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My name is Caylene! I am a Universal Astrologer, Reiki Therapist, Spirit-Science Researcher.

This business website acts as a Blog, Shop, and Resource Center. 

I create articles that will further benefit your health, happiness, and knowledge of topics such as self-love, consciousness, astrology, and wellness.

With 1:1 client services that you can order, schedule, and complete to benefit your spiritual and energetic wellbeing.

Here are my Certifications & Goals.

For those as interested in Astrology as I am, I am the writer and astrologer of Universal AstrologyThis new site is dedicated to astrology and related sciences. The majority of that content has been moved over there now! 

My name is Caylene! I am an Astrologer, Reiki Therapist & Spiritual Life Coach

Spirituality Meets Science Here

Universal Astrology concepts stem from a strong background interest in Astrology, Archaeology, Theosophy, and Esoteric Science. Taking everything the ancients, sacred texts, and philosophy has to say. While also including modern quantum sciences. 

Space Weather affects our lives every day and until recently we never even knew it. Advances in Solar Observation, Astronomy, and Cosmology has paved a new way for us to understand the effects of the sun and space – and guys! It’s SO intense!

Energy & You 
Visible Light part of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. Which is, Light is Energy that travels in the form of Electromagnetic waves.

The Sun, the Earth, Humans and, in fact, every Living Thing! Has an Energy Field of electric and magnetic forces.

Sidereal Astrology is what I use primarily because it is true to the actual position of the spheres to the stars. When you want to look at where we actually are in the stars of space, I use Sidereal or Galactic astrology charts. 

Available Services

I offer Universal Astrology Interpretations, by custom written (2D) reports. OR, If you want me to interpret your chart live for you by video check out the Recorded 3D Universal Astrology Service in the Astrology Shop!

I offer full Reiki Therapy distance healing sessions. 

As well as other complimentary, safe, alternative Energy Healing Methods that are gentle, easy to learn, and effective.

Spiritual Healing & Consultations, including  Esoteric Spiritual Clearing, Card Readings, Palmistry, Akashic Records, Celestial/Angelic Healing, Divine Intervention methods, and more in the Spiritual Services Shop!

Digital Library has a few freebies and access to my personal Databases for Self Healing, Spiritual Guidance, and Universal Astrology!

Trusted Products  are provided as affiliate links to safe, natural alternatives such as: books/guides, essential oils, herbs, raw crystals, and other self care accessories

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