My name is Caylene! I am a Universal Astrologer, Reiki Therapist & Spiritual, Scientific Researcher.

This business website acts as a Blog and Services Shop

I create articles that will further benefit your health, happiness, and knowledge of topics such as self-love, consciousness, astrology, and wellness.

With 1:1 client services that you can order, schedule, and complete to benefit your spiritual and energetic wellbeing.

Here are my Certifications, Education, & Goals.

For those as interested in Astrology as I am, I am the writer and astrologer of Universal AstrologyThis new site is dedicated to astrology and related sciences. The majority of that content has been moved over there now! 

Reiki means “universal life force”. I am also a minister of the Universal Life Church. Several categories of posts on this site now reflect topics such as Unconditional Love, Universal Laws, and Universal Astrology. The underlying theme then is the connection between human beings as one collective of life. 

I have focused my attention on alternative health remedies that are harmless. Reiki only requires one to gently lay their hands on themselves or another, and a steady intent to help the receiver with unconditional love. Crystal healing works on the subtle energy systems and is also extremely relaxing and beneficial for mental and emotional health. Being mindful, while learning new things, and practicing meditation have major health benefits, and again is non-invasive and takes only patience and time with one’s self in a calm and private setting. 

This website is now dedicated to natural wellness, spiritual, mental, and emotional health, and living a loving lifestyle. 

Due to the nature of our day-to-day lives, the articles I write here may give some insight into Energy Wellness through Energy Medicine and Chinese Medicine. These two areas have highly influenced my understanding of the human body, balance, and dis-ease. 

Through practices such as acupressure, massage, palmistry, EFT (“tapping”), and Emotional Release with Essential Oils for example. Really deep personal changes can manifest when one truly allows oneself to arise. To accept what is, and what has been, for what will be. Having the awareness of your body’s energetic health, signals, and connectedness can help you become more aware of your spiritual and physical wellbeing in your life. 

Available Services

  • I offer Universal Astrology Interpretations, by custom-written (2D) reports. OR, If you want me to interpret your chart live for you by video check out the Recorded 3D Universal Astrology Service in the Astrology Shop!
  • Reiki Therapy distance healing sessions. As well as other complementary, safe, alternative Energy Healing Methods that are gentle, easy to learn, and effective.
  • Divination & Consultations, including  Esoteric Spiritual Clearing, Card Readings, Palmistry, Akashic Records, Celestial/Angelic Healing, Divine Intervention methods, and more in the Spiritual Services Shop!
  • Digital Library has a few freebies and access to my personal Databases for Self Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and Universal Astrology!
  • Trusted Products (Affiliates)  are provided as affiliate links to safe, natural alternatives such as: books/guides, essential oils, herbs, raw crystals, and other self-care accessories (Notice there are NO ADS ON THIS SITE)