My name is Caylene! I’m a caretaker of my family, including my daughter and husband.

  • Universal Astrologer
  • Reiki Therapist
  • Occult Mystic
  • Akashic Reader

This business website, Loving Life With Light, acts as a CommunityBlog and Service Shop. I’m interested in sharing topics such as:

  • Self Care and Energetic Wellness of the Body-Mind Tips
  • Ancient History and World Religions
  • Study of Divination and Magic; as well as fantasy magic such as in D&D!
  • Finding Purpose in Everyday Life, through Compassion and Tidying (your home, your relationships, your self)
  • Astronomy, Space Weather, and Weather – How the Sun and Earth’s relationship effect our health and everyday lives
  • Archeoastronomy and Celestial Shamanism – Using Sacred Sites, Astrology, and Energetic Social Impacts on Humanity to discern truth and spiritual lessons to heal timelines and imprints, release trapped souls and spirits, and clear negative or harmful energetic damages within spiritual laws and divine connections of the body-soul-divine
  • Spiritual methods of clearing, healing, and recovering/discovering your own power, faith, and love
  • Reviews of books, sources, methods, and practices that may benefit your life, health, and awareness to the subtle dimensions of energy and the universal field of light


Welcome to my site and shop, my name is Caylene and I am above all; a spiritual scholar and reiki master. I have always had interest in the stars, astrology and ancient religions while growing up in a Christian home. During high school, I spent my time reading non-fiction books about astrology, planets, psychology and quantum physics.

It wasn’t until I had a child, and soon after a spiritual awakening, that I returned to what I had left behind as a young, angry teen; Religion, Healing and World History. I spent years of my early relationship to my now husband, traveling and living a very liberated lifestyle and had met the world at-large. Quickly realizing my dream to be a stay at home mom was at my doorstep in 2018. Hungry for answers I didn’t have yet, I dove into topics I had little confidence in at the time, but an extreme interest which developed quickly into a passion as you can see on my education and certification pages. I have studied extensively astrology and the occult for a decade.

Since 2018 I have extended myself into the complexities of Energy Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Advanced Esoteric Divination methods including but not limited to tarot, dowsing, pendulum, charts, direct energy, as well as self practice in Mudras, Acupressure, and Light Language. I also spent time learning about Hypnosis, Meditation, Past Life Regression, Spiritual Release Therapies and how to read the Akashic Record and access the Halls. I have extensive research into Theosophy and World Religions, Ley Lines/Planetary Stargates, Ascension, Law of One and New Age supernatural thoughts on Starseeds, Indigos, and Christos Mysteries. As well as extra terrestrial species (ETS) and soul memory recovery of Lemuria. My primary healing method throughout has been to Reiki and working through the living elements, angelic, and celestial beings such as solar dragons and rainbow frequencies from galactic and higher realms throughout my life.

If you stick around the website or profiles, you will hear about a number of important subjects: energy wellness, ancient history, and astrological sciences of our universe. I should state outright that I am a big picture thinker, I like to find all the pieces and put together the complete picture. And I hardly ever know what that picture will look like before I start; unlike a detailed painter who may have in their mind the perfect visual that they will bring to life. In this way, I question my reality and that which has been written by human hand. I find comfort in science, granted. But also, the truths found within the mysteries of our own lives, and in the gnostic and abstract concepts that are presented through out all cultures and belief systems are full of unexpected twists and turns.

My primary interests in Ancient History is Ancient Religion, and it’s impact that it still has on our modern society. I am also very interested in the truth of Astrology being presented in modern Astronomy, from both western and eastern traditions of this science. But also, in developing and sharing more understanding of Ancient Healing Arts, which looks a lot like Reiki Healing Methods. I continue to study the following: Ancient Egypt, Assyria, Mesopotamia, and India and the history of such figures as Zoroaster, Moses, Mary, Akhenaten, Mani, Buddha and Jesus. I have opened myself to the study of ‘numerology’ as a new age concept, and learned about the meaning and history of language through the use of the Word/Words as magic which has lead me to find my soul’s Light Language. I find the sacred texts of many religions valuable, (resource list) to name a few: the traditional Bible Books, the Gnostic Lost Books of the Bible, Veda, Avesta, Law of One.

Energetic Wellness

Energetic Wellness

Reiki means “universal life force”.

I am a Reiki Therapist and minister of the Universal Life Church. Several categories of posts on this site now reflect topics such as Unconditional Love, Universal Laws, and Universal Astrology. The underlying theme then is the connection between all human beings as one collective of life. 

I have focused my attention on alternative, natural health and methods that are harmless and gentle.

  • Reiki only requires one to gently lay their hands on themselves or another, and a steady intent to help the receiver with unconditional love.
  • Crystal healing works on the subtle energy systems and is also extremely relaxing and beneficial for mental and emotional health. Being mindful, while learning new things, and practicing meditation have major health benefits, and again is non-invasive and takes only patience and time with one’s self in a calm and private setting. 
  • The Emotional Freedom Technique is great for gentle retraining yourself for better reactions to emotions and triggers in your daily life. While learning Mudras and Meditation can greatly benefit every single aspect of your health if done regularly with positive intent.
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This website is dedicated to natural wellness, spiritual, mental, and emotional health, and living a loving lifestyle within the spiritual laws. 

Due to the nature of our day-to-day lives, the articles I write here may give some insight into Energy Wellness through Energy Medicine (by Donna Eden and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These two areas have highly influenced my understanding of the human body, balance/polarity, and the true nature of dis-ease. 

Through practices such as acupressure, massage, palmistry, EFT (“tapping”), and Emotional Release with Essential Oils for example. Really deep personal changes can manifest when one truly allows oneself to arise. To accept what is, and what has been, for what will be. Having the awareness of your body’s energetic health, signals, and connectedness can help you become more aware of your spiritual and physical wellbeing in your life. 



With 1:1 client services that you can order, schedule, and complete to benefit your spiritual and energetic wellbeing.

For those as interested in Astrology as I am the writer and astrologer of Universal AstrologyThis new site is dedicated to astrology and related sciences. The majority of that content has been moved over there now! However, the my Astrologer Services can be ordered here on LLWL!

  • Universal Astrology Interpretations – custom-written (2D) reports, and interpretations of your chart via live video, quick check ins options or advanced bundles available in a wide range of astrological knowledge
  • Reiki Therapy distance healing sessions, as well as local in person sessions in Washington state, or in person live-video options  
  • Spiritual/Energy Healing & Guidance including Celestial, Angelic, and Quantum methods that can effect the etheric, Ka, spiritual blueprint, DNA, and variety of spiritual energy systems depending on your beliefs, dis-ease, and affordability. In person, or remote impersonal healing options from subtle relaxed healing to detailed coaching for dramatic spiritual life changes.
  • Digital Library has a few freebies and access to my personal Databases for Self Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and Universal Astrology!
  • Trusted Products (Affiliates)  are provided as affiliate links to safe, natural alternatives such as: books/guides, essential oils, herbs, raw crystals, and other self-care accessories 



Universal Astrology Live

My passion for Astrology is one that is lifelong and quickly took over this website at one time with so much content that I decided to dedicate a new site just for that. It then quickly became much more active on a daily and monthly basis than articles written for LLWL.

The site which was ( hosting all astrology and space weather content – has moved! I resume content creation and astrology updates/reports here on LLWL from now on as integrated parts of the whole of LLWL topics. As of 7/10/2022

Check out the Astrology & Space Weather section of the Library of Light (page of resources) to slearn about Astrology, and navigate past, present, reports and future space weather and astrology related content. 


Spiritual Liberation

As a Minster of the Universal Life Church in the United States:

I advocate for a cosmic source of divine essence and Creator. I believe there are most definitely other forms of life existing (both positive, negative, and truly neutral) in our universe of trillions of lights in the expansion of space. I desire complete Planetary Liberation; Equality for All Forms of Life, freedom from suffering, creative diversity, and decentralized power. For safety, security, and the right to be happy anywhere and everywhere upon the earth, and within our entire solar system. This is made possible only by unconditional love, expansive forgiveness, fair treatment of others and one’s self, and acceptance of a higher set point of morals and responsibilities.

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