10 Unusual Things About Me, Lee

I got tagged by Anne of Forever the Wanderer here and I was so enthusiastic about her “unusual things” that I had to participate like, now. Honestly, some blogger tags can become so stagnant and repetitive but when you’re challenged with one like this, you get to know people so much better! Here’s what I got for you, the juicy stuff right? I hope you enjoy this OLD PICS I pulled from my PC to highlight these unusual little bits of me.

A VERY old photo of me and a girl in high school.
A VERY old photo of me and a girl in high school. When I think of my relationship with women, it looks like this to me. I always get THIS stupid old pic in my head.

1 || In person, I’m kind of terrible at having girlfriends. No joke, I grew up one of the guys and it made a lasting impact on my ability to maintain close relationships. I have a few really close, but the rest, unfortunately, get to this invisible line and it becomes really hard to get to know me past that “public” line.

2 || What’s really silly is that I’m extremely social and outgoing. People are everything to me. I have a seriously hard time letting people go when they DO get close. So maybe it’s me, and not them. I may never get this figured out ladies.

Me with some of the guys from back in the day (high school)
Me with some of the guys from back in the day (high school)

3 || In my younger days, I spent a lot of time behind a computer screen or a camera lens. If I wasn’t out romping around town with the guys, I was hiding behind my screen making online girlfriends. This is why I feel so much more content having online relationships. The online community really is where I’ve found some amazing friendships with other women. And I’ve gotten really comfortable with this.

4 ||I’ll eat almost anything, there’s really not a lot of things I don’t like. The only food I can say I will ALWAYS pick out is PEAS. Like frozen or canned peas are NO good to me. Green beans? Snap peas? We get along fine. It’s just green peas that I really can’t do. Everything else. Literally, I’ll try it and I’ll probably eat it. Even if I’ve never tried it before.

This is actually just an edited photo, I'm not actually doing anything in this photo as it's photoshopped like crazy. That's what I did back then, edit and write online.
This is actually just an edited photo, I’m not actually doing anything in this photo as it’s photoshopped like crazy. That’s what I did back then, edit and write online.

5 || I live in Washington, USA where it’s legal here to smoke mary jane so I do that on a regular basis. That in itself isn’t unusual but I feel that my use of it for ANXIETY is. Most people I know who have anxiety would tell you that marijuana GIVES them anxiety. But to me, it’s a lifesaver. And I’ve never had to take any medications or anything so, I plan to keep that a part of my lifestyle. In fact, it’s not well known to my friends and family that I even HAVE anxiety. But they are the same people that don’t know that I smoke regularly. What gives? I dont care. I know it works for me and my mental health.

6 || I can sleep in the dark, and I can sleep in the light. But if there’s a BLINKING light in a dark room. I’m like… [0.O] all night… (Until my hubby gets up and covers it with his shirt.. then I’m like [ -.- ]

7 || I got a cat named Miss Kitty when I was in high school. What’s unique here is the fact that she was a Munchkin Cat. So she has short lil‘ mini legs and was the size of about a medium grown cat (tiny). She wasn’t playful, she wasn’t silly. This cat was a shoulder cat who just wanted to chill on someone, constantly. She wasn’t even all that “friendly”. Miss Kitty choose who she liked, and one by one she turned each one of those non-cat-loving friends into her Kitty Pals. No joke.

8 || I spent nearly 2 years homeless and traveling the West Coast in a van full of traveling hippies. I was hippy-napped. It’s a long story. But it changed my life. I came back with dreadlocks and an everlasting smile. Oh, and my husband and I kind of connected in a way that we knew we’d be together forever after that trip. I look back on being homeless as some of the best years of my life. I’ll tell the full story someday…

&& yes, I took the cat. Almost all my traveling photos have her on my shoulder. This is one of the few that doesnt. 🙂

I honestly love this photo because its… SO… me. Ha! These are two buddies that I’m taking on BY MY SELF. And they could easily have been winning, but I probably was trying to talk myself into some kind of win. Or they were trying to pull one over on me and I wasn’t having it. I don’t remember. But this… is TYPICAL me. Good old fun and games. (Note my buddies face on the right is smiling, its all good and fun)

9 || I don’t really drink alcohol. I never really have enjoyed it all that much. And when I do, I turn into one of those loud obnoxious lovey types on alcohol. Ya know, the type that gets all crazy and jumps you in excitement and ends up landing you in the hospital with a broken shoulder… Oops… (It’s always the shoulder for some reason? Idk what’s wrong with me guys.) So, I try to just smoke instead? I tend to keep my feet on the ground better that way, and so do you apparently. It doesn’t help that I can be pretty uh-uh… confrontational at times. Let’s just say, I stand my grounds!

A photo of the baby girl that gave me the best best fever ever, and influenced me to have my own child. She’s still dear to me and I’m sure she and my daughter will grow up CRAZY friends! She’s already obsessed with my little!

10 || I didn’t want any children or a husband growing up. I saw my parents get divorced (suddenly it seemed, overnight it felt like) when I was 10 and I moved from Washington to California for a few years. And it kind of traumatized me. Until I met Bowden, I didn’t think I’d end up getting married and spending my life with someone. I thought I’d just float around forever. But no. We got married, and thought kids, sure someday. Well, we got this roommate who had a baby and I stayed home and babysat her a lot and it has me the WORST baby fever ever! Or the best? Because within like a month and a half of me asking, “Baby, can we have a baby?” We found out we were going to have a baby. Well… That wasn’t hard to do… Ten years of practice together, I guess it paid off!

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  1. Love this. Such a colorful peraonality. I can totally relate with #10. Haha. I cant imagine myself getting married. Waaa. I also like that you’ve nominated a good selection of bloggers with colorful personalities too. 🙂 Now i’d have to watch out for thier replies to this also.

    1. Thanks Naz. Ya know, we didnt really even “plan” getting married, there was no kneel-down moment. No conversation really. We just kind of started planning a big pirate party for fun and it ended up being our wedding! Thankfully, the kid was a little more planned than that! haha!

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