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The blog contains articles that will further benefit your health, happiness, and knowledge of topics such as self-love, consciousness, astrology, and wellness. As well as services and products for those in need of healing, guidance, or spiritual liberation. 

It explores both science and spirit in written self expression. 

Live astrology research can be viewed on Twitch Live Monday-Friday or you can catch videos on the Youtube Channel. You can learn about Universal Astrology Live here!

I have always loved Astrology, Cosmology, Biology, and Esoteric Studies. You will definately see the reflections of those interests within this site.


I am constantly adding more resources and working on collecting data. 

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Mission Statement

Loving Life With Light is a business and website dedicated to providing others insight and awareness to the Universal Life, Wellness, and Unconditional Love. By using and exploring Astrology, Cosmology, and Biology.

It is my goal to provide you compassion, resources, understanding, and opportunities for Healing, Discovery, and Remembrance. Through both Scientific and Spiritual awareness and acceptance in ways that you can learn and apply in your own life. And I do it Live, in real time observering recent activity and events of the Sun, Earth, and Life in action.

The core values of compassion, free will, wisdom, intelligence, harmony, knowledge, devotion, and power are for each of us to explore by our own right in life within ourselves. It is our mission, to assist in attaining these core values within.

Without judgment, denial, or resistance, we operate here and now under that of Unconditional Love and Acceptance for All. Following the Divine Laws of our Universe, we are One.

Introduction Letter

Greetings! My name is Caylene and I am a Universal Astrologer, Esoteric Spiritual Science Researcher, ULC Minister, and Spiritual Life Coach. I am the sole owner, writer, and practitioner of Loving Life With Light, located in Washington State.

I specialize in Spiritual and Energetic Healing for the Body, Mind, Heart, by the Soul, and Spirit with Love and Light. We each are capable of self-healing through expression, release, and allowing yourself to see, feel, sense, and embrace Love, Light, and Truth within your life. Using only the highest intentions, spirit, layings hands, oils, and crystals miraculous transformations can take place here and Now.

Through exploration of ones experiences and perceptions. We are capable of expanded conscious awareness. I love revealing the discovery, the lesson, the reason and the wonders that we sense, feel, and create in our own lives.

Astrology can help each of us to better know ourselves through natal and current motion and placement. By the uses of source energy, spirituality, and our own will – we are able to express great differences in the world. Be them positive or negative, this is what I wish to expose for the purpose of healing, gnosis, and acceptance. So that one can move on to the next phase of experience, learned, prepared and protected by the law and virtues that hold this reality in place for us to experience together. Earth is but a part of a Solar System within a Galaxy. This is where we live, breath, and learn – this is our school, home, playground, and place of rest – for now. We are all here, now.

What I hope to help others with, is the understanding of a higher perspective, laws and virtues, modern science, elements and creations. As well as clearing out any and all harmful and negative effects within your life that is not helping you progress in your experience. Allowing for healing, liberation, and gnosis when one is ready for such progression and release with the effort and integration of ones true higher self, the soul, and the spirit. Which can only be done by the self.

The services that I offer are of a forensic nature. Choosing either your time of birth, your location, or an area of the body, mind, or life that is troubling and we figure out the causation of it. Revealing through biofeedback, and speaking with the subconscious mind, or akasha. It brings about the lesson, the error, the story, in a way that one can then consciously realize. This in and of itself, is a magical experience, as it leads one to Know. When one Knows, and then Understands – it leads to Knowledge and Reason. 

From here, the body, the mind, or the soul, is able to begin a healing process of release, reconstruction, removal or mending. Each of us may have a variety of changes that we wish to make without knowing why, or how, or when, to do so. Requiring one to learn a method or practice that is correct to clear the causation. This is the final area in which my services aim to assist, by understanding the souls lessons, cosmic blueprint, and purpose. I am not an intuitive psychic, I am a spiritual scientist, seeped and studied in the wisdom, love and light of life itself. Of the divine and nature, number and sound, of electric and magnetic, of solar and stellar, of earth and the elements.

I am completely self taught in many of these. I caution you to acknowledge this choice, as I am whole in my study as a student of the universal source itself, in which most would call God. However full disclosure is important to note here. I am not under the influence of any outside channel, source, spirit, religion or cult. I am wholly and completely a student of Life itself, (of Astrology, Biology, Theosophy, Cosmology) my most meaningful of teachers has been my own soul, through the acknowledgement of the spirit that lives within and all around me. 

Be warned that my encouragement for any client, student, viewer, or reader of my content – is one of spiritual inner connection through the true self that is within you and None Other. Many astrologers, channelers, psychics and the like are under direct influences outside of themselves, and this I will never suggest and the dangers and the evil in this world (and others) persist evermore as the absence of life and light. This as you can tell, is quite the opposing nature of my work and should be realized before following my content. In this way, I will not be swayed. 

There are many magical ways that life works wonders in our lives, and the soul’s progression of living life is where I am driven to help others to find themselves and recover, once again, through remembrance and acts of forgiveness and grace.

Thank you for visiting my space of the inter-webs. 

Written with love and light, Caylene

Services Available at Loving Life With Light

3D Astrology Interpretations  
(with video and voice explanations) 

2D Natal Astrology Report
(chart images and written data reports)

My Universal Astrology Life Kit! 

Forensic Energy Healing Sessions

Using biofeedback and quantum techniques to speak to the subconscious to learn lessons, heal the body, mind or soul, and change negative life habits.

Reiki Therapy & Other Energy Assistance

Esoteric Spiritual Clearing

Law, Virtue & Spirituality 
Coaching or Consultation

Other Alternative Services 

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