycle through. But if you have cycles that are not flowing, are blocked, or already drained of energy. We can see how we might be dysfunctional throughout the day.

I’m really guilty of not having a good sleep schedule. Nearly all my life I’ve been a night owl, I still am. I skip breakfast and by 11 PM after dinner, I’m ready for second-dinner. This is something I’m trying to correct because I have noticed over and over, that the Gallbladder Meridian is off an over-active and instable. Something I am now aware of and can interact with consciously when I feel the need to.

You can easily good search to find any of these meridians, and simply trace them with your hands to interact with them.

I want to list the Meridians and affirmations for each as well as the Negative Emotion that each tends to be associated with each season. You will notice in my Self Healing Database that you can access here, that these negative emotions have positive healing phrases and oils associated with them. These may have a particular organ or Alarm Point that is linked to it. Can you see how your emotions? Energy? Thoughts? Rhythms? They are all interwoven together and you manage them all within your reality physically, mentally, and emotionally. What you don’t know, you can’t help.

  1. Central Meridian | I center myself in spirit
  2. Governing Meridian | I ground myself in gratitude
  3. Stomach Meridian | I trust the mystery of life
  4. Spleen Meridian | I nourish myself with love
  5. Heart Meridian | I love myself deeply, I accept myself completely
  6. Small Intestine Meridian | I know what I want, I am decisive
  7. Bladder Meridian | I feel hopeful, vibrant, and fully alive
  8. Kidney Meridian | I step forward with courage
  9. Circulation Meridian | I take great care of my heart, soul, mind, and body
  10. Triple Warmer Meridian | I honor my inner warrior, I am safe
  11. Gallbladder Meridian | I assert myself peacefully and release easily
  12. Liver Meridian | I am kind to myself

With a little bit of scrolling back and forth, I’m sure you can put together some pieces about yourself, and your own rhythms that you have. Parts and pieces that feel out of sync, probably ARE. And are the clues you need to make adjustments. It really is as easy as knowing your feelings, listening to your body, and making the right adjustments that better your life in a positive direction.

Closing Thoughts and Tips for Working With Your Meridians

What time of day are you most or least energized? Focused? Capable?
What elements affect you the most or the least?

What time of year are you the best? The worst? How does this relate to your everyday life habits and cycles?
What emotions are you struggling with right now? Do they relate to the season or time of day you are experiencing them?
What organs are weak, ill, or causing pain? What meridian are they aligned to?
What chakras are over-compensating for weak energies?

As someone born in Winter, you are going to feel most empowered at this time of the year, but also this time of day! It’s the season before and after that might give you some trouble. And it’s the same all the way around the wheel for anyone.

This may be true of your relationships too. Note that going the “wrong way” in these cycles is dysfunctional to the whole. You may be damaging yourself or others by interacting against the forces of the natural cycle of life. Your life follows your lead, I’m just suggesting you find the right time to make the best effects in your life. Find that flow in your natural path of self-preservation and wellbeing.

Are you making negative or positive efforts to those types of people in your life?

Please feel free to comment below! I encourage you to look up the meridians and try tracing them in the order above as they syncronize well in that order. When you get good at it it takes about 2 minutes, see the video below to see it in action. Easy right?

Prune Harris walks us through how to trace our meridians. Once practiced, this takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this site is intended for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment by a licensed physician. You should seek prompt medical care for any health issues and consult your doctor before using alternative medicine or making a change to your regimen

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Chiron Holds Key Solutions to Our Biggest Problems

Chiron Holds Key Solutions to Our Biggest Problems

Mercury is resurfacing from the depths into the air by reaching up and out from Scorpio in alignment with Nusakan, the Corona Borealis constellation of the Crown, or eternal Boat.

There is a reason that everyone is concerned with the historical truth of our ancestors, UFOs and coverups, science and government authority disagreements and everything we can see on the Public News these days. Doubled by the informed internet users of current day uncovering and revealing their own journeys, photos, experiments, observations, and research.

Do & Don’t Take It Personally

We are all going through this as individuals just as much as we are a collective, in fact, it is much more personal when we concern ourselves with ourselves. What we see in the world that is wrong and needs adjustment, is a reflection of what we should be doing in our own lives. Realizing that you can only control your self and your own actions should empower you to take action to better the world. Not condemn those who are not, as you are one in that reality. Shifting up and out of old patterns and shadows that tell us that we “can’t” are not going to hold anymore. You won’t allow yourself to stay settled in the darkness of secrecy for much longer. Prepare yourselves to transform from the cacoon, because the time of transformation is close and apparent to anyone who is looking within themselves to any degree of depth.

Mercury is making sense of the North Node and the South Node as a bridge of understanding. The South Node and Vesta in Pisces, are making a trine to Mercury.

Vesta is aligned with Sadalmelik which is corned with the Kingdom and Authoritative Power Structures. As this suggests above (and it gets better), this is something we are all thinking about to some degree. When applied to yourself you should be concerned with your alignment in the Kingdom if it would be perfect and not diseased. If your reality if fractured and separate then your life domain is not able to support the world’s concerns at large.

If you are well aware of your station, mission, and service then you can indeed lend a helping hand to helping the collective make informed decisions for our future.

Be the authority of your identity and empower others to do the same. By recognizing these qualities within we can better recognize this in others on the outside too. Can you make an informed vote? (I’m not being political but philosophical.)

Running Into Place for Peace

We are planning to make use of all this because of the sextile to the North Node, Mars and Ceres as discussed yesterday.

Vesta in the South is only encouraging us to move forward into the future, as a Shephard to the Sheep. Those of us who are aware of the Shephard will be wise to continue a devoted path of purpose and placement. Helping to herd those who might be wandering a bit, or floating away.

Chiron is aligned to Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius, under the direct influence of Deneb Algedi, one of the Bohemian Stars. Also strongly attuned to the concerns of life, death, happiness, sorrow, joy, and deceit.

We can see how the Key of Chiron of Healing Mercury, is simply to know your own pain and grow from it. Take the opportunity to get to know what lays in your subconscious this week.

What feeds your shadow and ego to deprive you of your passion? What drives you forward without effort? What are you running from that sends you into hyper speed?

Physical Alchemy

With Chiron at a square off with Neptune, we may not see or hear very clearly what it is we’re not understanding. That’s the point right. We’ll simply have to use our psychic senses to feel our way through, honing our intuition and insight further.

This is manifesting as the potential to purify the pineal gland with the Qi life force of the lower chakras. This is unlikely if the Heart is Blocked up with too much emotional chaos. The inner alchemy depends on the ability to transcend energy from top to bottom, left to right, inner to outer and vise Versa. Clearing these blocks in our chakras will dramatically help this process no matter how conscious you are as these changes integrate throughout your life around you.

Revealing the unseen will happen in full over time with the right synchronicity. I wouldn’t try to be in a very big rush right now. Take your time, do your research, think deeply, feel intent. Smooth over the bumps and heal the wounds.

There stars and planets involved here indicate the potential for the veins of the blood and nervous system to be affected.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Astrology Essential Oils for the energies that are troubling you
❣️ Get the right Yoga Chakra Bracelets – the Root and Third Eye particularly this week
❣️ Try some Aromatherapy to protect and clear your aura and environment
❣️ Check out this Focus & Clarity Kit from Rock Your Worth to get you started
❣️ Wear a Protection Bracelet if you’re having trouble stabilizing

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Sidereal Astrology Data interpreted by Lee Bowden from charts at for 11/20/19 12 PM PST Washington

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🍎 Read about What’s Surfacing with Mars & Pluto
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Desires for Truths Untold Surface with Mars & Pluto

Desires for Truths Untold Surface with Mars & Pluto

Last month I wrote about the Solar Plexus of Mars and Will. Right now Mars is taking an Earthy approach to analyzing actions and passions to know how to provide, and survive.

Mars is taking up a partnership to Ceres as she cares to go the distance in Capricorn with Nunki. The thoughts of mars and our spirits will are driven by this quest for knowledge through both philosophy and science. It here we may spend some additional time, gathering and analyzing the Harvest with Ceres.

This is in alignment with the direction the North Node, the entire human conscious collective is analyzing and researching, looking for the Truth and Solutions to old problems. The parts of history unknown and known, we don’t want to repeat anything – we’re in it for the survival of our race as a whole and we’re realizing all the many ways we can change to help the cause for this change too.

Lessen our use of plastic, carpooling to work, recycling, buying organic, and demanding clean sources of water and electricity is essential for all of us to get involved in. We know that. It’s time to do it, all of us together. We shouldn’t just be thinking about our kids or grandkids, but 7-14 generations ahead. What do we need to do to ensure our survival on this rock that long? Or do we?

Praise for Pluto’s Progress

Pluto’s approach to the Galactic Center is slow-moving but deliberate in its approach. Right now she is in alignment with Sabik, Knee of the Holder of the Snake. A very anxious and Uranus child, Sabik can cause great difficulty and seem to “cut us off” in a number of blocks and boulders that hit us right at the knee.

This Focus & Clarity Kit from Rock Your Worth helps you reduce anxiety, calm your mind, increase concentration, get clear on your thoughts, and allow you to feel free to express yourself authentically. It is the perfect toolkit to use when you’re feeling insecure, distracted or need a boost in confidence.
This bundle comes with our 6mm Sodalite Stackable Bracelet, Sodalite Worry Stone, a powerful crystal that eliminates insecurities, helps you communicate with confidence and improves self-esteem. Sodalite activates the Throat Chakra, so if you’re dealing with difficult people, drama or nervous about a meeting, keep this stone close by.
SodaliteSelenite and Palo Santo can help you shift your mindset and improve your mood. These tools can be used together or individually to ease anxious thoughts, amplify your energy, improve your focus and clear any negative vibrations you or your crystals have picked up.

The tendency to topple over, lose our balance, and come “undone” is strong as we adventure into new territory, a new age approaches and we’re in a good challenge to that power today.

Mars travels through the overwhelming mountain of information (discovery mission of Capricorn Earth Elements currently) and scientific data of long-winded questions. We can feel rather tired and overwhelmed. Prone to over-exertion and adrenal exhaustion.

To combat this effort, make sure to renew your strength and will power by taking time to relax, sleep often, and meditate. Make sure to clear out these negative emotional blocks from the Feminine Fluids (as discussed yesterday) to lessen the burden of Transformation that is eminent as we enter the new year of 2020!

Blessings to Pluto are coming from Jupiter in Leo, as well as a sextile for Chiron to offer healing. We’re feeling empowered by our Ego’s sense of Purpose and Possesions but we need to be aware of what we’re holding on to for selfish, unnecessary purposes to serve only the ego. We should be feeling gratitude for what we have experienced in this beautiful place and time in history. Holding onto only what is good for us, and serves to help those we love and the work we do! When we work together we accomplish great things in science and in spirit, so we would be well to take this key of Chiron and heal our way to Understanding.

This is truly what Mars is desiring right now, to know the Truth.
Our own personal truths.

Our Shadow is going to follow Neptune’s lead.
Vesta is pushing us forward.
Jupiter and Ceres are Cheering in the Crowd.
Mars will soon take action upon what comes to the surface.
Meaning, You will soon make manifest your desires.

I hope you are ready to spread your wings and sore, as your mental world opens and the sky becomes your playground. Or are you deep diving into your subconscious for answers you have yet to realize? Either way is the right way, and you will do what you must encounter yet another new day.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Try some Aromatherapy Spray
❣️ Take up some Yoga this Winter
❣️ Choose the Astrology Essential Oils that empower you the most right now
❣️ Focus on clearing the Root Chakra and Third Chakras with Chakra Essential Oils
❣️ You can clear these chakras further by wearing Chakra Bracelets or carrying an appropriate stone – check out my Self Healing database here

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Sidereal Astrology Data interpreted by Lee Bowden from charts by for 11/19/19 12 PM PST Washington

🌓 Read Yesterday’s Alchemy of the Moon & Astroids
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Feminine Offerings to Heal from the Moon and Asteroids

Feminine Offerings to Heal from the Moon and Asteroids

The moon is making its way through Capricorn having moved past Vega and aligns with the Lyra constellation this evening. The Waning Gibbous Phase at 65% illumination is carrying themes of feeling Resistance. Thoughts and feelings about what we don’t know or understand – aspiring into a state of knowing and understanding feelings about our reality. Vega has helped water this idea with fluid embraced encouragement to dive in and feel your way through your feelings intuitively to understand your emotions.

What directs your emotions, triggers them, encourages or suppresses, how do you make emotional decisions that drive you forward instead of hold you back?

Universal Astrology As Alchemy | @lovinglife |

Deeping Dive Subconscious Trio

Soul Journey Green Phantom Bracelet ZJ
Green Phantom facilitates broader spiritual awareness and assists with transitions. Taking you traveling through multi or inner dimensions, it strips away the layers to reveal your spiritual core. The GREEN PHANTOM SOUL JOURNEY BRACELET From Zen Jewelz

These are very deep concerns that are having some interesting choices to make in the feminine influences of the asteroids and Neptune. Neptune is happy to be in Aquarius in alignment with Armus, a star of integrity who is willing to bear the weight of the conscious endeavors for reason and structure.

We have a reason to negotiate with our Shadow as the Black Moon void is in alignment with The Crow Star, Algorab in Libra. As you can imagine that Black Crow and Ravens are mysterious, intelligent and associated with death but also secret or hidden information.

This is an interesting combination with Neptune as she is the Veil of illusion and our subconscious. She can reveal or she can cloud, and act as fog. The Crow is keen to be aware of this and the Shadow Self is very aware and controlling of the subconscious plan and serves to encourage the ego or discourages the self depending on the shadow’s purpose and game. It may be a time where we have some nightmares or sudden shifts in depressive moods. Why? Lilith is in Libra, where it attempts to come into Balance are tried and we struggle to know what to do and why to do it.

The Black Moon Sextile to Pallas in Sagittarius, and sextile to Neptune in Aquarius. This deeply driven trio gives us some insight into new pathways and opportunities.

To me, I like to describe Pallas as the Feminine Goddess Warrior, the sister of Mars. She has a strong will to go-do-attitude, of pride, and sometimes ego, such as a “Teenage Princess Warrior” would have at times prone to power struggles. Well right now she’s in the Sagittarius energy and it’s about adventure and exploration. We can assume that the Shadow, the Unconscious, and this Feminine Warrior is going to come alive with new ways to pursue goals and achievements – no matter what and at all costs!

The Self and the Someone-Else

This Trio is up against the efforts of Mars and Venus, as well as the Sun/Mercury duo in Scorpio. The highlight of this week is truly one of Deep searching for the light, for the happiness, joy, and excitement that we all want and desire. Scorpio is about desire, sexuality, identity, the search, the investigator, the study. Our mental mind may be inclined to wander to places it doesn’t normally explore here, or talk about things we normally don’t express.

This delve within is fluid, the water element, and more naturally included to motion and movement because of this similar theme from Neptune/Black Moon/Pallas duo so be aware of this. Intuitively we can make use of this fluid motion if we direct our manifestations with our true desire. The North Node is in Virgo, analyzing and organizing everything into perfect order for clarity of our reality. That right now is the goal for everyone collectively.

Take note of what you find yourself thinking about and release it, heal from it, and let it go. To back this energy up further Proserpino is aligned with Zubeneschamali to encourage more mysterious magnetism in the mental and spiritual realms near the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This may feel like a struggle against the self, but it is actually the dance of transformative development and personal integration that is occurring.

From Lower to Higher Experiences

The worst thing you can do right now is Re-Repress the Emotional Trauma Memories. It’s all coming up from the Root Chakra (Saturn) to be cleared and purged for good, so if emotional things come up then cry about it, process it, call up a friend and let it out. Tell someone, call your counselor, go to NA Meetings. Now is the time to heal these traumas once and for all, or the Shadow will attack and use these as weapons wielded by the divine feminine.

Every cell has memory and they are stored in our body until they are used, released, or expressed. When we hold in our negatively vibrating cells we create stress, disease, and self-made illnesses. If the shadow successfully makes you consciously aware of what the repressed emotions and memories are, then they can be released and the shadow unchained. This is a good thing, as this is the goal of expansion and manifestation, to make new of the old and create via death. Think of the Phoenix, this is the form of Lilith, a divine feminine force and energy of the lower chakras making way to feel in the Heart what is True to it’s Nature.

Vesta is near the South Node of past life, karma, been-there-done-that energy of life that pushes us to face the North. Vesta is here to chase us back to safety like a Shepherd does its sheep. She is the presence of the Priestess of Devotion and she’s in Pisces concerned with unconditional love and acceptance of the mystery. This can be either scary or interesting, the mystery of life.

Vesta is aligned to Fomalhaunt which assists in bringing the material matter into the spiritual matter. Further assisting with our ability to make the past known and become wise of our potential from these lessons learned, and thus transformed.

We are all from somewhere, we’ve all done something for someone

This is what we are reminded of, the Mystery, the Unknown and the Desire for Knowledge and Love. Venus, by the way, is in Scorpio with the Sun and Mercury who are much more inclined to these deeper, mysterious feelings of love and relationships and connections. Backed by the Neptune in Aquarius energy that is leading us into the Age of Aquarius, or the Golden Age of humanity, intelligence, and times of transformation.

Ceres in Capricorn aligned to Nunki is challenging the Trio of depth by encouraging the lower chakras to come into the higher chakras. Nunki is encouraging the spiritual mission of philosophical thought, religion, the soul journey, alchemy, science.
Ceres is the Harvest Mother of Nature and she’s encouraged by the creatures, plants, medicine, life, and knowledge for family and production purposes. Challenging the self to explore the Higher Ground and this is very attuned with the Moon of Lyra.

To take what’s in the heart and move it into the mind and made manifest. And to take what spirit encourages from the subconscious and think about it until you feel what is right to you. Then, you act and you achieve your goals. This is the encouragement that these energies combined have to offer.

The best thing you can do today is to honor yourself and your mental awareness by listening to how you feel. Think about how you feel, and then release it. When you receive new thoughts, think of them and then feel them before you decide to take action. This is the conscious process of using the energies of your chakras correctly. This is the kind of inner integration that the Feminine has to offer this week.

What this might mean for our physical bodies has to do with our nervous system and cerebral cortex of our brains. Throughout the week we may physically feel more energy to our Thymus by Friday.

Self Healing Tips

❣️ Clear and align your Chakras
❣️ Get some Amathyst for yourself
❣️ Heal with the Self Honoring Transmutation for FREE below
❣️ Clear all past karma and trauma that arises from cellular memory
❣️ Try using Frankincense Essential Oil throughout the week


  • for Star Astrology data
  • Photo from Unsplash | marcis-berzins-KyuvxYkR36Q-unsplash.jpg

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Sidereal Astrology Data interpreted by Lee Bowden from charts at for 11/18/19 12 PM PST Washington

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