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Let Go of What You Think You Know

Let Go of What You Think You Know

What do you think you know but don’t actually know from your own experience?  What I’m going to discuss with you today is a bit of the battle between our human existence in a physical place that has laws, rules, systems, and policies. It’s truly up to your mind to decide what is real to you, and what is lost to subconscious interactions that are forgotten over time.

Time Is Not A Universal Law – Or is it?

An unknown truth is that the universe, god, the world, whatever you call the higher power, it does not lead a purely physical existence. Which means that it is not bound by our physical rules, laws, and emotional reactions. If you indeed had consciousness, will, and empathy as a nonphysical entity such as a god, that means that: they don’t experience time as “we do” now.

Time, a  “mad made” idea is a measurable reaction to the Cycles of Life.

Time is word we came up with to measure these Cycles of Life so that we can track our own events to relate to our memories, improving our cognition and intelligence significantly.

But this still is not a law of the universe. Whether we “experience” time slowly or quickly, depends upon what movements we are experiencing in a moment. It is only a conscious tool that we use to navigate our Own Cycles and that which is happening to us, around us, and ahead of us. Haven’t you noticed that ‘time’ gets ‘lost’ in the past? Or pondered why you can’t ‘see’ the future of time before you arrive?

It’s important for us to understand that time is not a law because the universe does not care, read, or respect our idea of time. To think of life linear does not make sense to me anymore.

Let’s move on to what else does not alter the universe in the ways we “think” it does. What else is not a law?

This is important because time is not linear. We think of the “past” and the “future” as if it’s in back and in front of us, like a time line. However, this isn’t really how time is. In truth, time is more like a blanket that we move through. More in this in other posts.

The 3D Battle Between Good & Bad

The idea of bad, and good. Or yes and no. These alternate and opposing ideas of duality are believed to be a law. They are not. Many of us have grown up too with the idea of “good deeds” versus “sinful deeds”. And unfortunately, to our physical consciousness, this idea can be extremely damaging to us, if we allow it to be. Most of us don’t even understand what ‘karma’ is.

I know this to be true in my own life, as I have attempted to manifest, create with intention, and change my life with my thoughts. And oh, have I changed it all…

If I think of the life that I want to live and how I’m going to get there, it’s very human of me to have my mind wander for answers and to try to make decisions. It’s natural for me to want to create a better life, to imagine it for myself. The problem is, if I don’t believe it’s possible, it remains only an idea, a dream of reality. It is not totally possible for me to manifest that which I don’t believe in.

The REAL trouble now is, it’s not always in your consciousness to believe in just one thing. Think about it.

You have multiple thoughts a minute, but your brain is actually processing thousands of stimulus every second. This is where you will find mindful exercises like yoga, meditation, and brain dumping come into play so successfully. Processing the thoughts that you want to stick around. Revisiting them often, and setting plans to achieve those ideas and make them real. Do you do this intentionally or is life simply passing you by?

When you give something enough thought, it starts to snowball. And pretty soon your whole life has changed and you are surrounded by “too much” of everything you are thinking about.

Let Go of What You Think You Know,
But Don’t Actually Know From Your Own Experience

Remember, earlier I talked about how I let go of what “I thought that I knew”.


Throughout life, we are influenced constantly by our environment, social figures, friends and family, and finally my own experiences. The trouble is unless you know from experience that it is true, you do not know for yourself. Even if you believe a story from someone else, unless you experienced it for yourself, you do NOT KNOW it. You must seek out the experience in which you think you believe to be true, and test it for yourself to know it for yourself!

It took much thought, but soon I was able to break the barriers I made, fabricated with the help of other’s ideas, stories, lessons, and experiences. Instead, I challenged myself to learn, experience, and touch that which I believed to be true for myself. Once I made this decision for myself, my life and my inner person was free. Free to roam the world as nothing by my own ideas, creations, and beliefs.

I was no longer captive by the fear of sin (from my Christian upbringing), or captive by what happened to others (that I felt guilty about or resented). I found too that the pain and suffering from my own traumas were dramatically lessened without everyone else’s troubles and fears wrapped up with my own (past relationships that ended badly, or the knowledge that someone did something terrible, any abuse that I endured). When I was left with just my own experiences to work with, I was able to find the ANSWERS for myself. Things that troubled me, no longer brought me down every day.

I’m not saying that the pain from my experiences was gone.

The scars remain, but what is left from the experiences is only what I learned from them to be true. And I know that truth because it is my own truth.

I stated earlier that, “Everything else about your own human experience, is because you brought it into your life.”

Take a deep breath because this is going to be hard to swallow as we move on. But I promise if you hang in there and accept these things as options in your own life. Then you can begin to “test it out” for yourself, in your own thought processes. It just starts with being aware that you can bring thoughts into consciousness with your will power. And that you do indeed have the most influence over others with the power of empathy.

Oh and not to rock the boat too much or anything but Newton and Gravity seem to be losing weight in the scientific world now too. What does this mean? We all need to radically rethink WHAT WE “THINK WE KNOW”. And start to discover for ourselves what is “true”.

Food for thought: I basically just asked you to be your own scientist and test out every bit of information you read, intake, or digest that could be true to you. 

Comment below? How does that make you feel?

Musical Influences

Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good”

Think About What You Want, or That Which is “Good”

By thinking about what you want, it enters our subconscious, which may or may not surface into conscious thought. If you allow your thoughts to remain conscious and think about that intensely. Then you will attract those things to which you are thinking.

If you are to change your life you must attract what you want. The secret to your own success lies within understanding your strengths first as a human, then as a unique human.


To think about your thoughts is to be conscious. 

To make decisions for your life is to have a will.

To influence your life, you must use empathy.

And to practice empathy, you must love yourself. 

Do you see how you must always work from within?


Everything else about your own human experience is because you brought it into your life.

That’s the action part… Don’t get mad at me yet, just keep reading. 



For lack of the official definition, when I say intention I mean that which is willed into action by empathy or greed.


These are the only options Will has. I mentioned that I’m practicing turning “good to wanted” and “bad to unwanted” within my conscious thoughts. And it’s because I want to change how I intend on living a more loving, purposeful life. If my intention is to bring that which I “Want” then my will easily decide to take action upon which will intentionally bring me what it is I want. That’s easy to get.

The tough one to crack is the word “bad” because it’s “bad”. And not all things that are bad, are ACTUALLY bad. They are just things that you don’t want. And when it comes to things that are bad there are also associations with fears, resentments, emotional grudges, and more negative attractions. With these bad thoughts come feelings that are powerful, and can derail your will. Second-guessing your actions because of fear, anger, or false truths can and will attract only more of which you do not want in your life.

For these reasons, when I think of something I “don’t want” I can easily dismiss it. It’s much more enjoyable to think about that which I want. Where what is “bad” I as a human, tend to overthink which ruins any of my true intention for that which I want.



I’m going to talk about this more often on the blog, but I want you to try to “not think about the useless bad stuff”. Start to learn how to transmute your emotions and listen to them before dismissing them.

I mean it. Try not to. Filter your thoughts for a while. And I don’t want you to dwell on them, I want you to accept how they make you feel and then dismiss them. Or even better, transmute them into something you do want.

If you can’t do this then take note of this and take some time to think, feel, and understand these emotional memories.

Read More: Emotional Healing From Feelings Buried Alive



I have so many bills today pay today.

Instead, think about all the things you have in your life that you love and thank yourself for the opportunity to care for your financial assets.

Take breaks when you pay these bills after each one and think about the hard work you’ve put in as appreciation of the bill you paid. If you do not find joy in this bill, then you must ask yourself if it is worth having at all.


If it’s the electricity then gosh by golly, we must not lose gratitude for this amazing technology!

If it is the internet, thank the world for this amazing opportunity you have to read and write a blog or interact with loved ones far away from you.

If it’s an entertainment bill then be thankful you have these memories to look back on and plan your next outing with care.

If it’s a bill for your car/transportation than of course, be thankful you have this luxury! And be proud that you have this asset in your life!


Bills and expenses for assets that do not bring you joy, should not be paid. Be mindful about where you are spending. (I should take my own advice!)



Comment Below?

What about your life do you think is “good or bad”? Is it REALLY?

What about something “big or small” that may just be of the wrong perception right now?

Dear Blog Buddy, I’m Trying to Balance My Life

Dear Blog Buddy, I’m Trying to Balance My Life

This week has been such a roller coaster for this mama. As I desperately try and fail to find a balance between motherhood, time with my husband, and my own self care. Oh, and work! Meaning, the Blog Buddy Program.

Early this Week I focused more inward, and began a few new books. Some of which I picked up last weekend when Bowden and I had our (long awaited) weekend away.

I have picked up (again, with renewed motivation to finish it this time). As well as Marie Kondo’s book about Tidying Up!

Additionally I have awoken my spiritual side again as my special needs sister has asked me some deep questions recently. Because of her disability hindering her ability to understand or to learn new things easily. I have put much thought into how I can guide her to some answers. This has made a new appearance in my blog posts about the Law of Attraction.

The trouble is at the end of the week, with baby CJ struggling to nap during the day. It’s been extremely stressful to find time to also work on BBP, my own blog.

And the husband! Who is so supportive. But we haven’t been able to spend any one on one time since last weekend. Finally, tomorrow we will have a day and night together.

Granted we watch CJ, tidy the house, and tackle bills.

The struggle for balance and stability is real my friend.

You asked me just now, how I feel about my own blog these days. Probably now that I have the Vlog and something inspiring to write about. Well, I just feel like it means more to me at the moment over all. I’m not so “focused” on growth, I’m focused on the purpose of the blog and my writing. And that feels good. I just wish I had more “time” to dedicate to it.


Have you seen the new Netflix film “HEAL” yet? Because wow, it’s so unforgiving how much we have control of our lives so much that we lose all control to fears, and subconscious holds on our memories.


Right after I finished watching the film today, I couldn’t decide what to do. So I decided to fold the clothes I have been neglecting for two days. And I did it rather mindfully, thinking about what I had learned but open to the new ideas that may come to the surface of my consciousness. And a few of them, I think I’ll hold onto!


One being my perception of the word perfection.

And the other, my perception of clutter.


I realized by folding my clothes at first, that I didn’t really want to be doing it. So I addressed this and restarted my folding once or twice. And finally, when I came back a third time I was ready to be more mindful about the process, and I wanted to fold the clothes. I wanted them to be tidy! – This is evolved into a whole post by itself so you can finish reading that here: Folding to Perfection.

And then that lead to be later remember hearing someone saying that “A cluttered home is evidence of a cluttered mind space.” And I didn’t like hearing that! As the memory renewed itself, I know how I feel about clutter on the outside, I haven’t much cared for it. I ignore it.

As I thought about this again, I realized that I also ignore the clutter in my mind. Just like I ignored this evident truth about myself. I have been living in clutter, in my environment and in my mind. And if I believe the science within this movie HEAL, then I definitely have clutter in my body too!


All of this week has been very impactful to me. And having a blog to write to, is also feels very impactful to me and others. Which feels good, that’s what I want.  Right?

It’s evident to me that I need to de-clutter. Not just my house. Not just my mind. But my body too!


Thank you for being there for me through all these areas of my life. I hope you too are being inspired and motivated to progress as a human. In all the various roles you must have to balance. How are you getting on my dear friend?


Written With Love by Lee Bowden - signiture for


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The 3 Traits That Make Us Unique 3D Humans

The 3 Traits That Make Us Unique 3D Humans

In other posts after this one, you will hear me refer to this belief: The Law of Attraction. If you believe it will be. What will be will be. And what is, is only as it is as you perceive it to be. Just because you perceive it does not mean it exists as it is, it simply means it did for a moment long enough for you to create a possibility of it being. The moment that you believed to perceive it. And so it is. 

I know I’m getting ahead of myself but let’s get this “being human” part, out of the way so that we can progress:


When I say consciousness I mean only the things that you very clearly know you are doing because of proactive thought which immediately implies Self Awareness.

Everything else you do in life is happening subconsciously. If you are not actively thinking, listening, or interacting then it is your subconscious within that moment that is acting for you. I am suggesting that thoughts and emotions and physical reactions come into and out of consciousness.

I know I haven’t explained my Bubble Theory to you yet, but what is true within me is that other realities are existing as they were believed to be. Everything and every possibility play out in one way or another. Once a thought is created into consciousness, it exists and there is no taking it back. That possibility will play out, whether it sticks to your reality or not, is up to you.

Other than consciousness, there are a few other things that make our life serve more purpose than another living thing here.

Free Will. 

The power of choice, the will to choose. To live, if only to survive. Further the choice to live “good” or to live “bad”. Recently, I have adapted a new conscious effort to translate “good” to “want” and “bad” to “unwanted”. It goes along with rethinking what you “think you know but don’t actually know”.

Simply because

a) it is less stressful on my spirit to think in these terms

b) it less overwhelming for my emotional and mental well-being

c) people that think there is no such thing as free will are simply screaming at me that they feel trapped – and lack of self
& have simply forgotten who they are

Musical Influence: Right In Two by Tool 


Other living beings in this world may show emotional bonding, close relationships, and loyalty to one another. But this is not empathy, they do not feel for another like they feel. They cannot translate their mood, feelings, and actions to attempt to improve the situation through compassion, understanding, or reliability. And even those few species that do, they do not have the ability to express such devotion to each other in all the many ways we can choose to express our love and care for other beings. I will note that some of our closests furry friends have been bread for this empathetic attribute and has caused some dramatic emotional healing for those with PSTD especially. In this way, we can see evidence that emotional empathy is indeed an important catalyst for personal care and transformation from traumatic events. With a little time and a lot of love, anything can transform from death to rebirth.

Read more about Emotional Transmutation: Emotional Healing From Feelings Buried Alive

These are all very uniquely human traits and skills. Why do we not share more differences than these?
(Leave a comment below this post)

Much of our other areas of life are similar, especially survival.
We all eat, procreate, and produce.
We all produce waste, eventually, die, and use resources.

What makes the difference is our conscious effort to use our will to show empathy to our race. Which means that we can create more, use less, and collaborate to achieve our survival needs, and beyond.

When you combine these traits you get crazy results in a life that impact the very essence of the reality it lands within. I will now say that I believe you must consciously decide to use your will or empathy, to have the possibility of it landing in your reality expanded.

More Bubble talk, but for an example: If you have a large group of people that you love and care for, the moment that you begin to manifest (wish) for something to come to you. The more likely it will be to come from someone you already know. Equally powerful is the choice to believe so strongly in success, that you might launch yourself into an entirely new direction or company, than which you intended the desire.

The trouble with these examples is that they are incomplete, and not a full story. (OR, they have no intention.) Perhaps if we knew more about what kind of success and what company. Isn’t it so possible too that he thought longingly for success in his own company, that he lost is the current job and then would feel scared because of the loss of work and income? When life pulled him out and away and closer to what was wanted, that we don’t realize it. And so defeated, we start back up the same hill we just tried to climb.

This is an example of an energetic attraction by thoughtful manifestation.

The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still!

The Only Thing Keeping Me From Living My Life With Purpose Is Standing Still!

I have come to a point in my life where I need to start revealing more on the topic of Loving Life With Purpose. This is for you as much as it is for me, so let’s get started. Because uncovering a topic such as this does not come lightly. It hits deep, deep within and I want to make sure we start off these posts in the right way.

I mentioned in my first Dear Blog Buddy letter to Vicky (of CLAS, a mindful lifestyle blogger) earlier this week that I believe in terms such as Intention, Law of Attraction, the Power of Belief.

If you were to look closer at my social media and especially my personal Pinterest Profile, than maybe you’ve noticed my interests are much more than being a parent, to being a wife, or even a blogger.

I first realized the importance of these terms because of their potential to give my life purpose. When I realized what they mean to me when I started living as a traveling nomad or “street kid” rather, on the roads of the USA West Coast for a few years. I ripped myself away from my homes, family, friends, and comforts. In these years I stripped myself of everything that I “thought that I knew”, in an attempt to find myself.

The “good” news is, I truly did find myself.




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Reads: When I find my mind naked, my body clean, my environment at peace. Anywhere that I am, I feel at home. 


I realized that right now, I was human.

It was these simple realizations that brought me later to a deeper meaning to what I learned. I know now that I was finding out for myself, the power of intention, or the curse of belief. And I challenged my perceptions of religion, time, and eventually consciousness. Pushing boundaries I had built myself with the help of my influential voices. What I did during these years, was knock the barriers down enough that I could see every bit of myself from behind any wall. But I know the remains of these walls, these protective memories are boundaries in which I can never bury. Like Scars that remain on my Heart.


Now is where I admit the struggles that I have yet to address my life, and myself. I may have become too comfortable.

In more recent years, (let me be honest)…

Since I felt no need to impress, distanced from caring what others think. I lost the motivation to represent myself well in the world. I’ve lived comfortably in my jeans and PJs. I have not worn makeup in over 5 years now. I have kept my dreadlocks in since my travels, (with no intention of changing this, just FYI. I love dreadlocks).

Additionally, I’ve never been an organized, tidy, clean person. I was that kid that you had to BEG for WEEKS to clean their room, and eventually, I’d tuck it all away far enough under my bed they didn’t want to argue with me anymore and could see my floor. I must admit, I do have a stubborn side.

This stubbornness is a problem for me. What’s most irritating about this is that I’m MOST stubborn within myself, and my own inner relationship with myself can be the struggle that keeps me from success.

One part of me may want that, the other insists on something else. And the fight within begins. I sit down, and I stay there in this indecisive world of thought much of the time.


This my friends, is my biggest fault of all. Standing still. 


And one last bit – about me feeling at home anywhere I am…? That sounds good, so mindful and aware and enlightened of me. But let me reveal this truth: I have not attached myself to a location in many years now. The house I just moved from and spent four years living in is very clear evidence of my lack of attention, awareness, and care for myself and my environment around me. This must change, and it already has very much…

As much as I want to get organized. As much as I want to love living my life. I sit too still to enjoy it. I must be more proactive. Our reality together depends on it. As I believe if you are reading this, then I most definitely will serve a purpose in your life too… 

Hint: I Forgave Myself – And I started to heal…

Dear Blog Buddy, This Is What’s Most Important To Me

Dear Blog Buddy, This Is What’s Most Important To Me

Dear Blog Buddy, 

I spent so much time this week trying to come up with this ideal format and think about what to write and how to structure this. But honestly, I didn’t get to any of that!  It almost feels a little odd to write to you here on my blog, so openly. Ah yes, I do rather enjoy the uncomfortable feeling of new things. Do you? And, in any other way I’ve ever had a “pen pal”, well, it’s been with a pen! I do prefer the tapping of keys though, so thank you for this experience!

What I did do for you this week though, is get to something I’ve always wanted to do. But never had the YouTube Channel for, which is to record a “day in my life” video!

So, I’d like to start by dedicating that to you my beautiful blogging friend. And thanking you for everything you’ve inspired and motivated for me to do so far, in our blogging journey together!


I want to start with telling you what I’m most thankful for.

So that you know going forward where my true loyalty lies. And that is the simple truth:


I love myself. I always have. I am over confident, too optimistic, and a little unorthodox in a multitude of ways. I’m sure you can tell now, I’m such an odd ball. And I love it. 


Secondly, I absolutely adore my husband. He truly has changed my life in the best ways, but that doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Far from it in fact, we STRUGGLE a lot, the thing that holds us together. Is communication, our attraction TO each other, and the decision every day to love one another.

And thirdly, that we wanted our child. We very much decided together that we wanted to be parents to a beautiful little person. And not a day goes by that we are not surprised at how awesome she truly is. Not one little bit. I know going forward the the most IMPORTANT purpose that I serve every day, is to be a great mother to her. And so does he…

Because lastly, I believe in intention, the law of attraction, and the power of manifestation. 


I know I’ve been struggling lately with my own self care lately, and getting organized… but,

I must admit that most of my time with Bowden, we have both been very spiritually healthy and emotionally strong and stable people. It has been just recently, that I’ve kind of lost myself in the new roles I have taken on in my life so recently!

And to be totally honest, I can’t even tell you how proud of myself I am! Of who I am! 


I do hope you tell me how you are in life right now. And who and what is most important to you, outside of the daily grind…? Outside of the, one-word-weeks! 🙂

Because I think there’s a lot more to life than the days, or the weeks. Although I did rather enjoy doing the day in the life video. It is quite a strange perspective, but I wouldn’t want to Vlog Everyday. It’s funny that this next week in the Blog Improvement Series (here) is Finding Your Voice. Because I really do feel like I’m just STARTING to develop my “vlog” voice. More so, my approach and relationship with the camera.

It’s still so new and foreign to me right now.


Looking forward to your bits and bites of life V!

Written with love from your odd ball blog buddy,
Lee Bowden

Check out Vicky’s blog and watch for her response with me on Crunchy Leaves and Sunsets (expected on Monday-ish, I’ll link her response here when live)!


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Finding Joy In Folding Clothes This Weekend As I Learn to Tidy Up!

Finding Joy In Folding Clothes This Weekend As I Learn to Tidy Up!


My motto is a, “A little bit every day is more in every way.” Or, at least, it was last year. As I progress through this white winter. After a major move late summer into early fall.

I’ve been struggling for years to find it within myself to be clean and organized. As I began my pregnancy a messy person, I had a new determination for change and to downsize what we had.

I did okay getting through all the stuff for the move, as we left a lot and threw out a ton. We still have loads left.

The difference now is, with the big house we rented with all the roommates… A lot of the stuff there wasn’t ours and so, it was easy to decide what was not important. But we were eventually in a rush… If we were unsure we kept it.

Move day (both times) we had to move every box at least twice if not a few more times. Gosh all this stuff!

For a kid who had nothing but a backpack when we met (Bowden), we sure have accumulated a lot of stuff in the last decade together! Like, wow!

Now it’s time to apply what I was missing then. A method to the maddness!

And… This is about to turn into a “Thank God for Netflix” moment.



Avatar here
In this vlog episode, I give a short explanation about what’s going on and our struggles with “stuff”… I do show some pictures and background of where and what we’ve been dealing with. As well as talk about briefly what goals I’m working towards and why. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

Viewers: How do you like my first attempt at video editing? Leave me some encouraging words or critique in the comments?


Thank Netflix, for the show “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

Tidying Up is a show that had caught my eye a few weeks ago, but one I’ve been avoiding because I was too busy to stop and sit down, let alone to watch a show.

This weekend while Bowden was a way he had left me with some cash. So I picked up a “Breath” magazine about Mindfulness and planned to do some “me time”, self love style and just relax.

I worked through the first evening until I got dizzy and sat down. I read some of the mag though, (before I started getting dizzy by more words.) And it talked about choosing one area of your life to focus all your attention on. Something your not good at, or normally try to rush through.

I immediately thought about my clothes because, Bowden has brought to my attention how careless I dress and have no attachment to my clothes. I never have had a style. I’ve gone through some changes but most of the time through my life you’ll find me in a t-shirt and jeans.

I’m not an accessories kind of gal. My version of dressing up is choosing a skirt (I have a few I like now) and struggling to find a shirt that’s not a t-shirt to go along with it. And I never know where my shoes are so I borrow some from a girlfriend.

I realize that it’s a problem and have working on getting rid of clothes I have accumulated and left behind in our old house. Finally I’m down to a select bunch.

This is where I got dizzy and turned on Netflix…


This relentless, (beautiful), stubborn, controlling but lazy mom was swamped and gosh… Minus the two kids, that was me, like, two years ago. And I’ve still kept to, “I hate to cook”. I’ve been working on everything else. But that whole “can’t sit down” bit was actually “don’t want to get up” only a short time ago…

Life Changing Videos | Here’s my playlist where you can find the videos or trailers mentioned in this post! 


There was this ah-ha moment for me, when the host of the show Marie Kondo started revealing the “magic” of tidying. Basically, it is holding and thanking items, and choosing to keep only items that “spark joy” in you.

(And let me just say I LOVE the work JOY almost as much as LOVE. And that I LIKE the word “tidying” much more than… “cleaning” which makes me feel overwhelmed. I think I know why, but I’ll write another post on this some other time…)

As I watched the first episode of this show progress, they tackle their whole house and totally tidy up every little bit of it. And you can see their marriage start to matter again, the freedom of the kids start to refocus them. And their whole living environment changed!


The mother, totally did fess up and get to work when she started to see the difference it made in her life and her family, in just doing the clothes and kitchen. And I know that I can do that, this is the next step and now I have a system! A process to follow!

I’ll talk about each step as I go through it here on my blog, in the “Tidying Up Series”. I’ll probably be posting on social media and the vlog about it too, obviously @luvlifewlee / #luvlifewlee.


So I watched another episode or so and got some sleep… and then I got to work on my house!

The next morning, I decided to take the day off and get something done, or not. But I worked through Wednesday which I decided last weekend saw supposed to be a self care day… But skipped and worked through! Agh…

Bowden is gone until Sunday so I decided to take action from what I learned in that show and apply it to my life right away. Well, the first episode got me real bad. And I am one motivated mama!


I Found Joy In Folding My Clothes!

Who knew there would be a day that I, enjoyed folding clothes… Wow.

So, to use the method from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (YouTube Video, found in my ‘Life Changing Videos You’ll Love’ playlist). I started with the clothes of ours: CJ’s, Bowden’s, and then Mine.

I dumped them all out and began to hold and thank each item, keeping the ones that brought me joy or “could” bring me joy, such as clothes that will fit CJ soon and be super cute!

And this helped me to know what it felt like to feel joy from holding Items. I knew that I would find more joy in CJ’s clothes than my own. Isn’t that funny?

I have meticulously folded all of our daily clothing items such as shirts, pants, skirts, and underwear for each of us.

I literally worked on this the rest of the day and into the late hours of the night, getting through all of my own clothes. But oh, my gosh does it feel so good!

Like I said, I’ll keep you updated here and there on the progress of me tidying up and living a more purposeful and mindful life.