Month: April 2019

My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

My Quest to Find Joy In Everyday Life

It’s ironic really that I have a blog called “loving life” and even though I tell myself I love my life, that is not enough! Experiencing joy entails that you do things in your everyday life that bring you to that warm, happy feeling of excitement, that is true joy every day! What to join me on my quest to find joy in everyday life?


For the last several months, my husband has been telling me that he “wants me to be happy”! After a while, it was so frustrating to argue with him that I was okay! I was happy! I couldn’t reassure him enough how much I truly loved him, our daughter, and the work I do as a creative blogger. It kept coming up though, over and over. Finally, things started to change as my personal mind began to clear up from my foggy mindset.

He was right.

I wasn’t happy!


What a question…

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3 Steps to More Productive Screen Time In Your Life

Recently I have realized my lack of self care and am trying to change my habits. I spent the last few weeks reflecting on my life (in this recent Jupiter Retrograde the last few days especially), I feel I made huge progress within my self already!

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I Cracked Open & Poured It Out

I Cracked Open & Poured It Out

Dear Blog Buddy,

I’m so happy to have you to write to right now because it’s been a wild week and I really do need to get it out here on the blog too. I had a really emotional end of my week last week. I’ll be honest, as usual because in my last letter, I admitted my struggle to find balance. And as the week progressed, all the worry and fear came to life. As I wrote on my blog about thinking positively my body came barreling through my conscious mind and things crumbled beneath me as I barely stood. Weak from all that I was attempting to carry with me.

I think back to days of travel and look around, overwhelmed by all my things. To think I used to live out of a backpack, and now we have so much stuff! So much has been lost because of it too…

All my lost time with my husband, due to our new amazing child. Lost in the blogging community and all the many hours I have put into it so far. It’s all just been too much, and my body was weak. As I dove back into my spiritual side, I quickly began to break my emotional barriers. On thursday I had gone to the Chiropractor, and it felt great! But it must have shook me up because I was extremely emotional on Friday and by Saturday (Bowden worked all day and I didn’t hear from him until 6pm!) I was a mess. Sunday, we spent all day trying to put me back together again, emotionally drained and broken to the core.

I know that all this has happened for a really strong reason. As my week began I knew I had to take better care of myself and truly, find the balance in my life. It starts with my happiness, and Bowden is right. I need to find the roots to my happiness, my home is with him. And our daughter, my beautiful, brilliant girl needs him just as much as she needs me. And I am not whole without him, and him without me. We must come together again and thank god he is who he is and wants all this to change as well!

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