Thank you for visiting Loving Life With Light! My name is Lee, I am a Reiki Therapy & Energy Healer for the Body, Mind, Heart, Soul, and Spirit with Love, Light, and Source Energy.

The blog contains articles that will further benefit your health, happiness, and knowledge of topics such as self-love, consciousness, astrology, and wellness. As well as services and products for those in need of healing, guidance, or spiritual liberation.

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Loving Life With Light is a business and website dedicated to providing others insight and awareness to the Universal Life, Wellness, and Unconditional Love.

It is our goal to provide you resources, guides, and opportunities for Healing, Discovery, and Remembrance.

The core values of compassion, free will, wisdom, intelligence, harmony, knowledge, devotion, and power are for each of us to explore by our own right in life within ourselves. It is our mission, to assist in attaining these core values within.

Without judgment, denial, or resistance, we operate here and now under that of Unconditional Love and Acceptance for All. Following the Divine Laws of our Universe, we are One.

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